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07-01-2009, 09:53
Saturday me and a friend are going to a local 2v2 tourney playing Orcs and Goblins and Dark elves. We were thinking of the following list (each force is between 1000 and 1200 pts, totalling 2200 max):


25 dark elf warriors: 215 pts
spears, light armour, shields, full command, war banner

6 dark riders: 139 pts
repeater crossbows, spears, light armour, musician

10 dark elf crossbowmen: 115 pts
repeater crossbows, hand weapon, light armour, shields, musician

war hydra: 175 pts

2 reaper bolt throwers: 200 pts

14 witch elves: 190 pts
2 poisoned hand weapons, full command, banner of murder

total: 1034 pts


1 Black Orc Orc Big Boss: 110 pts
Amulet of protectyness

1 Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer: 164 pts
Heavy armor, Mork's spirit totem

1 Night goblin shaman: 100 pts
lvl 1, staff of sneaky stealin'

24 Orc Boyz: 174 pts
Shields, Choppa, Full command

24 Orc Boyz: 198 pts
Additional Choppa, Full command

25 Orc Boyz:205 pts
Shield, spear, choppa, full command

5 Wolf riders:71 pts
Spears, Musician

2 Goblin Spear Chuckas: 70 pts

2 Goblin Spear Chuckas: 70 pts

Total: 1162 pts

Grand total 2296 pts

The general idea is that we will be able to take down big nasties with 6* bolt thrower and the hydra, while our 4*25 man strong troops choices should be able to handle most infantry blocks when supported by the witches, dark riders and crossbowmen. Magic defence is decent (6 DD, -1 PD for enemy) but cheap to keep it a semi-horde army.

I know that the blocks of orcs would be better suited all armed with choppa and shield, but unfortunately I dont have the models for that, so I'm pretty much stuck with their setup.

We were thinking of dropping the wolf riders and a few Orcs for a unit of 5 shades with great weapons, thinking they will be more annoying then the fairly worthless wolf riders.

Any thoughts?

07-01-2009, 16:24
Oh come on, this can't possibly be the ultimate list!