View Full Version : Army Builder 3.1?

28-11-2005, 21:46
I was looking for new updates with Army Builder 3 and I noticed a 40K update that said "AB 3.1 Only". However, the latest update for the Armybuilder program itself listed is 3.0b

Is there a place I can download this 3.1 update? I've looked on the Wolflair site, but it's not on there.

Major Thom
29-11-2005, 17:45
AB 3.1 Is just released today. I know as of 7:00am EST this morning both the AB 3.1 and the Authoring kit was available through their push agent in AB.

Crazy Harborc
29-11-2005, 21:04
Got it today. Got the tool kit/whatever only update too. I'll check out making some changes later:evilgrin:

29-11-2005, 22:42
I just downloaded it myself. That load button is going to come in handy. :p

While we're on the topic of making changes...
When I was using AB v2 I had changed the output setting so that magic item names were printed in blue, but I can't seem to do this with AB v3. Is there some sort of trick to it?

Major Thom
30-11-2005, 13:37
I think it is now under out put settings. I'm at work now so I cannot check directly.

30-11-2005, 15:41
I've tried that already. The standard colour is black, but yoyu can't change it there as far as I can tell.

Crazy Harborc
30-11-2005, 22:26
If you can do it on the latest version and do........PLEASE, please, please tell us how. Use small words for us PC dummies.;)

Major Thom
01-12-2005, 15:32
Got to printer output as if you were going to print, then select font. You should be able to change it there.

01-12-2005, 15:56
Thanks, that did the trick.
I can't believe I missed double clicking on the name :o