View Full Version : Bert's next fantasy army- Dark Elves

bert n ernie
05-01-2009, 19:24
I have written a 1500pt list for my next army. I have only had one chance to play with these guys so far and I worry that it is very weak against certain builds, especially shooty armies. This is supposed to simply outmanoeuvre the enemy and strike where I wish.

BSB: 105
Cold One 20
Hydra Banner 75
Great Wpn 4
Hev armour, Cloak 8
Total 212

6 Cold One Knights 162
Champion 16
Total 178

Cold One Chariot 100

6 Dark Riders 102
Crossbows 30
Total 132

6 Dark Riders 102
Standard 14
Total 116

5 Harpies 55

6 Harpies 66

7 Shades 112

2 Bolt Throwers 200

Pegasus and Master 130
Great wpn 4
Hev Armour Sea Cloak 8
Ring of Hotek 25
Total 167

Sorceress 100
Dark Steed 12
2 Dispel scrolls 50
Total 162

I'm not certain about the sorceress, as it is maybe a bit too much defence for a 1500pt list, as I do not really intend on getting many spells off.
The master and pegasus should deal with any weaker elements in the enemy army, especially ranged weapons.
Comments and criticisms are welcome.

05-01-2009, 20:08
Just a few things.

Drop the GWs on the characters, they don't get +2 str while mounted, either go cheap lances or gimmick weapons of CRs.

I'd personally drop the DRs down to 5 and give both units X.Bows to support your B.Thrower shooting phase, target other shooting/or supporting units and you have clear advantages in the movment phase. If your going just for combat support then drop the X.Bows and go for a helard to all out challenges or add more damage.

Give the shades GWs, over anything ease, this is a must imho. It gives you a mobile shooting platform than will do well in combat. WS5 hatred + str5 is awesome against most all infantry.

I think ring of hotek + cloak is more than enough anti-magic for 1500pts

These are all nip and tuck tips more than anything, very nice list.