View Full Version : How should I equip my O&G cavalry?

07-01-2009, 16:31
So I'm assembling together my Orcs & Goblins, and I'm wondering how I should equip my cavalry models. They're going to make a good chunk of my 1750 point army, so this is kindof important. Here's what I have:

20 wolf rider
15 spider riders
5 boar boys

Questions are as follows:
1) How should I split them unit-wise? How big of units?
2) Full command? No command? Musicians only?
3) Should I give the wolf riders shields so they can act as rank-breaking medium cavalry (and get rank bonuses?)
4) Should the spider riders get bows?

Thanks for your help!

07-01-2009, 17:55
I got 2x5 wolf riders with champion and musician, and planning another 10 with full command and shields to make 1 big block of medium cavalry. For tactical purposes I would stick to 4x5 with champion and musician, but I like the possibilities with this big unit to create all-goblin hordes. For breaking flanks, you don't really need those shields, and being fast cav maybe even allows for a better positioning while trying to do so.

15 spiders riders... I got 2x10 with full command. For tactical purposes drop the banners, as they give 100 easy victory points to the opponent, but for some reason I like the banner-models in the spider boxes. So I would say 3x units of 5, with musician and champion.

I always give my fast cav bows. This allows them to do a little something in turns that they otherwise might not be very usefull. Point-wise this might not be very effective, but for your own psychology its always nice not to have to skip whole phases (like the shooting phase). It also is a little push for your opponent to be a little more carefull with deploying single characters, and sometimes you need to clear out one or two of your own fanatics.

Boar boyz: all equipment. Give them either the banner of butchery, or Gork's WAAAGH banner. Especially the first one is nice. It allows you to pick more difficult targets, while not using the banner yet on the more squishier opponents.

07-01-2009, 18:00
If you want to keep them as fast cav, give your wolf riders no command except a musician. As fast cav they don't get rank bonus, so any more than six of them per unit is a waste. I always equip mine with both spears and bows: you never know when either might come in handy and it's not really expensive to equip them like that.

If you want to use them as medium cav (that is, with shields), I suggest at least 10 wolf riders with full command. Leave out the bows for this, as they won't be able to both march and shoot.
If you really want to make some impact you also might want to add a Goblin Big Boss with a great weapon or somesuch to help the gobbos in protracted combats.

Spider riders are always fast cav, and they're the same price as wolf riders if you equip 'em with spears and bows, so small units with a musician is the way to go.

Personally I've never fielded a unit of five boar boaz so I can't really comment on that, but then they don't have many equipment options anyway.

So in closing, I would take units of 5 wolf riders and 5 spider riders, both with a musician.
Also remember that if these units ever suffer casualties, they'll be immune to animosity (units under five models strong don't need to test).

and sometimes you need to clear out one or two of your own fanatics.
Actually, I don't think that's allowed anymore under the new rules.
The Dangerous Loonies rule is not in the Fanatic's desciption.