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03-01-2009, 08:48
as its for an army I'm thinking of running with for awhile, i thought the best place for this question would be here so here goes...

basically I've never run a magic heavy vampire lord and was wondering past the following what would you guys/girls suggest when kitting him out? as a general thing, not based on a list of any kind.

vampire lord

extra magic lvl (so 3)

master of the dark arts
dark acolyte

Thats the base of him, in as far as what i was thinking, i was thinking also chucking him on a abysmal terror and giving him a frostblade with avatar of death for armoured protection

03-01-2009, 10:39
I've found this build very solid

Lord, magic level 3.

Summon ghouls, dark acolyte, master of the dark arts
Helm of commandment, book of arkhan, nightshroud, sword of might.

Sit up the back of the army in a small unit behind your line, throw out 8 ghoul invocations a turn, use the book to force people to hold dispel dice and counterattack people hitting your main units, use the helm to buff your line units. If he does get into combat, 4 str 6 attacks striking first should deal with anything that you've let through.

04-01-2009, 05:56
so say if i bunked him up in a squad of ghouls (proven to work....most of the time) that's say 16 strong as per my current list, with ghast, and pimp him as follows:

all that youve got there but with summon skellies instead of ghouls, because my mainline units are skellies.

apart from that just wow thats a really efffective little build. never would have thoguth of it.

plus with the magic coming from the lord pimp death machine i can run my other two vamps as combat monsters......

06-01-2009, 05:37

suggestions anyone?

06-01-2009, 07:09
my Vamp Lord Magnus von Carstein:
lvl 4 wiz
stupidity 4+ ward
ghoulkin(my army has 60 ghouls)
knows all spells(vampire magic)
3 powerstones
biting blade

he sits in him block of 23 GGuard with GWs with the hatred banner. usually the two carts i take make my whole army strike first.

06-01-2009, 09:16
@Neckcutter: how does your army preform on the whole/ on average?

how does stupidity effect your army if it does happen?

Count Demandred
06-01-2009, 09:31
Abyssal Terror's a NO-NO.

Too easily shot to pieces, which makes for an expensive rug after a few turns. A Hellsteed's a much more viable option at 30 points, will keep him out of trouble and help him optimise his magic.

As for the build, if you're looking to avoid fighting whilst spraying spells something like this goes well:

- Master of the Black Arts, Dark Acolyte, and Lord of the Dead/Summon Ghouls (depending on your tastes)
- Book of Arkhan, Wristbands of Black Gold, Accursed Armour (and the Biting Blade just in case)

That gives your Lord 7PD + 1 Bound Spell, T6 and a 3+ Ward Save vs missile fire, and he's able to fly around with pretty much impunity IoN spamming.

Your opponents will want to shoot him down, as he'll be able to avoid pretty much all combats, but as he has T6 and a 3+ Ward Save he'll be able to soak it up pretty well - which leaves your Elite troops in the clear.

06-01-2009, 10:55
@Neckcutter: how does your army preform on the whole/ on average?

how does stupidity effect your army if it does happen?

my army creams the hell outta shooting armies. it creams on little magic defense armies. it PWNS WoC appearantly. it dies horribly to daemons because the bloodthirster eats my general. the list does OK versus HE, but my main theme is striking first(with I3 troops) so the HE beat me to the punch you could say. however it is still a close game where i have a shot to win. people dont complain that my armylist is cheesy since i dont field blood knights.
EDIT: i havent played this list vs DE, but i think it will be a good game.

stupidity affects my guy once every other game or so. as long as you dont become stupid in the first or second turn, it matters little after that. the big thing with my army is that i overpower the opposing army fast with the power stones, and i get my way during the magic phase. being that all he has is a 4+ ward dont be silly and challenge anyone. striking first with 4 attacks is nice, but not the best.

speaking of which i played against my friend's empire army and was cocky because the game was going my way and he challenged me with his arch lector. i said what the hell, and did two wounds to him. he is turn mace of helstrummed me into the ground. kinda funny, but it turned the game into an absolute rout of my opponent into a 600pt victory instead. but it goes to show me, that my vamps are wizards and not fighters. :P

06-01-2009, 13:01
you could put him on a hellsteed and have him flying around your back line dishing out ws 7 with the hat where its needed. dont kit him for combat, give him the flayed cuirass or just the stupidity ward hat, and use him to bolster units that need it.