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Guy Fawkes
04-01-2009, 04:08
Hey guys, going to play a game with a list similar to this against some friends in the next few days and was wondering of what you thought. I'm using Stirland, so no Handguns, only one of each Warmachine, no Steam Tanks or Monstrous Mounts, no Battle Wizards, no Inner Circle Knights, and Archers and Huntsmen required. I also tried to stay away from heavily (and expensively) armored guys, like Knights, Greatswords, and Swordsmen. It might not be the most competitive, but my opponents will be bringing fun and fluffy lists too, so it doesn't matter. We're going to make up some unique scenarios. I'll post the Battle Report if I get some interest. Anyways:


Arch Lector of Sigmar
War Altar, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Sword of Justice, Armor of Meteoric Iron
300 pts.

Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Ring of Volans, Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armor, Shield
130 pts.

Warrior Priest of Sigmar
Doomfire Ring, Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armor, Shield
140 pts.

Captain of the Empire
Battle Standard Bearer, Griffon Standard, Full Plate Armor, Barded Steed
152 pts.


25x Spearmen
Musician, Standard, Sergeant, Shields
170 pts.

-Detachment: 9x Halberdiers-
45 pts.

-Detachment: 5x Free Company-
25 pts.

25x Spearmen
Musician, Standard, Sergeant, Shields
170 pts.

-Detachment: 8x Archers-
64 pts.

-Detachment: 9x Free Company-
45 pts.

25x Spearmen
Musician, Standard, Sergeant, Shields
170 pts.

-Detachment: 9x Halberdiers-
45 pts.

-Detachment: 10x Archers
80 pts.

10x Crossbowmen
85 pts.

10x Crossbowmen
85 pts.

15x Huntsmen
150 pts.

10x Flagellants
100 pts.


Great Cannon
100 pts.

75 pts.


Helstorm Rocket Battery
115 pts.


Total Points: 2246 points
Total Magic Defense: 6 Dispel Dice, 2 Power Dice for Remains-In-Play
Total Magic Offense: No Wizards, but 7 Bound Spells
Total Model Count: Not including Warmachines, 183 models

Plan is to advance forward and try to chip some ranks off with my shooting. Combat is static resolution with some decent flankers (detachments, Flagellants, Arch Lector) and some buffs from the Warrior Priests, Arch Lector, War Altar, and 2 magic items, plus the Griffon Standard, which allows an impressive +8 static CR at the cost of not being able to pursue (detachments and many units in general help, but the army being mostly infantry will have a hard time moving anyways). Goal is to seize objectives with expendable units, shield with Archers and other detachments if necessary, use Huntsmen, Crosssbowmen, and Warmachines to harass and support, and "rank n' flank" my combats to win.

All advice is appreciated.

The Farmer
04-01-2009, 07:08
It's a sad day when an infantry army is considered a "fun list", there was a time when steam tanks and war altars were shunned and this list would've been considered competitive. I mean no offence its just me reminiscing the days before high elves and everything after it.

Saying that though the list is solid aside from the lack of swordsman (but its really no biggy seeing as most thing tear through each type of infantry as easily as the other), reduce archer detachments to 6 maximum 8 for screen, they won't kill anything anyway. Reduce huntsman, they scout so the smaller the foot print the better they still won't kill anything. Increase size of flaggelants to 14 so they can also act as a shock troop unit if you can.

If you need the points drop musicians on crossbows, they'll be close enough to the table edge that if they flee they'll die anyway for the saving. You lack the 2 cannons featured in 80% of empire lists, and because of this you'll struggle to kill dragons, hydras and treemen. Furthermore mortars and helstorms should be taken in twos for maximum efficiency.

But as you set out to do a fun list, stick to your fluff. Field whatever the hell you want, I find fluff based battles much more fun then competitive battles.

04-01-2009, 18:22
You could field a unit of knights if you wanted to and this wouldn't be unfluffy. I have read that the Order of the Fiery Heart, sigmarite templars, have a presence in Stirland and certainly you could field some knights of Morr given their proximity to Sylvania. I would take a BSB given how much infantry you have and you could also model some swordsmen as Stir River patrol. I've never used huntsmen so I'm not sure how they would do but they would definitely be in any Stirland list. I don't think that any fancy warmachines such as the rocket battery or volley gun would be in a stirland list but a cannon and mortar should be fine. I've been thinking of doing a sylvania themed empire list so I've done some research on stirland and sylvania. WFRP are a great resource for some info on provinces btw.

Also don't forget about the Scarlet Guard. I think that's what they're called. It's a unit of Stirland Halberdiers who lost most of their regiment during I think it was the Battle of Hel Fenn but they didn't break and held the line before the Reiksguard coutercharged. To commemorate this their uniforms are red and maybe black. You may want to do some research on the particulars of this regiment but that could be a fun modelling opportunity.

06-01-2009, 03:14
Your list looks like it would be a blast to play and play against.

I would change the Sword of Power for a simple Great Weapon. If you get into combat with some "uber-powerful" Lord simply use the Speculum and hammer him into the ground like a stake. It'll save you some points to add to the Flagellants.

I would also change the Free company and the units of Archers into Crossbowmen. They will give you range and a Str 4 shot. Granted they are move or fire but the extra punch of the crossbows as a detachment will make people pause before charging into the spearmen. The other nice thing is that if they don't move you'll have 15 more 30" Str 4 shots.

I agree with The Farmer. Drop the Huntsmen down to 10 so they can scout easier and drop the musicians on the 10 man crossbowmen. I would try to find the points to upgrade the mortar to a cannon.

Good luck and have fun.

06-01-2009, 03:55
I was gonna say to give the Speculum to someone else and realize surprise your opponent when they get manhandled by a normal priest.

06-01-2009, 12:14
yes, this looks fun to play. always like the popemobile: that moment when your opponent charges his combat lord is priceless.