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05-01-2009, 17:11
Hey all.

This is my daemon army for 2000pt games. This is only for friendly play, so I have tried to not go completely over the top with my army choices.


Lord of Change
Lvl 4 wizard
Tzeentch's Will
Master of Sorcery


Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery

Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery


10 Horrors

10 Horrors

10 Horrors

10 Horrors

10 Horrors


5 Flamers

5 Flamers.

Would you have a problem if someone took this list against you in a friendly game?
Iíve left out banners for all the Horror units and not made all my heroes fly, hoping that this would leave the list competitive, without making my opponents want to never play me again.
While Iím not trying to cheese it up the people Iíll be playing will tend to have well written lists, so I didn't want to shoot my self in the foot too badly, just to save the inevitable daemons moaning. So what do people think?


05-01-2009, 17:55
I don't belive in cheesy as a concept but I don't think you will make any friends with his list. You have a Tzeentch gunline going with near limitless PD which is going to make any footslogging armies (which are the vast majority) very unhappy. If that is a serious concern for you then I might consider changing your list, although to what I don't know.

However if you like the list and models then hey, I say go for it. I always play to win and DoC makes that a little easier. Thats common in my gamming group though. Its a solid list with no weaknesses really other than its blandness.

05-01-2009, 18:41
Its a solid list with no weaknesses really other than its blandness.

Apart from a high elve lord riding a dragon with the armour of immune to fire and a unit of dragon prince with the anti-magic banner...

But if you are playing with friends don't expect to keep them for long. Just my opinion. But if you are planning in playing in tournament then go for it.

05-01-2009, 18:49
Amusingly only the horrors actually have access to the lord of tzentch in that list.
As master of sorcerery prohibits the knowledge of the normal lore and makes you know all of a different lore instead.

Im sure that will give your opponent a bit of a chuckle.

You could really do with docking a character or 2, and then making your horror units larger, while making the flamer units smaller.
Then add in some small screamer units to make the army a bit more interesting.

Seeing as the horrors can cast, there's not too much point in the heralds.

05-01-2009, 19:08
I have thought of dropping characters for larger units, and maybe combining some of the units together. Iím not a fan of screamers, so was thinking of using furies to fill the roles I would have screamers normally do. This is also supported by the fluff section on furies, saying Tzeentch makes use of them more than any other god. Iíve also considered dropping Master of Sorcery on the LOC for a dispel scroll on a Herald, but thought I have enough dispel dice to handle most opponents.