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02-01-2009, 19:24
Okay so Ive FINALLY finished acquiring the models for this army. Now I just have to paint about 60 or so of them! Here’s the list:

--Grey Seer w/ Twisted Crown of the Horned Rat

--Warlock Engineer w/ Warp-Blades, Condenser, Accumulator, Storm Daemon

--Warlock Engineer w/ Warp-Blades, Condenser, Accumulator

--BSB w/ heavy armour, Banner of the Swarm

--29 Clanrats w/ full command, Warpfire Thrower
*1st Engineer goes in here

--28 Clanrats w/ musician, Champion, Ratling Gun
*2nd Engineer and BSB go in here

--6 Nightrunners w/ extra hand weapons

--6 Nightrunners w/ extra hand weapons

--12 Giant Rats, 2 Packmasters

--21 Slaves w/ musician

--21 Slaves w/ musician

--25 Plague Monks w/ full command, extra hand weapons, Banner of Burning Hatred

--10 Jezzials

--5 Tunnelers

--Warp-Lightning Cannon

--6 Plague-Censer Bearers

Total points: 1997
Total models: 188
Power Dice: 10 + 6 Warpstone Tokens
Dispel Dice: 7

<Skaven for 'C&C are much appreciated!'>

03-01-2009, 04:53
I'd look for a way to get another block of clanrats and slaves in there. 25 clanrats with command and 20 slaves only costs 190 points. Drop your other units down to 25, get the NR down to 6 with no additional hand weapons (they're missile screens and march blockers, no sense in paying more points for them), Maybe lose the weapon teams, now that they can be targeted separately they don't seem to last as long.

You can also split up the Jezzails into 2 units of 5. That way when you panic on Ld5 you won't lose all your firepower in one fell swoop :p