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05-01-2009, 01:06
We use the Hall of Heroes (Canada) rules so there is army composition and everything. I could make a much stronger list but I think this one's a fine list.. Comments welcome.

[215] Dreadlord - Pendant of Kaeleth, Armour of Darkness, Soul Render
[225] Death Hag - Army Standard Bearer, Cauldron of Blood
[152] Master - Cold One, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Lance, Enchanted Shield, Ring of Hotek
[150] Sorceress - Dispel Scroll, Dispel Scroll, Level 1 Wizard

[220] 17 Black Ark Corsairs - Musician, Reaver, Standard Bearer: Sea Serpent Standard
[063] 10 Warriors - Musician
[063] 10 Warriors - Musician
[055] 5 Harpies
[055] 5 Harpies

[146] Assassin - Two Hand Weapons, Manbane Poison, Rune of Khaine
[146] Assassin - Two Hand Weapons, Manbane Poison, Rune of Khaine

[194] 5 Cold One Knights - Musician, Standard Bearer: Standard of Slaughter
[100] Cold one Chariot
[090] 5 Shades - Great Weapons

[175] War Hydra
[200] 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

2249 Points
0076 Models
0009 Deployments
0003 Power Dice
0003 Dispel Dice + Ring of Hotek + 2 Dispel Scrolls

Yeah, my core is weird - no fast cavalry, no repeater crossbows, minimal really.
I plan on having both Warrior units screening forward and fleeing through my Frenzied stuff, leaving me free to charge with my Corsairs and keep my Cauldron closeby.

Flanks covered by War Hydra and Cold One Knights. RBTs to take care of fast things I guess.. or Large Targets too.

General goes with Frenzied Corsairs, one Assassin in there too, the other with the Shades and the Cold one Master with the Cold one Knights. Scroll caddie to hang out with RBT or stick close to the Hydra, trying to stay outside the RoH range to get Power of Darkness and whatever other spell off O: A chillwind on 4 dice here and there could be nice.

06-01-2009, 13:09
You have a Cauldron of Blood, but no Khainite units to really take advantage of the CoB. Also, you need ranks to win fights, but with only the Corsairs you will find it hard to win fights. The Corsairs have a lot of attacks, but at S3 they will bounce off knights, etc.

Drop the CoB, but keep the Death Hag BsB. Add some Gifts to her then increase your warriors to 20 each with Full Commands. This will help you get combat resolutions in your favor.