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04-01-2009, 03:13
Hi! Now that we have a WOC shrine to give nifty buffs to a unit I was wondering.

If a shrine gives his roll to a unit with a character, does the character benefits from the roll?
if so, what happens when he leaves the unit?

I ask because the ruling in eye of the gods table says that you write down the result and you have it till the end of the match,
but since it's not a challenge roll but a roll given to a Whole unit I don't know if the character would keep the result or not if he was to leave the unit.

Sorry if this has been answered before and sorry for any bad spelling (not my main language :P)

04-01-2009, 03:26
What happens when he leaves the unit depends on who was targeted.

If you boosted the character, he keeps it when he leaves. If it was the unit, the characters benefits until he leaves.

04-01-2009, 04:03
I agree I always treated it like a remains in play spell. You cast it on the unit and if the heros leaves you can choose to have it go with him or have it stay with the unit.

04-01-2009, 04:06
So if the character chooses to leave, then he can decide if he still has the bonus and the unit doesnt? and vice- versa?

04-01-2009, 04:12
Well there is no reall answer but I think its probably best to play it like its like that. It would make sense. Although the warshrines ability is not a remains in play ability it would probably act like one for purpose of character in a unit.

04-01-2009, 04:23
i also agree. if the unit is targetted, by the nature of it the character would also receive it. and lose it when he leaves.

however if your shrine is destroyed the "gift" doesnt disappear.

04-01-2009, 11:47
If you shrine the unit, any characters recieve a benefit as they are a part of that unit. If the character leaves the unit, it is no longer a part of the unit and thus can't claim any benefit from the shrine. If another character joins that unit that character will gain benefit from the shrine so long as that character stays within the unit.

Thats my opinion. If a unit is shrined, all members of the unit gain benefit so long as they stay members of that unit.

I see no reason to treat it as a RiP spell.

04-01-2009, 12:03
I'd go with the above interpretation. The unit is targeted and all models it contains should benefit. If they leave the unit, the benefit no longer applies.

04-01-2009, 13:55
You only lose the blessing granted by a warshrine by that warshrine granting another blessing.

So all parts affected by the blessing will stay affected, regardless of whether they stay as part of the same unit or not.

The blessing granted isnt a remains in play type effect, it's more like a "hits everyone in the unit" type effect.
You dont regain lost wounds by leaving the unit as the effect is not one that stays in play like that.

04-01-2009, 14:06
So if we define the "blesssing" as a "remain in play" spell then you loose it when you leave, but if it is defined as "hits everyone in the unit" then you don't . Am I reading correctly?

04-01-2009, 14:20
Agree with theunwantedbeing - The EotG rule requires you to note it on your roster; by having a character in there a unit blessed by a warshrine would have the effect noted on both the character and units roster. If the character leaves, there is no rule that allows you to remove the effect from the character - it is still on his roster and therefore can only be removed by the shrine making another roll.

The blessing is not RIP as it doesnt say it is; following the rules as given for the warshrine the effect must stay on the character when they leave.

04-01-2009, 15:37
So the blessing is not defined as RIP, and tehrefore the only way of losing it is that the shrine chooses to give the gift to an other unit right?

04-01-2009, 19:43
Yes, as nothing tells you the effect is even a spell, never mind RIP spell ;)

Dooks Dizzo
04-01-2009, 20:52
I'm going to go with the 'stays in play' side for both the character and the unit. It makes sense and it isn't game breaking, so I say don't mess with it.

04-01-2009, 20:58
The topic started because Valkia was inside a unit of chosens with a chambion with the gift of +1/-1 to the table roll, so he was rolling with 2 shrines and got the infamous 12.
then Valkya started charging everuthing within sight because she now had ward 4+ and was stubborn.
So a character like Valkya who is really killy + 4+ ward and stubborn , and she also got +1 res from the other shrine, was a little too much so they started the topic if she looses or not the "blessing" when she leaves the unit.
So now with this info, is it still not game breaking?

Dooks Dizzo
04-01-2009, 21:31
Not particularly when the shrine could have cast the ability specifically on her anyway according to the other way it could be ruled.

And though that situation does make her powerful it isn't something you could reliably count on.

Though Stubborn 4+ ward Valkia is pretty damn scary.