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03-01-2009, 17:14
I'm gonna face a Slaanesh-themed Warriors of Chaos army in a week or so, and If I do decide to field a Tomb King, I'm looking for some input on how to equip him. My opponent's list will be fairly standard I think; I don't know if he'll go for a Sorcerer Lord on not, but he will field one or two units of chaos knights, one or two blocks of warriors, and many large marauder blocks. He also has a mercenary cannon, which should be taken into account.

His whole army will be immune to fear and terror, so items that improve that stuff are out of the question, I think.

The central question is whether to have the Tomb King in a chariot or not. If not, the Collar of Shapesh and the Destroyer of Eternities seems like an obvious choice, as long as he's with infantry blocks. The only other on-foot build I can imagine would be to give the King the Cloak of the Dunes and have him flying around, flank-charging chaos knights...maybe with the Blade of Setep, or just a humble great weapon, and a Scorpion Armour or a Ward Save?

If he's in a chariot, the choices become much trickier. I tried a Spear of Antarhak in my last game, and that sucked, on the other hand, it could have something to do with the chariot being blown to bits by an Empire great cannon in round one...

regardless, I'm not a fan of spears, and flails suck if the combat lasts more than one round, which it might very well do versus Chaos...so I'm thinking either a great weapon, which would make an eventuall loss of the chariot less crippling, or the Blade of Setep. The Blade of Setep -would- do more damage than a GW versus knights and warriors, but my opponents characters might have the chaos runeshield, and then a challenge could end in disaster for my part...

Using a simple great weapon also saves points for other equipment...but what? There are all too many talismans that could be useful, I would like several, but I can only take one:

Golden Ankhra could obviously be good, and Collar of Shapesh is a bargain - but a King in chariot would either prowl about on his own, in which case the collar could very well be useless, or with a unit of chariots, and then the Collar will transfer wounds to units that aren't as expendable as ordinary skeletons. That's less of a problem if the chariot unit also has the banner of the undying legion, though. The Golden Eye of Rah-Nutt would greatly increase my chances of not having his chariot destroyed by the mercenary cannon, but with tomb swarms and carrion, I can likely destroy the cannon rather quickly...

And as I often feel that Tomb King-lists have too little magic power compared to High Priest-lists, the Crown of Kingships seems tempting. But then the king can only take magic armour as defense, and will that really be enough? Maybe if I succed in outmaneuvering my opponent, which the Crown would help with?

A chariot of fire could be useful as enchanted items go, or vambraces of the sun maybe. i've never even tried the icon of Rulership, I guess it has its uses...at least if my opponent didn't have cannon...

I might try out Scorpion Armour or Armour of the Ages if I have points left, especially if the king dosen't have any other save...opinions on those items?

All kinds if input would be appreciated!

03-01-2009, 17:55
Assuming your opponent takes more than a few infantry blocks, I think it wouldn't hurt to look for something that gives your king more attacks, or I'd look to give him something that negates armour...

Chariots will make a mess out of Marauder blocks, and even chaos warriors won't survive a charge of say 3 chariots... (certainly not in the flank!)

That leaves the knights unattended for, so maybe try the cloak of the dunes and a blade that allows no armour saves...

03-01-2009, 19:13
Depends on what the rest of your list looks like, but personally I don't like putting a king on a chariot.

03-01-2009, 19:41
I can field almost every type of list; I've only got two chariot units though.

03-01-2009, 21:38
With only two chariot units, wouldn't it be better to take a High Liche Priest instead of a King? Alternatively, consider Khalida.

03-01-2009, 23:00
But then I can't use both ushabti, carrions, a tomb scorpion -and- a unit of tomb guard, which I would really want to...-all- special choices in the Tomb Kings list are great after all.

Usually I field a HLP, and a single unit of chariots, and no tomb guard...but if I want to field -two- units of chariots then, I'll have to skip either the ushabti, the carrions or the scorpion...which would all be really excellent versus Chaos,

So it's a hard decision indeed.

I really, really hope chariots are core no matter what when the Tomb Kings army does get a new book.

03-01-2009, 23:31
Alright, first of all: The Slaaneshi lore isn't that awesome against you.

Second, answering the topic title: Flail of Skulls and the 4+ wardsave. One wound is enough to take out any hero class character save ogres etc, but you'll likely do more than one on those. Except for Throgg, but he's a bastard.