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05-01-2009, 19:36
Being a long term nid player i seem to have fallen into certain habits and routines when gearing up my nids. However, after getting my talons on several new carnifex kits, i decided that i would magnetize the pieces so i would have more choice. Now here is the question:
Is there ever going to be a time where i will need to use the deathspitter arms?
It seems to me that the barbed strangler can do the job much better.

P.S Also, is it just me or is the venom cannon now pointless?

05-01-2009, 20:06
I don't think the venom cannon is pointless at all. True. it's no longer the anti-tank gun it used to be (but even in fourth, wasn't glancing the best it could do?), but it is still a great gun. I have one on my Hive Tyrant, which gives him 3 good distance, high strength shots. Maybe the Carnifexes won't use thme as much, especially since they can run now! But for my Tyrant I'm still quite happy with it.

And about the Twin Linked Death Spitters, I don't know if they are great, on a carnifex I still think devourers are WAY better (again, especially since they can run now)

05-01-2009, 20:38
the venom cannon is great if you have it on a tyranid that has BS 4. its high strength shots aren't necessary for anti-armor... you can use it to blast elite troops.

i don't like to use the venom cannon on the carnifex for that reason (bs 3 max) because it misses more than half the time. On the tyrant and warrior, it is a more effective platform.

twin-link deathspitters are quite a point-sink for a small template re-roll. because of the auto hit nature of template weapons in 5th ed, the barbed strangler is a more superior choice.

the only weapon worth twin-linking in the tyranid weaponary is the devourer...

deathspitters are best with warriors (throw in 1 venom cannon in there). this is because a unit of 5 warriors can dish out 4 deathspitter templates (at strength 6-7) and 2 venom cannon shots. all at roughly the same price for a hive tyrant and a retinue of guards.

pity the 4+ armor save (after upgrade) i would run a few broods of these guys if they were 3+ AS instead.

05-01-2009, 20:44
I used to have Barbed Stranglers and Venom Canons on my tyrant and my fexes and the VCs never really did anything great. To make things worse, that gun costs an insane amount of points. The barbed stranglers on my fexes did way better against tanks AND infantry by itself.

I give talons to my fexes now instead and I save tons of points and kill more stuff now.

05-01-2009, 21:02
something that i forgot to mention is that the barbed strangler, on a boomfex (carnifex that has barbed strangler and scything talons) is quite an effective troop and vehicle suppressor.

not only it can take troops out with the template, it can also suppress and take out light vehicles with the strength 8 barbed strangler shot or a 4 TMC attack assault.

hence, i rate the barbed strangler higher than the venom cannon.

there are players out there who use the tyrant with a venom cannon and 1 twin-linked devourer with some success. that is not a bad gun platform as it gives you 3 vc shots (at bs 4) and 6 tl devourer shots.

05-01-2009, 21:20
i think that deathspitters don't belong on a carnifex...its not that guys style...and with the update he really doesn't need them...
Oh and i really dont think the venom cannon is needed now everything you used to use it for now has little effect compared to its alternitive

05-01-2009, 21:52
Twin-linked deathspitters might work on Warriors. It's a cheap way to give yourself a pretty accurate gun with a good range.

06-01-2009, 17:06
Thanks for the input so far.
I know that glancing is all the VC could do in fourth, but in fourth a glancing could still destroy. I do have one on my tyrant, but it rarely kills much (may swap sometime soon).
I do use deathspitters on my warriors, not twin linked, and i agree that that is the gun for them.
I think its a shame that nids don't have a convincing anti tank weapon (apart from warp blast. I really don't see why a vennom cannon can only glance. It's firing corrosive metallic crystals for petes sake.

06-01-2009, 17:15
Teaming deathspitters with a strangler on a Fex for templatey goodness can be effective.

06-01-2009, 18:17
Deathspitter Warriors are the new hotness as far as I'm concerned. Spitter and scytals is a cheap combo and who doesn't enjoy putting out multiple S5 (or S6) blasts with a strangler in the mix too?

07-01-2009, 07:43
I think that at least one Carnifex in any list should still have a venom cannon, as there is NOTHING else on the list that can suppress a vehicle's firepower at that range. Predators and oher medium tanks with heavy firepower are quite popular, and just preventing a railhead, predator, ionhead, razorback, fireprism, etc. from firing can be very important for your other tyranids who are trying to get close to the enemy.

07-01-2009, 08:45
i know this is a slighty deviation from the question but if you give them to hive tyrant with wings it blows apart elite troops like no tommrow, and i like playing with my terminator hunting tyrant with 12 rerolling to wound and hit.

On a carnifex i think that barbed stranglers are better cos of the fex`s high strenght and new scatter/blast template rules ;)

07-01-2009, 19:22
Is it legal to twin link Barbed Stranglers?

07-01-2009, 20:48
Yes it is.

08-01-2009, 13:30
it is not very usefull though. You pay the full weapon price again, and it takes up your carnifexes second weapon slot.