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05-01-2009, 19:06
I'm beginning a WoC army, and in the beginning one must take expensive stuff to get to the point cap fast. The result? See below.

Sorcerer lord: MoT, LVL4, general, Bronze armour of Zhrak, Golden eye of tz,Third eye of tz (where did the second eye of tz go?) power familiar, favour of the gods, Sword of Might, disc of tz=425
Sorcerer: MoT, lvl2, Spell familiar, book of secrets, homonculus=200
Sorcerer: MoN, lvl2, infernal puppet, chaos steed=191
Sorcerer: MoN,lvl2, 2 scrolls=190

20 Marauders: FC, shield, LA, MoS=150
5 Horse Marauders: LA, flails, MoK, musician=116
12 Chaos Warriors: shield, FC, MoS, rapturous standard=252
5 warhounds=30
5 warhounds=30

Chaos chariot: MoS=130
5 Chaos knights: MoN, standard, musician, warbanner=285
14 PD, 7DD

I already have the chariot, horse marauders, and the characters, I plan on buying the battallion box which will get me the rest (warriors, marauders, hounds and knights).

Hounds screen warriors and horse marauders, chariot advances with marauders and warrios, knights flank and sorc lord tries not to get killed while gating and pandemoniuming (lol) all he can. MoN sorcs spam buboes mainly.

Sorc lord just had to take golden eye (as I wanted a disc for added protection from CC), bronze armour to safeguard against tunneling scorpions and other fast KB/poison stuff (steed of shadowing kb-dagger skinks, wardancers, assasins, the list is endless), with SoM he can take on (very) small units alone.

MoT sorc got spell familiar to get gateway easier, homonculus to help getting it through (3d6+d3 with +1 to cast, it just might happen once in a while), and book of secrets to have pd for it (of course the book is good otherwise too).

MoN sorc 1 just had to take the puppet, one just can't go to war without it (not with 4 sorcs), and double scrolls were a similar necessity for the last MoN sorc.

Is there anyone who read the whole thing through, and still has enough energy to comment, maybe give some advice, or anything? Is there just too many WoC lists nowadays?

05-01-2009, 21:55
I think that with your available models, you've made a very nice list.

06-01-2009, 02:02
Give the book to the caddy and give the T lvl 2 a scroll. The T lvl 2 will have enough pd to throw 3 at gateway and 1 at flickering fire if he needs to, while the N sorc can give you another magic missile with the book to supplement his casting and is at far less a risk of miscasting then the T sorc who will routinely throw 3 pd for a single spell in an ideal situation.

06-01-2009, 08:15
give the spell familiar to your lord. give your lord the armor of 4+ ward save versus nonmagical attacks.
i also like the staff of ravening, and the banner of D6 S4 hits.

06-01-2009, 10:53
Thank you, I'll look into you suggestions right away.

The reasoning was that the T sorc could do his thing without using pool dice (his own 3 to gate). The miscast point is true however, and some adjustments have been done:
Sorc lord: golden eye, third eye, spell familiar, armour of morrslieb, disc (just how many ward saves can you give to a one guy? he has 3)
T sorc: scroll, homonculus, power familiar
N sorc: scroll, book of secrets
Marauders got one extra guy with the spare points, any ideas how to get lord his sword back? Either the golden eye or his armour would have to go...

Those bound spells would be nice, but I have already used all the slots and points to other things I thought were more useful. Those bounds are not cheap sadly.

06-01-2009, 11:09
if you have a sword, youll be tempted to use it. dont worry about it. just use him as a mobile shooting platform and fireball your enemies to hell! you should always use 4 dice to gate. that spell rocks and does the most damage. basically my lord is the last to cast and casts the small fireball with 1 dice, and then casts gate with 4 dice. of course, he also uses the staff of ravening first. i love that thing.

06-01-2009, 11:19
True, true, I'll forget about the sword then. Thanks.