View Full Version : My attempt at a 2k magic heavy orc list

07-01-2009, 21:25
Lvl 4 great shaman w/ staff of baduum
Lvl 2 night goblin shaman w/ 5 magic mushrooms
Lvl 2 night goblin shaman w/ itty ring
Lvl 2 goblin shaman w/ horn of urgok

25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
25 boyz w/ shield, banner
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 wolf riders w/ bows, spears, musician
5 spider riders w/ musician
26 night goblins w/ 2 fanatics, nets, banner

Orc chariot
Orc chariot
2 spear chukkas
2 spear chukkas


Total: 1999

So it has a good amount of magic and enough of everything else to still do well in combat. The main thing I'm worried about it losing magic when their unit squabbles (I'm thinking about having them all in the night goblins).

If only you could take a black orc shaman :D

Anyway, because of them I'm considering dropping the night goblins and turning them into a squig herd, but then I need to drop a special choice. I could join them to the spear chukkas but then my range is in question.


07-01-2009, 21:27
what are you gonna do with a single troll? my friend runs one in 1000 pts but i roll it every single time. all it ever does is screw with my all unit magic spells with a stone troll magic resistance >_<. other then that it cant do crap

07-01-2009, 21:35
are you able to run with just 5 wolf riders? i thought min fielding req was 10+? maybe im wrong

07-01-2009, 21:42
The lone troll is the perfect throw away unit. Only 40 points yet has great range, survivable against shooting, causes fear, and won't cause panic. I'll start it in front of my night goblins and then bait/redirect as needed (assuming I pass my LD test). If nothing else I can use it as a mini-chariot.

Min size for wolf riders is 5.

07-01-2009, 22:20
Drop one lvl 2, and add a a BO BSB. Put the lvl 2s with the Chukkas, and the great shaman with the BO. Voila! No animosity killing your magic. You will still have plenty of magic left, especially if you take some magic mushrooms.

I also think that you should field Savage Orcs because you wont have the LD 9 for fear checks. Drop the Troll. With LD 8, I feel like he is going to let you down a lot.