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Chicago Slim
03-01-2009, 20:10
Battle Report: Orcs versus Vampire Counts

2000 point battle
Black Orc Warboss on Boar, Heavy Armor, Shield, Battleaxe of the Last Waagh
Black Orc Big Boss on Boar, Heavy Armor, BSB: Mork's Spirit Totem
Savage Orc Big Boss on Chariot, Sword of Might
Night Goblin Shaman, Dispel Scroll
28 Boyz with shields, full command
28 Boyz with shields, full command
10 Arrer Boyz, musician
10 Arrer Boyz, musician
20 Night Goblins with 2 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins with 2 Fanatics
10 Savage Orc Boyz with extra choppas, champion
10 Squig Herd (10 models, that is: 6 squigs and 4 herders)
Stone Thrower with Bully
4 Speak Chukkas
Doom Diver Catapult
2 Pump Wagons

Vampire Counts:
Vampire Lord, Dread Knight, Red Fury, Blood Drinker, Wristbands of Black Gold, Dispel Scroll
Vampire, Infinite Hatred, Avatar of Death, Dispel Scroll
Wight King, Heavy Armor, Shield, BSB: Banner of the Dead Legion
24 Skeletons with spears and shields, full command, War Banner
24 Skeletons with shields, full command
20 Ghouls
5 Dire Wolves
5 Dire Wolves
3 Spirit Host
2 Cairn Wraiths + Tomb Banshee
4 Blood Knights, standard bearer

Terrain: The tabletop was mostly dominated by 3 large hills, in a rough circle around the center of the field; one of these barely encroached on the Orcish deployment zone. An L-shaped wall was near the center of the Orcish deployment zone. There was a house near the right end of the Vampire's deployment zone, and a small patch of rough terrain near the center of the Vampire deployment zone.

The Vampire player won the roll for table edge, and chose to set up on the house-side. The vampire put both ethereal units on his right flank, the Blood Knights right near the center, with all three infantry units spread around him. The other Vampire was in the sword-and-shield Skeletons, his right-most infantry unit, with the spear-armed Skeletons at his left end, with the Wight King. One unit of Dire Wolves were wide-out on either flank. Both Vampires knew Raise Dead, and the Lord had Gaze of Nagash.
The Orcs ended up with the two units of Boyz at the center, on either side of the Pump Wagons. The Warboss was inside the left-hand unit, and the BSB inside the right-hand unit. The night goblin units were just behind the two Boyz units. The artillery spread out mostly right behind the wall, with one bolt thrower near the hill on the left end (on the other side of the Boyz units), and one far on the right end. The Savage Boyz were on the left end, with the Squig Herd at the right end. The Arrer Boyz anchored each wide flank, and the Savage Orc Big Boss' chariot was behind the right-end Arrers. The Shaman started inside the same unit as the BSB, and knew Grok'll Fix It.

The Vampire player won the roll-off, and chose to go first.

As a start, I'll note that every spell attempt in the game was dispelled (I had 6 dispel dice, to his 5 casting dice; he had 4 dispel dice, to my 2 casting dice!)

Turn 1:
The Vampire player advanced upfield, putting the Blood Knights farthest forward, near mid-field.
As the Orc player, I was hit with some Animosity right from turn 1: the Savages and both units of Night Goblins suffered Animosity on turn one-- so did the right-hand Boyz, but their Black Orc character sorted them out, with 2 casualties. At the same time, the left-hand Boyz unit Waaghed, 4" up. In the Movement phase, that unit retreated back off, so as to stay with the rest of the (squabbling) battle-line, while the Pump Wagons both moved up in front of the right-hand Boyz unit, drawing a certain charge from the Blood Knights. On the right end, the Squigs marched up, as did the Arrers, allowing the Savage Chariot to slip inward, behind the squigs. In the shooting phase, my catapults both shot wild, hitting nothing. All four bolt throwers opened on his Blood Knights, scoring one Knight dead. The Arrer boyz struck down one Dire Wolf.

Turn 2: The Blood Knights charged a Pump Wagon, while the rest of his army continued to advance, including the Ethereals taking up a strong position on his right flank, while his left-end Wolves cut back in behind his Skeletons. In the close-combat phase, his Vampire Lord rolled 4 ones to hit, thus failing to draw the power of Blood Drinker, and leaving the General exposed on the end (instead of resurrecting the Knight who'd fallen in the prior Shooting phase). The remaining Blood Knights destroyed the Pump Wagon, anyway, and chose not to over-run.
I started my turn by passing a Terror test with my General's unit (due to the nearby Cairn Wraiths), and then called the Waagh, with the hope of bringing my unit of Boyz with the general up into the flank zone of the Blood Knights, before the Movement phase began-- being the General's unit, it was guaranteed to Waagh, and did so to the tune of 6"-- leaving it practically in with the Blood Knights already, and well within their flank zone. The left-side unit of Night Goblins squabbled again, this time taking 4 casualties (for squabbling during a Waagh!). The other big unit of Boyz Waagh'd, as well, thanks to their +4 on the roll, but only for 4", and the left-most wing of Arrerz Waagh'd 2". As expected, my general charged the flank of his Blood Knights, led by the Vampire Lord, who was the only model in contact with my unit, while the remaining Pump Wagon managed an 11, plenty of distance to bring it smashing into the Ghouls; my right flank remained obscured by a hill, which I spent the turn scaling with all three units. The rest of The artillery fared MUCH better this turn, with the Stone Thrower landing a Hit square on the center of his spears, crushing 8 of them back into dust, while the Doom Diver scattered near enough to the Wolves to end 4 of them. One of the bolt throwers hit the spearmen, as well, causing 3 more wounds, and bringing them down to about 1/2 strength. In the close combat phase, the pump wagon crushed three Ghouls, losing one wound in return. My General challenged his, and (thanks to the hugely powerful Battleaxe of the Last Waagh) narrowly cut down the Vampire Lord! My tremendous combat resolution obliterated the rest of the Blood Knights, and at the end of the combat phase, each of his units took its Leadership test-- some of the infantry fell, but more significantly the entire unit of Cairn Wraiths vanished!

Turn 3: Things were looking bad for the Vampires, especially as the remaining viable unit of Dire Wolves vanished in the start-of-turn phase-- but the remaining heroic Vampire took his revenge on my General, charging the wildly-exposed flank of my general's unit! At the same time, the Spirit Host charged my Savages, and his remaining spear-armed skeletons turned to face my incoming Chariot and Squigs. In close combat, the Ghouls crushed the remaining wounds from the Pump Wagon, while the Vampire and his Skeletons broke and ran down my Boyz, with the General included! The Savages lost four of their number to the Spirit Host, but scored Insane Courage on their break test-- thanks to the nearby Battle Standard!
On my turn, which was finally blissfully free of Animosity, my Chariot charged into the spears, while my remaining unit of Boyz adjusted their position and prepared to accept the incoming infantry, while the Night Goblins shifted to stay behind them. In the shooting phase, the Doom Diver again struck, scrapping another few Ghouls, while three bolt throwers slammed into the Vampire's unit of Skeletons, dropping 11 models between them! My chariot smashed three spear-armed Skeletons, and I threw all 10 attacks against the Wight King-- scoring only two of his three wounds! He came back with a wound against my Big Boss, but it wasn't quite enough to turn the combat in his favor-- he lost by one, losing no more models, but allowing me to keep my Frenzy!

Turn 4: By this point, it was becoming clear that the Vampires had a very hard job ahead of them-- they'd lost their best unit, with the general to boot-- the spears were down to 7 models, the sword-armed Skeletons were down to three full ranks, and even the Ghouls had lost a rank. Still, he shouldered on, charging his Vampire and sword-armed Skeletons into my Boyz. In doing so, he triggered the two Fanatics from the Night Goblin unit at the rear of my Boyz. The two fanatics bounced through my Boyz, doing 2d6 hits and killing 6 Boyz, which was just under 25%, and not quite enough to cause a panic test. The Skeletons finished their charge, as required, which put them on top of the Fanatics-- killing both, but also drawing a whopping 4d6 hits, and killing all but two of them. In the combat phase, his Vampire vanished to combat resolution, while his Wight King was cut down-- though the remainder of the spear unit won combat against the Savage Big Boss, and because they still had exactly 6 models, they outnumbered him, forcing an "anything-but!" Break test-- but with the second Insane Courage roll of the game, the Savage made the test!

At this point, we called the game, a total rout in favor of the Orcs.

My opponent and I talked a bit about the results, agreeing that the pivotal moment was when his General was killed on Turn 2. He was a bit sour about the bad luck that prevented Blood Drinker from regenerating a Blood Knight at the top of Turn 2. After thinking about it, though, I think that it would actually have been EASIER for me to obliterate that unit, if I'd been in with a Blood Knight, rather than the Vampire Lord: with only one Wound, I would be almost completely certain to crush that Blood Knight with my Warboss' whopping 7 attacks at Strength 7, especially as my WS 7 would have been a step up on my to-hit rolls! Even outside of a challenge, the resulting combat resolution would still have destroyed the other 3 Blood Knights, and the Vampire Lord to boot! (3 ranks, 1 banner, a flank, higher unit strength and 1 wound would be 7 points of CR for me, versus his banner, leaving him down 6!)

So, really, the pivotal moment was when I decided (to his surprise, at the time) to bait his Frenzied mega-cavalry with my 40-point popcorn-- and, perhaps as importantly, when he decided not to overrun from that fight (it would have been more certain to put me in his flank on my 2nd turn, but it would also have given him a chance to get some easy attacks against my Pump Wagon, for an important shift in Combat Resolution...)

03-01-2009, 20:47
He had nothing, save the Blood Knights, that could stand toe to toe with your horde. He needed grave guard! Against a huge horde the spirit hosts and dire wolves weren't gonna do much, especially with the ton of shooting.

HOWEVER! Good to see an army generally considered near the bottom of the totem pole beat one of the tops and quite easily.

Then again, rolling insane courage that much helps. How did your fear tests go?

04-01-2009, 00:11
Well done! Big up da boyz :P

Shouldn't his blood knights have over-run? I'm unsure, but what with frenzy forcing pursuit moves, blood knights being frenzied and over-run being a special type of pursuit it seems they should have.

Regardless, congrats on the victory, excellent work by that pump wagon which set up an easy victory for you :D

04-01-2009, 07:31
When I saw the lists I knew that the VC player would be in trouble, and with basically a turn two win I guess I was right.

Battle of the last waaagh is extremely expensive, but in games like this (even if you had just used it to kill tons of rank and file for CR) it's amazing. I'm thinking of trying it because the setup you have is 100 points cheaper than Grimgor and almost as effective.

Hope to see more reports from you in the future :)

04-01-2009, 13:10
Thanks for the battle report slim even though it was the usual VC massacring Orcs, wait it was the other way round? :o The matchup's in your lists was a positive one and I'm not sure that one victory means a lot in the grander scheme of things but nice to see nethertheless.
I do really like your army list btw Mr Slim I had the exact same thoughts to field 20 arrowboys in 2 units of 10, I'd probably have one defensive and the other aggresive. I'm not sure its much of a compliment but your army list would be very similar to what I'd use in 2k points even for a tournament :)

P.S. whats with all the winning orc and goblin reports anyways, how am I supposed to do my underdog act ;)

04-01-2009, 13:42
nice rep and congrats on the win!

Harwammer: Frenzy doesn't make you always over-run, but hatred does (like say.... all dark elves)

04-01-2009, 13:45
Congrats on the win, always good to see O&G beat one of the upper tier armies.

I think your opponent needs to work on his list though. 5 Power in an Undead Army, No combat ward on his Lord, 2 Wraiths in a unit rather than 4-6. Even if he just worked on his character selection his list would be greatly improved.

I think the Knights would have to over run thanks to Frenzy. Why didnt he want to anyway? If 6'' nearly got them into the Knights flank then surely your normal charge would anyway, an Over run should have easily seen them out of any flank charges right? Blood Knights can take a charge from the front.

Thats a nice list you have though, I usually only take Arrer Boys at 1500 but they always seem to do well.

04-01-2009, 22:33
The vampire counts did not have any gg or any corpse carts. Thats a little bit weird. Not even a necromancer.:wtf::wtf:

Chicago Slim
04-01-2009, 23:32
He had nothing, save the Blood Knights, that could stand toe to toe with your horde. He needed grave guard! Against a huge horde the spirit hosts and dire wolves weren't gonna do much, especially with the ton of shooting.

I agree. He was hoping, I think, to get the Spirit Host into the flank of one of my Boyz, where they could really do some good (by taking away my rank bonuses). Same for his Dire Wolves, frankly-- he had three good flanking units to work with, but he didn't get them in synch with his infantry...

HOWEVER! Good to see an army generally considered near the bottom of the totem pole beat one of the tops and quite easily.

Yeah, well, I've been playing a lot more, lately, than he has, so that helped, too! Me, I've worked with (and against) Frenzied cavalry (and chariots), and know the weakness that you can get when you let them get out ahead of the infantry...

Then again, rolling insane courage that much helps. How did your fear tests go?

Yeah, two tests in one game is a little peculiar. I figure it balanced with six Squabbles in three turns... :) Anyway, the Insane Courage tests all came after the real fighting was over-- it was just mop-up past Turn 2, really.

My Fear tests went okay-- made one (to charge the Vampire Lord) needing a 9, missed two (both times I got charged). My other two charges were performed by Savages, who are too Frenzied to much notice what it is that they're charging!

Chicago Slim
04-01-2009, 23:45
I think the Knights would have to over run thanks to Frenzy. Why didnt he want to anyway? If 6'' nearly got them into the Knights flank then surely your normal charge would anyway, an Over run should have easily seen them out of any flank charges right? Blood Knights can take a charge from the front.

True enough-- the issue actually is that I STARTED turn 2 in his FRONT arc-- and it was pretty clear that if he over-ran, he was going to end up starting me in his side arc. So, I was only able to get the flank because I Waagh'd.

And, to be fair, his General was going to be taking the same onslaught from my General, whether it was to the flank, or to the front... Yes, his Knights would hold up rather better if they'd have gotten some strikes in on my Boyz (because, my handful of Choppas weren't likely to kill anyone, but his 9 attacks at 3+ hit / 3+ wound / 6+ save sure would!) but he'd still be in trouble on from static CR: unless he did at least 5 kills, he'd still have been vaporized.

So, really, the object lesson for my opponent really was "build a better list", with the secondary lesson of "Don't let the basket full of eggs get too far out front..."