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03-01-2009, 11:18
Hello, one of my first posts and battlereport. Sadly this is made from memory so something things might not be in there.

His list consisted of

Arch Lector on barded steed with Runefang

A sorceror of some sort. Level two with 1 dispel Scroll

Luthor Huss

An engineer (no equipment if i remember)

10 Inner circle knights w. lances

10 inner circle knights w. lances

about 30 handgunners.

Two cannons

Hellstorm (hellstyrm?)


My list

3 sorcerors with various equipment (who nearly didn't get used, expect for the Golden Eye of Tzeentch) All of them level two, with the GEoT guy having another spell thanks to a familiar, and he flew around on a disk.

Wulfrik with 24 marauders, shield, light armor and full command. Mark of Nurgle and festering shroud.

10 knights w. MoT and Blasted Standard, one sorc went here.

10 knights w. MoN and Rapturous Standard. Another sorc here.

3*5 marauder horsemen w. MoK, Light armor, flails. The usual kill and die group.

This was a fun game, with both of us rushing the lists.

Round 1

My empire friend started moving his circle knights full forward, hoping to match the strength of my knights (What a fool!) He went straight to his shooting phase forgetting about his wizard. His Hellstorm thing guessed perfectly landing it's shot right between my knights (MoT one) and some marauders.

4 Marauders went straight down, but thanks to their armor and banner none were killed, which angered him greatly. His other two cannons guessed the same range at the same unit, some ward saves took the blunt of one cannon and the other simply shot over them. What a great first phase for me.

My units went straight forward, my wizards casting magic, killed 1 crewman and wounded his Hellblaster had no shooting so we went on to round two.

Round 2

His knights accompanied by Luthor Huss charged my knights with the rapturous standard, although they had their banner of moving D3 inches forward they failed. His other knights wheeled a bit and somehow suddenly stood in charge positioning of my other knights regiment. Cannons was same result. Expect for my single marauders horseman surviving a cannon shot. He forgot magic again.

My turn two involved charging his knights with luthor, with my own and a unit of marauders horsemen. A challenge was uttered by luther which my unit champion accepted and gracefully cut him down to 1 wound. My knights killed one of his and the marauders took 2 more. 3 wounds totally which was not that bad really. His knights struck back at my marauders, but thanks to my ability for rolling nothing happened to them. Magic phase saw me getting pandemonium off and flickering fire from both wizards did nothing.

Round 3

Shooting was going well for him this turn, seeing 5 knights shot down (although this took most of his gunline to do. So much for the ward save banner) the marauder horseman who ran along with them was shot dead. His hellblaster blew up.
His magic was dispelled. Seeing my tzeentch knights getting shot nicely up, meant he wheeled his knights with arch lector around to face my other knights. His combat saw 1 marauder slain and the knights killed some more of his.

In my turn I charged the lonely marauder chieftain into the back of his inner circle knights. Being the unit champion left, he got 3 attacks which killed 2 of the knights. My tzeentch knights charged into a hand gunners regiment which was slain on the spot. The challenge between Luther and my unit champion ended with me winning, slaying him on the spot. EoTG was a 7.
My marauders killed two more, and this time the knights fled with my marauders following and reaching them. My knights stood still, but to my fright I had forgotten the lone marauder had been slain. A flank charge was incoming.

Round 4

Shooting killed another knight. Magic saw him killing two knights, leaving my sorc and unit champion left. Seeing my poor nurgle knights having been charged, I expected the worst. 1 attack from the arch lector missed, which meant that 5 knights were gone in an instant. No retaliation this time. They held thanks to the banner.

This is where it goes blank, since we had to stop. It was a great game although I could have made a better list. Wulfrik didn't enter game at all, so he wasn't worth it in the end. Playing against this kind of gunline (if I may call it so) was not particularly funny. Magic wasn't worth it really, but I might take a level 4 next time.
We called it a draw, although I believe he would have won.

Thanks for reading, Kornath out!

03-01-2009, 16:30
Thanks for sharing.
I must say though those were some strange armies (I take it the 30 handgunners weren't in one unit at least?). 10 Chaos knights in one unit seems wasteful to me (same with empire knights actually) and I strongly suggest splitting them to 5-6.

03-01-2009, 19:06
Ok my book may be written funky but where does it say you can give mauraders a magic standard?

04-01-2009, 00:31
Ok my book may be written funky but where does it say you can give mauraders a magic standard?

I just noticed myself >_< A mistake on my part, as said we rushed the lists and it seems I forgot that also. Well it was nothing but a point sink anyway, although I am greatly sorry for such a stupid mistake.

And yeah the lists were weird, with both of us using lists we weren't used too (I prefer warriors and chosen) But it was very fun none the less.

Thanks for the replies ^_^ I'll remember the marauder mistake, I didn't mean to cheat :cries:

04-01-2009, 07:35
With th lists being mainly knights you just knew that one side was ging to win big time, and with empire having the fire power to back it up they definately had the advantage. I wouldn't at all call it a gun line though.

Hopefully next time you can fit in all six turns.

04-01-2009, 11:56
Next time he is bringing his empire close combat army. War alter, steam tank, priests to the fill his magic phase with bound spells. Gonna bring 2 hellcannons (to watch them take break tests! His whole line is filled with troops) and then just ranked infantry. Quality before quantity!

06-01-2009, 10:10
Hmm he used an Archlector with a Runefang?? Runefang can only be used by a General of the Empire.. ;)

07-01-2009, 13:28
And why the heck would anyone do that anyway, 2 attacks for a Runefang. Maybe it was Sword of Power. Hopefully your game will go to the end next time and we'll get to read about it :)