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Deus Mechanicus
07-01-2009, 17:18
Prince 627 pts
- Star Dragon
- Dragon Armour
- Star Lance
- Shield
- Vambraces of Defence

Dragon Mage of Caledor 435 pts
- Level 2
- Dispel Scroll
- Dispel Scroll

10x Lothern Sea Guard 120 pts

10x Lothern Sea Guard 120 pts

10x Lothern Sea Guard 120 pts

10x Dragon Princes of Caledor 365 pts
- Full Command
- Banner of Ellyrion

15x Swordmasters of Hoeth 255 pts
- Full Command

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100 pts

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100 pts

2242 pts

I like dragons, and i like plastic dragons! So this is a list i cooked up in a few minutes, should i switch the prince for an archmage? Drop the bolt throwers for more infantry? any comments tips and tricks are welcome of course :D

07-01-2009, 22:52
I whole heartedly agree with you on the dragons! They are a blast to play! Now are you looking for a competitive list (tourneys) or a more fun list for all comers?

The prince is perfect except give him a mundane weapon in addition to the Star Lance, just in case you get charged. I give mine a Halberd, as it gives him S5, which is pretty good against most things. Not to mention it is pretty easy to model.

The dragon mage has two really good builds that I have seen. The two scrolls is good, but these may be better, perhaps.

Build #1: Guardian Phoenix, Jewel of the Dusk. This gives him a 5+ ward save, and starting with 3 power dice, by himself, before pool, or his "free dice". This also allows him to throw 4 dice, without the pool at a spell such as flaming sword of rhuin.

Build #2: Silver Wand, + 40points of other gear. Loremaster Cloak is a good choice as is the talisman that makes magical weapons mundune. The two dispell scrolls work well here too.

The point of the silver wand, gives you the ability to use two dice per spell (three spells), plus the free dice. You can fly around using your breath weapon, and cast damage spells at alot of different units.

At this point it will GREATLY behoove you to find points for the banner of sorcery. This will give your wizard great casting ability (9 dice with build#2) from one guy. Not to mention if you decide to use things like the ring of corin or another bound item. The banner of sorcery is really only NEEDED with build #2.

This guy does great against normal rank and file units as well as warmachine hunting.


I personally prefer spearmen as they are cheaper, and a few extra bows, will probably not swing a game. That is up to you though.

I am not sure if you really need three units, but again, that is up to you.


Sword masters REALLY need the lion standard. Fear, and terror can screw them pretty handidly.


My list looks something like this:

633-Prince: Halberd, Dragon Armor, Shield, Star Lance, Star Dragon, Vambrances of Defense

425-Dragon Mage: Guardian Phoenix, Jewel of the Dusk, Level II

Spearmen (x18)-none
Spearmen (x18)-Muscian

380-Swordmasters (x20)-Full Command, Lion Standard, Armor of Caledor
140-Lion Chariot
140-Lion Chariot

100-Bolt Thrower
100-Bolt Thrower

You can easily replace, the chariots for a block of cavalry if you want. But this gives you three blocks in the middle, and 4 flanker units.

Hope this helps.

08-01-2009, 01:35
I've never played 2 dragons, so take this with a grain of salt since I don't really know how this army plays on the table.

I'll also question the use of 3 units of seaguard. 2 fills your core, and I don't think a third unit will add anything to your army to make them worth the points.

Again, I'll mention the silver wand for the dragon mage since it effectively adds another power dice to his arsenal.

In playing my dragon list, I've found that having something to redirect charges away from the dragon is vital. I'd recommend eagles for this task. They give you a way to go after enemy warmachines quickly, and they also allow you to direct charges away from your dragon. Last game, they saved my dragon by sending a unit of Blood Knights away from him (he had gotten sunk in a combat, and they were preparing a flank charge). You can afford two with the points left from dropping the seaguard.

I like white lions or phoenix guard better in this list since you have some heavy hitters, but I've never had much luck with big blocks of swordmasters so I'm biased.

08-01-2009, 03:26
The Dragons require some finesse. I would caution on using the Star Lance, yeah you get S7 on the first phase. Your Star Dragon has that already. On the other hand your Prince has a 4+ Armour Save. Yes, he can reroll it and he has a Ward save too but it frankly isn't enough.

The Dragon Mage is not meant to be a scroll caddy.

You will be disappointed with your 10 DPs. The reason people bring 10 DPs with a Prince is that they often have a mounted BSB riding with them, these guys can still bounce off targets and not deliver a whole lot of wounds and/or CR.

The Sword Masters will be the secondary targets for any shooting your opponent may have left, most being dedicated to your 4+ AS Prince and naked DM. I'd trade them in for chariots or cavalry. And the lack of any Great Eagles to slow down the enemy, pin them in place, or keep a warmachine crew busy for a phase or two will also be a hindrance.

Sit back for a moment and decide exactly what you want to accomplish with a double-dragon list. Then build in the elements for it.

And everyone has their own tastes. I for one don't like having blocks in a Dragon list, and without a BSB or character support even HE infantry can be slaughtered.

One unit of 10 Archers for first turn shooting, 10 LSG to guard a flank and the RBTs, and pure cavalry and chariots and a pair of Great Eagles. That'd be a more focused list.

08-01-2009, 14:10
Good advice Marwynn, however I think his idea was to go with dragons.

Also, that is why you add in a mundane weapon of some sort, as if you are charging knights, you would want to use the lance. If you are charging dark elf warriors, then you might want the halberd. I am not quite sure I agree with you on the save though. There shouldn't be a whole lot swinging back at this combo. If something is alive, hitting WS 7, can be difficult, not to mention re-rollable armor and a ward is nothing to sneeze at.

I also think a large unit of dragon princes could work quite well with this list, as it will give him at least 3 very fast, very hard hitting units, not to mention the blocks moving up.