View Full Version : WoC without marauders 2250p

02-01-2009, 00:35
Hey guys.

Planning on making a new chaos army again. Sold my old one. I am looking for a army consisting of troops fully clad in chaos armour so no marauders. Altough there will be warhounds, alot of warhounds.

Im thinking much on how to model and paint (Most important for me) but i also want it to be able to perform pretty stable against most stuff. Got to find a balance there.. Im seeing in my mind a line of twisted warriors in full armour with burning eyes marching against the enemy caring about nothing else but slaughter.

Heres the list. Any thought on it? Im thinking is it usable against most stuff out there or just plain doomed to fail? Good to know before i start build it. Or, can i build this and just change stuff like items and powerlevels on characters and such?

Warriors of Chaos 2250p (2221p at the moment)

Sorc, lvl 2 Book of Secrets, Power Familiar MoT Steed 206p General

Exhalted Hero BSB, Steed, MoT Banner of Rage, Fury of the Blood God, shield 231p

Sorc, lvl2, Dispellx2 MoN Steed 206p

Sorc, lvl2 Infernal puppet MoS Steed 176p

Warriors 13, St, Mu, Sh, Hlb MoS 249p

Warriors 13, St,Mu, Sh, Hlb MoS 249p

Warriors 13 St, Mu, Sh, Hlb, MoS 249p

Knights 5 St, Mu MoT Blasted Standard 295p

Ogres 3 MoN GW, Cha 180p

5x6 Warhounds 180p