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03-01-2009, 06:10
I've read Warseer for a long time, and my favourite part to read is the Project Logs. So, I thought I would set up one as well.

The title refers to my three armies: Relics [Consecrators chapter, using Dark Angels rules], Rooks [The Sons of Malice, who can resemble bloodthirsty chessboards], and Ruffians [conversion-heavy Blood Moon Orks].

I appreciate any and all comments on my work you can give. Though I've been playing for about a year now, there is still much I want to learn [I only recently learned how to highlight, for example].

Because I've been playing for a year, I have quite a bit to show. For today, I'll give you 4 pictures, at least 1 from each force.


This is the Trukk that my Ork Warboss, Effeereul Skartag, uses when he's racin' against other Warbosses or upstart Nobz. In large battles, he loans it out to the Boyz to squeeze into. You may see it has no front wheels - I plan to put some skis there, once I find some suitable ones. I may have to resort to using the ones from the AoBR Deffkoptas.


I was bored last month, and made this. I might even make more themed Boyz, based off comic book/movie/tv characters. Any suggestions?


I got both the Assault Terminators and DA Veterans box from Christmas this year, and these are among the results. I'm playing them as Deathwing Terminators; it also makes sense that the Consecrator's chapter structure might mirror that of the Dark Angels, to the point of having an all-Terminator First Company.


This is the current leader of my Chaos Force, a Tzeentchian Daemon Prince by the name of Tzexkath. His current backstory is that an Alpha Legionnaire by the name of Brother Faxrelion became obsessed with gathering information, so much so that he disobeyed orders and slaughtered his squad when they got in his way. Later, after ascending Daemonhood, he has taken over a wandering band of the Sons of Malice, along with a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince by the name of Vaecosius.

That's all for today. In a few days, i'll upload four more pictures, and show you my progress; I've got quite a bit left to build, including a LR Crusader, the Warboss, Nobz, more Terminators, and the last of the DA Veterans.

Brother-Captain De Angele
03-01-2009, 08:16
can we get a better pic of the daemon prince i can see it so well..also i find your ork humourous dare i say that i lol at that ork?
nice stuff, how did you sculpt that hat on the ork?

03-01-2009, 08:41
Sorry about that. I was going for a dark and mysterious image, but it looks like it didn't turn out as I wanted. Well, here's a clearer shot.


The Prince was made out of many different parts, including the spikes off the Chaos vehicle accessory sprue as the wings.

The hat on the Holiday Ork was also made of spare bits - in this case, the top of [I believe] a High Elf head, and a small ball of putty on top. The fur around the rim was already part of the Boy's helmet.

Brother-Captain De Angele
05-01-2009, 07:29
wow thats pretty cool if you plan on working on it more i think it needs bigger legs... but its awesome.