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Deacon Bane
05-01-2009, 11:33
Hi Seers, we have a local Empire player that has been winning alot of tournaments lately. He uses( not sure of actual names) a small unit of I believe Outriders with repeater pistols? Large units of Greatswordsmen and Halberders, a couple of detachments, 2 Cannons, a small unit with Rifles, 1 unit of 8 Knights, a Priest and the Arch-Lector. I am playing WOC, and have the Cannons solved, with Wulfrik and Axe throwing Horsemen. I play a low magic list with usually one caddy, 1 unit of Knights, 3x Dr. Ogres, 2x Horsemen, 2x Hounds. Wulfrik goes with either a 10x unit of Marauders w/GW and MOK or 21x unit w/ HW and Shields. I use an Exalted mounted with my Knights, and usually 1 Unit of 15 Warriors. My biggest problem(probably because I don't know his Army book) is, he casts a prayer on his infantry blocks that makes them Unbreakable and he sets up in a Denied flank position, then lets his Cannons try to win the game. Can his Prayers be dispelled in my Magic phase, so that I can charge in my Knights and Dr.Ogres to crack those big units? Any other suggestions would be great.

05-01-2009, 13:30
Yes, a Prayer that remains in play can be dispelled in your magic phase, with your power dice.

05-01-2009, 15:30
Well i looked it up, but you may dispel it to in his magic phase (with your dispel dice, or even your dispel scroll) They are all lvl 4 bound spells, so 1 or 2 dice is enough

The Farmer
06-01-2009, 09:32
If he casts the unbreakable prayer just wait until your turn then dispel it with your power dice before you charge him, the only time I have found that prayer to be useful is against shooting because its so easy to dispel.