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04-01-2009, 18:01
Hi Guys

I have decided to blog the creation of my latest army for my Club league. I say, latest army but I've never fully finished an army. I'm always overcome by the next latest, greatest idea and nothing ever gets done.

Well I've decided that I finally want to play with a fully painted army and to help me stay motivated and to show off my skills (limited as they are) I thought I would post here.

I've created and submitted the list so here is what I will be building and painting


Lord with Resurrection Orb


4 Pariahs


10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
10 Warriors

Fast Attacks

3 Destroyers
5 Scarab Swarms
4 Scarab Swarms

Heavy Supports


Now to build this list I will need the following:

Necron Lord
Necron Battleforce
1 box of Warriors
4 Pariahs

So far I've purchased the Lord and box of Warriors and I'll get started working on them over the next day or so, so expect some pics shortly

Hope you enjoy following this project and feel free to comment any time

04-01-2009, 20:05
Well I've actually managed to do something this evening, hows that for a quick update. I've chucked together four Necron Wariors and a couple of Scarab Swarms. Now if only I could have the next three weeks off work and deprive myself of any sleep this army would be built and ready for action in no time.

The rods are only held in by blue-tac at the moment just for effect. I'm gonna tidy up the mold lines and things on the first four tomorrow and then spray undercoat them.

I'v still not decided whether to do them in metallics or a ceramic finish. I've got all these ideas for paint schemes going round in my head and I change my mind from one minute to the next. At the moment metallics is my favoured choice.

Anyway enjoy the pics and check back for more in a day or so




07-01-2009, 19:24

Another day and yet another small update. After an early rise this morning I decided that enough was enough and it was time to start laying down some paint on my first model.

I basecoated with a 50/50 mix of Black and Boltgun metal and then added another coat of straight boltgun metal. Here is the result


I'm pretty happy with it so far

Tomorrows plan is to highlight it up to chainmail, wash it with badab black wash and then work some more on final highlights with a mixture of chainmail and mithril silver. I may even try to work on the eyes and the base (time permitting of course)

Again, feel free to comment, its always nice to hear what you guys think (you may just want me to shut up, mind you)

08-01-2009, 18:28
Hi folks, what's occuring

well I got another good bit of work done this morning. I think I've almost finished the first model. I'm quite happy with it - I might try to dull down the metals a little with a coat of matt varnish

Here's what Ive achieved so far


I'd love to get some advice on how I can improve so if you'd like to let me know of any hints and tips then please feel free