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06-01-2009, 03:38
20 Spear Suarus, Standard, Music
20 Spear Suarus, Standard, Music
16 Temple Guard, Standard, Music
10 Ranked Skinks.

Slann +1 die per spell, entire lore, reroll miscast, 5x Power Stones

Skink Priest, Diadem, Scroll
Skink Priest, Cloak of Feathers, Scroll

3 Teradons

5 Cold ones
5 Cold ones

1991 pts

06-01-2009, 06:18

Can I just suggest some basics of list construction?

-what armies do you play against? For example, I play against skaven, daemons, high-magic VC w/ ethereals, DE, twin tank empire primarily.

-identify how you will deal with primary threats. Using the above, I'd define my threats generally as: magic and large targets. Knowing this, I'll want to bring strong anti-magic (Slann probably), mixed shooting (probably skirmished skinks + sallies or razors, maybe a steg or 2), and maybe a fast-moving combat character (Scar-vet w/ Jag Charm or on a horned one).

-Now, do you have any requirements to fill? (Typically core slots) What can you take that is efficient and fits in the points? What can you bring to support/complement the things you've already chosen (maybe some terradons, in my example)

Your list seems to be a mish mash of stuff with no real coherent use. Not terrible, but doesn't seem to have any overarching strategic thought. Specifically:

-why bring units of 20 saurus?

-Is there a reason for no champs anywhere? I'd say they are more important than musicians.

-Your slann seems to be expensive to me for what he can do. Consider that he starts at 275 as a level 4 mage w/ T4 and 5 wounds, as well as a 4+ ward and the telepathy rule, and finally +1 die per spell, making him pretty efficient in the grand scheme of things. You've pretty much doubled his cost right (+250 or so; maybe "just" +200)? Have you doubled his effectiveness over the base build? If not, have you built the list to take advantage of the slann as points denial? Even if he is pretty powerful offensively (one would hope, with the potential for 4 3d6 spells every turn for 5 turns), at that cost you have to consider points denial as well.

-Why are you bringing COR? Especially in the list you've built?

06-01-2009, 15:15
Yea I know....

I am flailing, trying to get a decent army built out of the mess that is the new Lizardmen book.

20 saurus blocks are to try to take advantage of the biggest improvment in the new book and to try and get somthing to the enemy that might win a combat.

No champs because I ran out of points.

There are NO efficent core units any more IMO as scouting skinks are gone.

I used cold ones because Krox have been nerfed and COK have been mildy improved.

Having a level 4 mage with +1 die per spell case is great, perhapes I will reduce him back. The idea was to try to provide sufficent ranged support to get the enemy to come to me.

06-01-2009, 15:35
Skinks actually got better in some ways.

Being an elite army it was always good to have skinks cover you from missile fire and to bait/redirect units. The problem was that being skirmishers, the charger could use them to overrun into whatever unit he wanted. Now that you can take them as a normal unit you have the perfect bait unit which is fast, cheap, and has great leadership.

I'd seriously think about take at least four unit of them in 2000 points. Rank and file for skinks made for baiting/redirecting and skirmishing for missile screens.

Also, as already noted, the slann is too expensive. The gatling slann is gone and now we have a nice cheap and effective caster. Take the +1 dice per cast, go with the lore of fire and you're done. Just sit him in a unit and blast away.

Assuming those skink priests are lvl 2 they are ok but there is no real need for one of them to fly.

Cold ones are good but you need to diversify. I'd keep a unit of 6 and then drop the rest for a different support unit (razordons?).

Having that many blocks is not a bad thing, but as you see it eats up a LOT of points.

Why don't you try putting together a semi-saurus-msu force. Spears are nice and tempting, but they are also a point sink. Now that they have a better save and are cheaper, several units of 10 saurus with hand weapon shield with skinks to help out can do amazing things.