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Da Black Gobbo
08-01-2009, 11:11
Hi folks! I've been working on my WoC army and is nearly finished, i'm going in to play in a week, against i don't know what army, so, need your comments on this.

--Tzeench Sorceror: Lvl2, MoT, book of secrets, scroll, third eye.

--Nurgle Sorceror: Lvl2, MoN, power familiar, scroll, bloodcurling roar.

--Exhalted Hero: Berserker sword, shield, MoN.

--5 Marauder Horsemen: Flails, MoS.
--5 Marauder Horsemen: Flails, MoS.

--5 Hounds.
--5 Hounds.

--15 Chaos Warriors: Full command, MoS, shields.
--15 Chaos Warriors: Full command, MoS, shields.

--15 Chosen: Full command, favour of the gods, rupturous standard, MoN, Hallberds, shields.


Well that's it, what do you think??

08-01-2009, 12:34
Interesting list.

I think you will be outnumbered a lot of the time with it though.
I personally would drop one unit of chaos warriors in place for some marauder blocks.
Or at least shave off some points somewhere and give them the MoN.

if you face a ranged enemy every loss will be an expensive one as they will kill off your warriors and chosen first I expect.

I am surprised you have no knights, infact its the first list I have seen with none.

Never used a hellcannon so I cant comment on that. The only other thing I can see happening here is your marauder horse being held up by the rest of your slow units, limiting their effectiveness. you would have to roll up slow or use them to harass and bait.

I doubt they would be effective against war machines as you don't have the numbers to distract enemy units.

at least thats my 2C.

08-01-2009, 15:15
As tonedog said it would probably be worth dropping some warriors and getting some marauders to bulk up your army a bit. Perhaps you could drop all your infantry units to 12 and use the extra points to grab some, or failing that I would probably ditch one unit of them. Marauders really help shield your more expensive guys, and if your warriors and chosen can get to the front lines with few casualties they can rip stuff up.

08-01-2009, 15:40
You need 3 core.

Try a 25 strong marauder unit :)

08-01-2009, 16:51
I though warriors were core?

08-01-2009, 16:54
And indeed they are. Knowing what they're talking about has never been a strong point for people commenting on stuff on the internet ;)

I would advise putting your Sorcerers on horses, a 2+ save on a hero model is pretty good.

Lord Malorne
08-01-2009, 17:22
I think it depends alot on what you play against often, the shootiest army in my area is LM so around here combat armies are the mainstream.

If you face alot of shooty armies often then more knights would be the way to go.