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07-01-2009, 16:06
Hey everyone. My friend just made me buy the Black Reach starter set for 40k. I've played Warhammer Fantasy before (as Orcs), but I got a little tired of it. He told me 40k was more fun, so I'll give it a shot. So basically I just got the starter set, and I want to know where to expand my forces next. My goal is 2000 points of a nice and balanced army. If I can, I'll try to convert as much as I can if it's worth it. Heck, my friend told me he'd let me use a Tonka toy truck as an Ork vehicle if I snazzed it up enough. So I guess my questions would be these:

What new sets should I invest in next? Preferably those that would be hard to convert, like the motorcycles (even though I'm getting those anyway. :D )

Next, what are some easy modifications? It looks as if most Orc infantry is more or less the same, with just different weapons. I think it would be pretty easy to modify some Burnas and Lootas from regular boyz.

What are some good builds to start off with. I haven't had any games yet (since I'm still putting together the Black Reach stuff), but I'd like to know what upgrades and weapons are ideal. Which ones are just about essential to a good build? What units should I invest in now, and how many are ideal for a unit?

07-01-2009, 16:09
Get the battleforce. With AoBR you've got a lot of footsloggers and with the battleforce you'll get quite a nice selection of speedy units.

If you're aiming for 2000pts you can just as well pick up two battleforces so that you have a nice unit of 6 warbikers and 2 trukk boy units and another unit of 20 footsloggers.

07-01-2009, 16:12
It depends how you want to build your army.

I too recently started Orkz and picked up the Battleforce and Big Mek with KFF, a Green Tide style horde is effective, so is mech, the Battleforce is pretty balanced in that regard (though if you want footsloggers I'd say two Boyz kits and maybe a Loota/Burna box would be much better value.)

If you want to go the mech/vehicle route, then convert/scratchbuild, for the win? I'd look at Nobz/Manz, some Deffdread/Kanz or a Battlewagon if you take that route.

Consider a Big Mek though, you don't have to take a Warboss.

07-01-2009, 16:19
As the guys above said it really all depends on what type of Orks you want to play. The 3 main styles are all very powerful and can win many games. It just all depends, you could go speedfreaks and pick up some bikes and trucks. Or you could go horde style and pick up a lot more boyz, or you can go mek style and pick up some Kans and dreds. All 3 types are very potent armies.

07-01-2009, 16:20
From my friend that I talked to, he recommended getting the Trukks. You stick a bunch of Orks in them, drive towards the enemy, and then unload them and unleash havoc. I like the idea, but ideally I'd like to have a bit of everything. Ork armies seem to be pretty flexible in that regard.

I'm still looking through the rulebook to get a grasp on the point totals and things like that. For now it seems like I'll try to pick up the units I like the most.

How are the Orc motorcycles, Bomb Squigs, and Burnas? Those are probably my favorite model wise and fluff wise.

07-01-2009, 16:22
Nobs on bikes apparantly rip things up.

Tankbustas and their squigs can be good I've heard and seem useful if baitable.

Burnas are either killed immediatly or do nothing from what I've seen, but put down some Lootas and Burnas and well kill one and the other one gets you.

07-01-2009, 16:27
Buy a battleforce then you have some points to play. Go playing a few games then you will see what you have to buy:) to make a perfect or a fun list. But some bikes or nob's won't hurt you either;).

07-01-2009, 16:28
I will second the suggestion to get a Battleforce, you get a Trukk, 3 Warbikes and some more boyz.
With the AoBR boyz coming with slugga/choppa, you could make the battleforce boyz as shootas to give you a couple of good big mobs.
A good tip if you get the lootas/burnas box is that you can use extra boyz bodies to make up all the weapons in the box, a total of 4 lootas, 4 burnas and a Mek from one box.

07-01-2009, 16:28
I have a question about the Trukks. In the Trukk set, how is the thing put together? Does it have enough parts so you could make two out of it with some other spare parts? I have tons of LEGOs that I think could be put to good use for those.

The Clairvoyant
07-01-2009, 16:34
lootas/burnas can be made from regular boyz. I had some spare black reach boyz (because i bought two sets) which i converted to lootas and burnas. Its a nice simple conversion to just cut the moulded arm off.
The lootas/burnas box gives you enough weapons for either but only 5 bodies so its well worth finding some spare boyz to make full use of the kit.

Other than that, its well worth just looking at the book (i assume you have the codex, if not, buy it!) and then just writing a few army lists and deciding on what sorts of things you want to include.

I hadn't played 40k since 2nd ed and the first thing i did when i got the book was to just write a few lists and then dig out what i had from the old days which was still usable and plan purchases from there. (of course it turned out i had more models than i needed in certain areas - like having 4 of the old shokk attack gun model, and all my old ork artillery is now having to use 'counts as' rules (though squig katapults used as lobbas and traktor kannons as zzap guns is rather cool :D)

Of course, your list will change as you get used to playing with the army but a solid core of boyz, nobz and lootas will stand you in good stead.

Some people want nobz bikers, some want trukks for all their boyz mobs and some want lots of killa kanz. Pick the style that suits you (i like having lots of boyz backed up with flash gitz, lootas and artillery, whereas in the old days i would take large biker mobz with warbuggies and wartraks) and go from there.

Orks are a fun army so have fun with it

07-01-2009, 16:35
Take the marines in the set and swap them with someone for more orks.

The battalion is a very good buy. There are another four plastic kits out this month, and you might want to get the nobz. This will, with what you've got from black reach, give you

Warboss plus 10 strong nobz mob (5 nobz can have snazzy kit) in trukk
20 Boyz with slugga and choppa, 2 heavy shootas, 1 nob with klaw
20 boyz (either slugga or shoota), 2 (heavy shoota or rokkit), nob with klaw
3 Bikerboyz
3 Deffkoptas w/rokkit.

The nobz and boyz all count as troops, and are scoring. You should be easily able to get 1000 points out of black reach orks plus battalion plus nob boxed set.

But see if you can get someone to swap marines for more orks, you can never have too many orks.

07-01-2009, 17:10
Yeah, I've already had some offers already. I'll definitely have to cash in on that. Perhaps I'll make some cardboard cutouts as stand ins for different units when I play my first game and get at least 1000 points worth.

07-01-2009, 17:21
Welcome to the Good and Proppa Green Machine.

Definitely proxy (the cutout idea or other models representing something different) everything before buying. Ork armies can be built in a ton of different ways, but everyone likes a certain style over others. I personally don't find pure green tides interesting, but absolutely love the Kult of Speed (all speedy things). try all the different units out to get a feel for them, then buy what you like and what works.

Generally, you can easily buy the boys and covernt them to specialist units. The trukk boxes yeild only one trukk, but enough extra gubbins to ork-ify that Tonka Trukk plenty. For conversion ideas, head over to http://www.the-waaagh.com, go into the forums, and down to the Mek's Garage and the Trophy Rack. That place is something beautiful to ork players.

In summary: read the book, proxy the models in trial games, build/convert/WAAAGH! away.

07-01-2009, 17:21
Take the marines in the set and swap them with someone for more orks.
But see if you can get someone to swap marines for more orks, you can never have too many orks.

I second this. Just buy another AoBR, and keep swapping the marines for more orks, until you get absolutley fed up with painting them. Everything you get in there is useful, and most things you can do with Orks need a horde of boys.

07-01-2009, 17:33
Some of the top tour. winners are a mix of nob bike and horde list. I highly advise using a nob with claws and big choppas and then with cyborg bodies and a pain dok with a warboss and a battle fortress. I know it sounds like alot however I watched this force chew its way though my 2000 points without losing a single model. I play an assualt style marine list. In fact it took all of 4 wounds out of 26 I think despite the fact i hit with my entire army turn after turn.

07-01-2009, 17:33
I swapped my AoBR marines for more Orks, and got a couple of battleforces.
this gave me a viable 1500pt force.
I took one of the biker power klaws and added it to a Nob, got a metal painboy blister, and built myself a nice unit of 10 Nobs in a truuk , 5 Bikes with Nob, 5 Deathcoptas, and three units of 20 boys with PK Nobs, and a big mek with a KFF.
I've had lots of success with it.

07-01-2009, 17:48
Where can I find these sample tournament army lists at? I think that they'd be a great start to get some inspiration for designing my own.

Also, I was wondering about the contents of the battalion box set. It comes with 20 Ork Boyz, but do they have all the options for Sluggas, Shootas, Heavy weapons, etc. that come in the regular Ork Boyz regular set?

07-01-2009, 19:47
Nevermind, apparently the battalion does come with all the options. Yay! How many battalion sets do you think I should get? Is one enough, or should I shoot for two? I like the idea of a fast and quick army, so I think two would be plenty, right?

07-01-2009, 19:55
Nevermind, apparently the battalion does come with all the options. Yay! How many battalion sets do you think I should get? Is one enough, or should I shoot for two? I like the idea of a fast and quick army, so I think two would be plenty, right?

Two would be plenty, blue fox, but I'd suggest writing up a list first to make sure you want a fast and quick army ;) Also, you may want to get one at a time just so that you're not overwhelmed by the amount of green you'll have to paint. If you're not worried about the intimidation factor, so to speak, go for it. But I'd still err on the side of caution until you know just what you want/need *nods*.

07-01-2009, 20:11
I know, I tend to be a bit on the compulsive side... Still, I do have tons of Christmas money to blow.

07-01-2009, 20:35
If you get two black reach ork sets and two battalions, you've got 80 boyz, 6 deffkoptas, 6 bikes, 2 Trukks, 10 Nobz w/no upgrades, 4 Nobz from the battalions and a plastic warboss. Gives you close to 2k. You probably want a mek with Kustom Force Field. I'd go even further and get an extra 20 black reach boyz. Gives you 100, you can have 3 mobs of 30 foot sloggers, 1 trukk mob of 12 (all with nobz w/klaws). If you have a warboss, you can take the nobz as troops (I would get the nob box anyway for the cool bitz, waaagh banner and klaws). Gives you five scoring choices. You put the nobs and warboss in the 2nd trukk, have 6 warbikers and a mob of 5 deffkoptas, and that is your mobile first strike force. Mek with KFF gives all the footslogging boyz a 5+ save. You then have the choice of either a Dread or grotz for a troop choice, and there are still tons of goodies you can get. What does the force need? A bit more anti-tank, something like a kannon battery or a battlewagon or looted wagon. But you've got a ton of close combat and medium firepower (tons of big shootas, rokkits etc) already, so it is only land raiders and monoliths that will giv real problems, and you can glance them with rokkits and penetrate with klaws.

I've got two black reachs and 20 extra boyz, I'll be gettng two battalions and the nobz box to take it to 2k.

I just wish they did plastic kans.

07-01-2009, 20:42
If you want to bulk up your heavy weapons and elites fast get three Lootas/Burnas Boxes and 2 boyz boxes.

Each Lootas box comes with enough arms for 4 Lootas, 4 Burnas, 1 Kustom Mega Blasta, 1 Big Shoota and (almost) one Rokkit. But only comes with 4 Ork boy and 1 Mek boy bodies.

With 3 Loota boxes and 2 boyz boxes you have enough extra bodies to do a squad of 12 Lootas and 12 Burnas, 3 Meks (I recommend Big Shootas), 8 Regular boyz (the rest of the heavy weapons) and a couple Power Claw Nobs

The Lootas box Rokkit does need a "Grabbing the barrel of a shoota" arm cut off at the wrist to connect to the hand on the Rokkit but its the simplest thing ever to do and you will have plenty in a boyz box. Im not a fan of the Kustom Mega Blasta so I would probably leave them on the sprue, but there is enough bodies to do all heavy weapons if you want.

If your looking for cheap Trukks/Battlewagon check out your local model shop for 1/32 or 1/48 Scale vehicles to use as the chassis for your Ork Vehicles. One of my Battlewagons uses a 1/48 Scale WW2 tank as its base, although I had to saw it in half to make it wider and add lots of armor plates and grots. There are a lot of articles around on which models are best, have a google.

07-01-2009, 21:04
T-28 in 1/32 scale is a tank worth looking at. Google search it. Anything Russian and inter war is worth looking at, as are KV-2s.

See if you can order ork boyz legs online from a bitz service. Use your boyz for your green tide.

08-01-2009, 00:03
Wait so, a loota box cannot actually build 5 lootas???

08-01-2009, 01:36
As already said many times a Battleforce or two and swap marines for more Orks. The Battleforce boys give you Shoota goodness (Assault 2 is very good even at BS2) and Black Reach gives lots of foot sloggers and a big Nobz mob.

Add in the Trukks, Warbikes and Deff Koptas and you have a good force that can be expanded several ways once you have a better idea how you want the army to play.

Good luck.

08-01-2009, 02:11
As of right now, I'm looking towards a mix of horde infantry, with vehicle support and transport. I want to use the Deff Copters and Motorbikes, but I also like the regular vanilla orks and the Trukks. Perhaps that's what I'll shoot for first.

08-01-2009, 02:45
Wait so, a loota box cannot actually build 5 lootas???

Yeah, its sad but true. You get 4 Lootas/Burnas and a (fairly useless) Mek

So to get a full squad of pure Lootas or Burnas you need 4 Boxes and then you have an extra spillover.

I give my Mek a big shoota, so hes either a big shoota boy in your standard mob or has somewhat comparable range/shots to a Loota in your early days when you don't have a full squad.

08-01-2009, 02:58
Yeah, its sad but true. You get 4 Lootas/Burnas and a (fairly useless) Mek.

While that is somewhat true, it has the usual orkish counter of: just convert it. Converting a Loota similar to the "original" is hard, but the Burnas are not that difficult. On the other hand I agree, getting only 80% of what you want is not that nice...

08-01-2009, 03:24
I'd say thats complete BS.... it rly ruins my desire to build the 15 loota unit I was hoping to have... Oh well 12 I guess but still... I guess Ill have 3 burnas lol.... or maybe just take 3 meks with rockits?

08-01-2009, 04:22
I'd say thats complete BS.... it rly ruins my desire to build the 15 loota unit I was hoping to have... Oh well 12 I guess but still... I guess Ill have 3 burnas lol.... or maybe just take 3 meks with rockits?

Its worse than that, the mek has a backpack hole and wierd armour spike that means you have to do a bit of conversion if you want to put a Burna/Loota pack on him and just to add a little slap in the face :p the rokkits dont have a left arm so you will need to get one from the boyz sprue.

08-01-2009, 04:41
LoL, well I hope we aren't derailing this thread, I'll post my input for what I am buying to build up the force. So that might help how you work out the units, since everyting in my purchases gets used.

I actually decided to go with 5 Lootas, 5 Lootas, 2 Burnas/3 Mek with Kustom Blasta units. The 2 Loota units can split fire or shoot same thing if deployed right but don't have to be right next to eachother and suffer being run down all together by speedy stuff, while the 2 Burnas and 3 Meks should make for good hilarity even if ineffective in w/e I send them to do.

I am Personally going with AoBR set, 2 Battalions, A Wagon Kit, 2 more boxes of boyz, and 3 Loota/Burna boxes.

I actually think from what you spoke of Blue, our forces will be similar in the Infantry/ Vehicle back up concepts.

08-01-2009, 07:09
I'd say thats complete BS.... it rly ruins my desire to build the 15 loota unit I was hoping to have... Oh well 12 I guess but still... I guess Ill have 3 burnas lol.... or maybe just take 3 meks with rockits?

I'd just leave the meks as with big shootas they're not as good as a loota, and with rokkits they're half the range of the lootas - I run with pure lootas - meks are largely a waste of time and points - unless they're carrying a shokk attack gun or kustom force field!

08-01-2009, 08:18
What I went for in for my son's Christmas present was:

4 boxes of Black Reach
3 * 20 Black Reach Boys from ebay
1 Box of lootas/burnas (before I realised that you only got four of each :( )
10 Loota gun sets*
10 burna gun sets*
20 Shoota gun arm pairs*

*From a bit seller

I sold one lot of marines and had the rest of them for myself, meaning that I spent 15 per box of Black Reach, I then sold the books that came with Black Reach meaning that I paid 12 per box, so I roughly spent

4 * 12 = 48
3 * 6 = 18
1 * 9 = 9
10 * 1 = 10
10 * 1.50 = 15
20 * 25p = 5
Total spend = 105 for 145 boys, 20 nobs, 3 warbosses and 12 deffkopters.

I've broken it down into:
14 Lootas + Mek
14 Burnas + Mek
12 Stormboys + Nob with claw (used rockets from things like whirlwinds, tanks and so on)
14 Kommandos + Nob with claw (will use some gauze and leaves to make ghillie suits)
20 Sluggas + 2 Big Shoota + Nob with claw
27 Boys + 2 Big Shoota + Nob with claw
27 Boys + 2 Big Shoota + Nob with claw
9 Nobs, two with claws + Painboy
1 Warboss
5 deffkopters, one with rocket launcher and two with buzz saws
5 deffkopters, one with rocket launcher and two with buzz saws

Its about 2500 points.

Also on the work bench is 9 kans and 3 dreads being made out of the left over sprues/guns, some plasticard and 35mm film canisters. These and some of the new Grots should max out the foc and make it a nice round 3000 points.

31-05-2009, 09:36
Brian - isn't that a little daunting and overwhelming for a single pressie?!

31-05-2009, 10:12
2 AoBR + 2 Battleforces =

2xWarboss, powerfist thing and sync. weapon

2x5 nobz, plain, scoring in trukk

2x20 AoBR orks

2x20 Shootas

2x3 Deffkoptaz (sync bazzuka)

1x6 warbikes

is about 1370 points

With another AoBR and battleforce you get almost 2000 (buy a couple upgrades and you are there)

2xWarboss, powerfist thing and sync. weapon

1x5 nobz, plain in trukk

2x5 nobz, plain, scoring in trukk

2x30 AoBR orks (3x fette wumme)

2x30 Shootas

1x5 Deffkoptaz (sync bazzuka)

1x4 Deffkoptaz (sync bazzuka)

1x9 warbikes

Plus all the extra bitz you will able to customize stuff. Most of the stuff I listed here was vanilla and WYSIWYG. With the lootaz/burnaz, you can make some extra stuff. You will have more than 2000 points so you can customize your army depending on your mood.

31-05-2009, 10:52
Brian - isn't that a little daunting and overwhelming for a single pressie?!Depends on how long you take to paint it. Rush it and its too much, take your time and you have something that'll last months, far better than the disposable presents kids seem to get these days.

In the end I had to paint about half of this as I borrowed the Orks for an event at WW and there was no way he was going to get the lot finished in time.

31-05-2009, 12:11
I finally kicked off my own Ork Force, and did so with two Black Reaches and four battleforces. Those provide me with the parts to make multiple kinds of units, and I plan on converting the Terminators & Nobz in AOBR to Meganobz, and scratchbuild Killa Kans and Lobbas for my HS. I have Thraka and a few other bits previously, so this is going to be one cheap horde (193 pounds total!)