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Time of Madness
05-01-2009, 21:33
Attempting to create a themed savage orc army. Here's the list with comments below.


Savage Orc Warboss (general)
- Shield
- Martog's Best Basha
- Armour of Gork
- Effigy of Mork
= 228pts

Savage Orc Big Boss (bsb)
- Light armour
- Mork's Spirit Totem
= 152pts

Savage Orc Big Boss
- Boar
- Light armour/shield
- Porkos pigstika
- Collar of Zorga
= 140pts

Savage Orc Shaman
- Level 1
- 2 Dispel Scrolls
= 120pts


24 Savage Orc Big Un's
***BSB here***
- Full Command
- Spears
= 342pts

23 Savage Orcs
***General and Shaman here***
- Full Command
- Extra Hand Weapons
= 260pts

12 Savage Orcs
- Boss
- Extra Hand Weapons
= 135pts

2 Snotlings
= 40pts

2 Snotlings
= 40pts


6 Savage Orc Big Un Boar Boyz
- Musician/Standard
- Banner of Butchery
- Spears/Shields
= 244pts

5 Savage Orc Boar Boyz
***Big Boss on boar here***
- Musician
- Spears/Shields
= 132pts

Orc Boar Chariot
= 80pts

Orc Boar Chariot
= 80pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1993pts

Casting Dice = 3
Dispel Dice = 6 from totem + 2 Scrolls
Models in Army = 80

Well I'm pretty happy with the character selection. They all have an important purpose.

The warboss is a lot harder then a lot of people think he will be. He comes in with WS7 S6 T6 and 5 attacks. He's pretty hard to kill as he has 3 T6 wounds and is -1 to hit (plus has a 5+ save followed by a 6+ ward). The warboss leads the large unit of savage orcs with extra hand weapons. He provides instant hitting power to go along with all the S3 attacks from the unit.

The bsb has been brought along to die. I've positioned him in the best defensive unit I have available (the big un's with spears) to hopefully protect him a bit. He still is hard to wound with T5 and a couple of wounds. The shaman is only around to make use of his extra dispel dice and the 2 scrolls.

The big boss on boar provides my regular boar boyz some serious hitting power and instantly makes it tougher for my opponent to focus on a single unit of boar boyz.

The general plan is to place the savage orcs side by side and use the snotlings/small unit orcs to re-direct/bait/screen my main combat units. Hopefully going to use the chariots/boars in a support and flanking role.

Any opinions on the list?
Time of Madness

05-01-2009, 21:38
The savage orc big'uns on foot are just too expensive. If you made them regular savage orcs you would free up the points to take another flanking force.

Also I'd consider putting the bigboss with the pigstika on one of those chariots.