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08-01-2009, 02:27
Ok so my brother always uses his Empire army vs my vamps and always has atleast 4 or 5 war machines plus 2 units of gunmen Every time!!! and i have not won a battle yet vs them with VC...so here is a list i am willing to try out against him in our next 2k battle any advise or strategy in anyway is helpful to me and much appreciated!

Vamp Lord (380pts)
-helm of commandment
-blood drinker
-talisman of protection
-lord of the dead
-avatar of death
-walking death
-dark acolyte

Wight king (195pts) *mounted
BSB - flag of blood keep

Vamp hero (195pts)
-avatar of death
-walking death
-flayed hauberk
-tomb blade

Necromancer (85pts)
-extra spell
-black periapt

24 skeletons hw/sh full cmd (140) war banner 25pts *lord goes in with them

24 skeletons hw/sh full cmd (140) banner of dead legion 25pts *Vamp hero goes here

20 zombies banner musician (92)

5 dire wolves (40)

5 dire wolves (40)

5 black knights (180) banner of barrows 45pts
full cmd
6 black knights (208) royal standard of strigos 35pts
full cmd
varghulf (175)

total is 1999 pts, any advise is helpful once again this is vs a shooty empire army which i have tried many tactics and either failed horribly or have been close to a draw

08-01-2009, 14:44
If he is taking gun line against you the best thing vampires can do is take a ghoul based army and ghoulkin. You should easily be able to raise faster than he shoots you down, and you'll be on his side of the board on turn 1.

Ethereal units also do well and a unit of wraiths can easily run up and kill what ever they can while spreading terror and panic.

Don't bother too much with knights because he'll just shoot them all down (but if you do take them make sure they are big enough to take the hits and then get into combat).

08-01-2009, 19:51
sad thing is i only have 20 ghouls =( and cant afford anything for while
also i dont have enough fell bats to feild for taking out war machines
and only have 2 spirit hosts
but i do have 6 wraiths and a banshee

08-01-2009, 19:54
Hmmm ok, well how about just stick with skeletons but go magic heavy so you can raise enough to keep up.

And how about wraiths? You have any of those?

08-01-2009, 20:01
i will put up a new army list that i made a while back that is an ethereal type army, well as much ethereal type units i have, which isnt much

08-01-2009, 20:23
Vamp lord 305
-spectral form
-flying horror
-avatar of death

Vampire 150
-spectral form

Vampire 150
-spectral form

Necromancer 115
2 extra spells
-wristbands of black gold

20 skels hw/sh 180 war banner 25
20 skels hw/sh 180
20 skels hw/sh 180
20 Grave guard 260 screaming banner 40
2 spirit hosts 130
5 cairn wraiths (1 upgraded to banshee) 275

this is 1990 pts what do you think? i thought about taking the flying horror off the lord and giving him lord of dead to raise skellies, but with 60 it will be hard enough just keeping them to 20 each without it

08-01-2009, 20:33
Why don't you go protection and support over combat, e.g. ward saves against shooting for example.

Also go for a zombie raising list or a self healing list to get you through to shooting phases. By turning your 3 characters into really good casters. Something like this ...

Master of the black arts/ Forbidden lore/ lord of the dead + Staff

Dark Acolyte/summon creature of the night/staff of damnation

Dark Acolyte/lord of the dead/book of arkhan

... for Example, this gives your live small regenation ability for the march towards his gunline.

You can make your knights really really cheap and use them to assault his shooty units, keeping them alive with Skull staff +Nehek or summon creatures of the night + Nehek for your wolves. Target and threaten his shooty units early and bring all the heat down on your fast elements so your rank and file gets across the table.

08-01-2009, 20:42
thats the problem, ive tried raising type armies and failed, its too much misslefire the wolves are taken out in one turn, with 2 hell blasters he takes out 1 unit atleast per turn, and with his gun units he usually has 18-20 of them per unit and they are sometimes on a hill, plus he always has 2 units of them, plus his fast cavalry with guns sucks!, i have tried all sorts of combo's with VC and he just seems to have found his almost unstoppable force to fight them with because he has minimal changes to his list each time, like just changing his characters for ex..he after i got my 1st and only draw vs him, luckily because of him blowing up 3 of his 5 war machines, he started picking 2 engineers for some of his characters... these 2 army lists i have posted seem like my last hope haha

08-01-2009, 20:50
this is what he has for his army list, this is about 90% accurate he usually only changes one unit/character after battles

1 lord warrior preist (mounted)
1-2 warrior priests
1-2 engineers *these vary depending on how he thinks he will roll that day

1 unit of spearmen usually 39 strong and warrior preist goes in here
with detachment of 10gunmen

1 unit of swordsman 29 strong with warrior preist in with them
sometimes with some sort of detachment of 10troops
1 unit of 20 halberdiers

2 units of 20 gunmen

1 unit of 8 knights with his lord

2 hellblasters
2-3 cannons

08-01-2009, 20:54
I've played both VCs and Empire as my tournament armies for the last 2 years, so I undead stand what your saying.

I didn't realise he had fast cavalry as well ... unlucky.

What kind of magic defense does he have?

Oh, I think that army is totally beatable! You can out magic him with bound spells + skull staff and going something like ...

magic heavy.


M.o.t.Arts/Staff of damnation

M.o.t.Arts/rod of flaming death

... cast rod, keep casting raising dead and one dice casting nehek and target his WMs with zombie units.

Or you can go ghoulkin/free move then something like ...

thrall/flying horror/avatar of death

thrall/flying horror/avatar of death

thrall/flying horror/avatar of death

... jumping out of the ghoul units at his MWs and over running behind his gunline.

I used to run 4 x 5 B.knights and about 5 x 5 wolves in my tournament list so I didn't have much trouble with G.Lines.:angel:

08-01-2009, 21:00
well he rarely uses his fast cav but its like i said one of those units he switches out every now and then, usually he has 2 or 3 scrolls and like 5 dispell dice

08-01-2009, 21:09
Yeah sorry bout that I didn't catch your second reply.

08-01-2009, 21:31
thanks, i actually think it might work, i never really thought to give all my vamps the flying horror before...this should put him in for a shock! even though i cant really go ghoulkin because i only have 20 ghouls to use, i have 120 skellies and 80 zombies though with 10 dire wolves and 20 black knights...

08-01-2009, 21:43
just proxy ...

Remember that thats a free movement outside of the game, so it gives your vampires first turn charges!

You could also spectral form + flying horror your lord so he could target a gunner unit.

Remember to raise zombie in one long line infront of his gunner unit to block LOS.

And gaze and rod as often as possible to cause panic tests.

Theres lots of good ways to beat of empire. Look also at terror causing + high movement units and wraiths ... the bane of alot of empire lists.