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05-01-2009, 20:22
Ok a couple weeks ago a friend of mine who was messing around with army builder was bugging me a about a scouting vampire lord that can summon zombies at the enemies backs and war machines. finally I gave in and tried this list out what do you guys think.

VC 2000 pts

vampire lord 445
lvl 3 wizard, hunter in the dark (scout) supernatural horror (terror) master of the black arts (two power dice), armor of night (-2 to hit from range attacks) talisman of the lycni (M 9) sceptre of de noirot (raise dead d3 +9), wristbands of black gold (+3 ward save againest range attacks)

vampire 150
dark acolyte (lvl 2 wizard), avatar of death (hw/shield)

vampire 150
dark acolyte (lvl 2 wizard), avatar of death (hw/shield)

vampire 195
Dread knight (lance/ barded mount) supernatural horror, the cadaverous cuirass, helm of commandment.

18 skeletons 160
hand weapon, shield, champion, battle standerd.

18 skeletons 178
spear, shield, champion, battle standerd.

15 ghouls 120

5 dire wolves 50
doom wolf

5 dire wolves

corpse cart 100
unholy lodestone

6 black knights 235
barding, champion, battle standerd, royal standerd of strigos (hatred)

varghulf 175

pretty much what I do is have my lord scout and try to raise as many zombies as he can to cause as much panic and chaos as possible, while the vargulf (being screened by the wolfs) and the black knights run up as fast as they can to aid the lord. the mounted vampire will join the black knights to keep them going and also give the zombies WS 6 when he gets close enough. the other two vampires are to keep the skeletons and the ghouls moving up the center with the corpse cart behind them to help with healing.

I did try this list last Saturday but got stuck playing a khorne beastman player, and couldn't get the spells I need off. the only thing that did go right were the black knights ( this was my first time playing them) as they crushed a chariot with a hero, a unit of khorne minotaurs and with the aid of the varghulf chased down a beast herd.

so what do you guys think, I still want to give this list a try but would like suggestions and commits

Gharof von Carstein
06-01-2009, 08:26
putting your lord out in the open is not smart... by his lonesome he is way too vulnerable. id love to play your list just to hunt down your lord from the word go. by turn 2 or 3 your lord is laying dead at my feet (crumbling is a bitch) and ill love to see you take LD tests and watch your army go poof.

if you are truly hooked on this idea and want to try it i suggest using a normal vampire.

06-01-2009, 16:42
I understand that and thats what I kept telling my friend, but he kept bugging me. this list might work a little better if it was 3000 points. I'll try a normal vampire.