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09-01-2009, 01:20
I started 40K at the very end of 3rd ed, but didnt buy my own army until 4th. After playing Orcs & Goblins in WFB, I was convinced to play the Sisters of Battle after a time. I wanted to stay away from Orcs (why, I'll never know, looking back) to make my 40K experience different than my Fantasy one was, and even being distracted by a few other armies, SoB it was.

I took a break towards the end of 4th ed, and rewarded myself with a new Tau army for my reintroduction to W40K once 5th ed came out (yea, sure, its been a struggle to win, but Im enjoying myself).

However, I have neglected my Sisters, and feel slightly bad for it. I am also being lured back to the dark side, as the new Orcs are really making me drool. Having only 6 games with Tau under my belt, however, and not having played my Sisters in almost 2 years, would getting a 3rd army really unbalance the scales?

How many armies do you play, and how many games a month do you have to play to get a reasonable rotation among them?

Do you feel your in-depth knowledge of your armies suffers because you spread yourself too thin, not delving into the intricacies of your main army?

09-01-2009, 01:31
Well, I believe that since you invest the time and money you should be able to play whatever you want :) .

Seriously, though, I find that I don't lose anything by trying a new army. I even sometimes find new ways of playing the other army as well....after playing a friend's IG I realized how to best beat them with my orks.

I swap between two of my three armies regularly and feel no ill effects from it.

09-01-2009, 01:47
I figured out it's just a phase, every time you feel that you want to start an army whenever something new and shiny comes out.

After a while you realize what armies truly have a special place in your heart.

I sport 3 armies where some get more attention than others, but I can never stop playing them.


But I have also neglected my Necrons who I want to sell.

The I guess my answer to your question is: " If you feel that you can sell that army without shedding a tear, then that's one army too many."

09-01-2009, 01:51
see sig down there...

playing about one games per week at best.

I'm actually looking at buying another armies, one focused on CC, something I don't have a the moment.

Daemons, Tyranids.... must resist... stop buying plastic soldiers... urgg.... :D

once started it's hard to stop!

Maybe that will stop when my 4" x 6" table is full... right now all my stuff take about half the table.

In points that look likes, 2500 of Eldar, 2500 of Marine, 1000 of Grey Knight, 2000 of Inquisition. (shoul'nt count how much stuff I have, remind me I already have too much.)

09-01-2009, 01:59
Three right now (Tyranids, Chaos Marines, Grey Knights) plus Skaven in Fantasy. I play whichever I feel like. I haven't used my poor Tyranids for quite some time now, but I'll probably get back into them in a few years when they get a new codex.

09-01-2009, 02:09
4. IG, Krieg (Engineer Company), World Eaters, and Orks.

my standard IG force is my main by far

09-01-2009, 02:13
I have a grand total of 1 (yes 1) army. i just sold off the only other army that i owned (IG), so now i am left with one.

i think that i will stop when i can fill up the force org chart slot with each of the various options from the book (even repentia, even though they are technically 0-1).

after that, i will probably just play with that for a long time (until they release new stuff for sisters eventually).

and yes, i have been playing for more than a few months. i started playing 40k at the tail end of 3rd ed (so HA! to the people who say that it is impossible to only have 1 army).

09-01-2009, 02:19
I only play 1 army: GK

09-01-2009, 02:25
I play Deathguard, Worldeaters, SOB, GreyKnights, Black Templars, Imperial Fists, and have a WiP Red Scorpion army with all the FW fixings. After it is done I'm going to do a Vraks renegade IG army.

09-01-2009, 02:35
Eldar : about 5k points
Space Marines: about 2k points
Guard: about 3k points and building more

Also have a wood elves WFB army however i dont like them any more, might sell them and get something more colorful.

If i could go back and change anything... i would probably finish my eldar army, not purchase marines, and possibly start a guard army only once my eldar army was entirely finished

all of my armies are above 50% completion but none are close to 100% finished... shame.

09-01-2009, 03:10
1000 Points of Pure Ravenwing (Stupid impulse buys.)
1500 Points of Tyranids

And enough codices to proxy whatever I want! :D (I'm obsessed with codices)

09-01-2009, 03:26
I have:

Space Marines 2 companies of Ultras
Salamanders 500pts
Sisters of Battle Under 1000 pts
Grey Knights Under 1000 pts
Imperil Guard Under 1000 pts
Eldar 3000 pts
Chaos Space Marines and Renegades Guard 3000 pts
Orks Too many to count
Tyranids 2000pts

And yes I'm spread too thin. I haven't played a game in two years.
With the new rules and new codexs, I feel like I'm starting from scratch.

09-01-2009, 03:36
Tzeentch Daemons (2000pts), Tolathians (1000pts), Jequerita horde (1500pts), Prymarsiams (500pts), Draylens (1000pts), currently working on an army of Saruthi and an army Enslavers - both im hoping will end up 1000pts each.

I usually play friendly-games a few times a week with my group of friends.

09-01-2009, 04:10
I recently sold off my "excess" armies, so I have my core armies set now to Tyranids, Eldar, and Vostroyan IG, as well as Daemons of Chaos, Warriors of Chaos, and Brettonians for Fantasy.

Filthy O'Bedlam
09-01-2009, 04:21
I currently play three armies; Chaos Space Marines, Witch Hunters, and Tyranids, of which I have 5k, 3k, and 2.5k, respectively. The three armies all play quite differently, and my main wish is to round out the group with a gunline-style force, either IG or Tau (probably Tau).


09-01-2009, 04:25
I started off marines with the starter packway back in 3rd ed. in 2002 and got into Ig a bit, Recently I ve sold all my Ig stuff in exchange for a bunch of nice marine stuff sooo... 1 then 2 then 1!

09-01-2009, 04:33
40K: Well, basically all of them.:p

WFB: Greenskins, and furtive attempts at some odd ones (3K of Minotaurs, etc) that never seem to get off the ground...

09-01-2009, 04:45
Just IG and Deamnhunters really. Although I have a sizeable contingent of Necrons I don't really ever use them.

09-01-2009, 04:51
Bragging time.
Space Marines, 6,000
Imperial Guard, including superheavies roughly 10,000
World Eaters, 4,500
1000 Sons, 2,200
Tau, 3,000
Dark Eldar 3,500
Orks, including gargant and great gargant, 8,500
eldar, including three Revenants, scorpion, and Phantom titan, 7,000
Inquisition, 3,000
Deamons, 2,000
Tyranids, 3,000
Necron, 5,000
Imperial Titan Legion, 9,800

09-01-2009, 04:55
Imperial Guard, Eldar, Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Orks, Tau, and Squats. Points vary depending on 2nd/5th edition. I could probably squeeze out a Daemonhunter/Imperial Agents list as well as a Genestealer combat patrol.

...after playing a friend's IG I realized how to best beat them with my orks.
Just show up?

09-01-2009, 05:51

I regularly play Imperial Fists, Word Bearers. Every now and again I play some Fantasy (I own a Bretonnian themed Vampire Counts army, which is great, because I effectively have 2 armies!).

And sitting in my wardrobe are 3000 points of Guardsmen, who are in attrocious state because I was playing them when I was young and they aren't well painted or modelled lol. So they are slowly getting stripped of paint, un-built and rebuilt into newer better Guardsmen, who will shortly be getting a new dex! Maybe they'll see more action in a couple of year when I've finished university..

I'm not all that keen to start a new army, and I sure as heck couldn't sell any of the ones I have!

09-01-2009, 06:36
I have a Chaos army that I've been collecting since '94 or so, and I JUST started an Eldar army last month. I still have tons of fun with my chaos though, and I still have things I'd like to add (Tzeentchian and Slaaneshi daemon princes to give me one for each god, more noise marines, another pred or so...).

09-01-2009, 07:03
I have
Dark angels: ravenwing1,500 deathwing1,000
Space wolves: 2,000

09-01-2009, 09:12
I've cut it down to three atm.

Dark Eldar, Nids and Necron.

I was tempted to start SM with the AoBR figures. but read the background and it put me off

09-01-2009, 09:45
Over the last 20 years I have amassed the following:

Eldar - 10,000 points
Daemons - 4,000
Blood Angels - 5,000
Deathwing - 3,000
Ravenwing - 1,500
Tau - 5,000
Necrons - 2,000

I Used to have a problem saying no to a new army, I seem to be over it now though!:confused:

I have been playing Eldar and Daemons mostly, My Deathwing has had a few games and the Ravenwing is my newest project which is more of a modeling/painting thing at present.

Blood Angels, Tau and Necrons just don't press the right buttons anymore.:(

09-01-2009, 09:55
Space Marines - 2000 pts (roughly after throwing out old school tanks and forgeworld droppods)
Tyranids - 4000 pts
Eldar - 5000 pts
IG - 1700 pts and 400 pts
Ravenwing - 1000 pts? Never counted it. Yet to use them.
Thousand Sons - 2000 pts
Orks - 1500 pts (500 pts mailorder inbound)

Upcoming - 1700 pts IG, yet again :D

I'm pathetic... :)
I don't rotate at all, I simply use what I feel like. I have my Thousand Sons laying around in the local GW, as it's the only army that fits in a regular figure case, my Orks are the newest so they get regular excercise and Eldar can be played in dozens of ways so they don't bore me.

IG I barely ever use, but that's why new codexes are a blessing as they're sure to see a tabletop again soon. Tyranids I find a bit boring and Space Marines really miss their vehicles, so they require some effort from my part which I'm not putting in them atm. Ravenwing aren't used yet as I don't play unpainted and they're not finished yet.

09-01-2009, 10:07
How many armies do you play, and how many games a month do you have to play to get a reasonable rotation among them?

Factions i have had armies for-
.Deathwing(the first and still the best)
.Regular dark angels
.Sisters of battle
.DIY marines(new)

My gaming schedule is saturdays. nearly every saturday i arrive between 2-4pm and i game till everybody wants to leave which is usually the next morning around 8 or 9am(i run late night gaming at my LGS).

I currently only actively field-
.Small ravenwing(750)
.Sisters of battle (1,500)
.DIY marines(2k)

The dark angels became display items, the nids and tau got sold as did most of the ravenwing. mostly because i to ran into that problem of getting play time in with each army since i had so many to choose from.

Narrowing it down to 2 main and 2 at smaller levels makes it easy for me to get many of them on the table in one day(when we aren't playing other systems).

09-01-2009, 10:14
Imperial Guard, (Chaos) Space Marines, (Chaos) Dwarfs, Daemons of Chaos, BFG Chaos fleet, Witch Hunter Mordheim warband.

Working on a Tau CP, Orks and an Ork fleet for BFG.

09-01-2009, 13:38
For 40K I have,
Imperial Guard.
Space Marines.

High Elves.
Empire - lost interest in these a bit when they were re-done. I do not like the new models.

I also have multiple forces for WAB and FoW.

I find that I go through phases when I am more interested in one army or system over the others. I believe that this is the main reason why my hobby, of which GW only provide one aspect, remains fresh for me.

09-01-2009, 13:49
One. Eldar. (~3000 points modeled, 1500 completely finished)

My wallet begs me to not start another army until this one is finished. Maybe I'll finish in a few months, just in time for the new IG codex.

09-01-2009, 13:52
Own: Many
Play: None

I own lots of Guard (companies of 4 different regiments), Sororitas, Marines, Tyranids, Eldar, Chaos and a couple of FW titans. Also have 3000 points or so of fantasy Chaos.

09-01-2009, 17:06
I play Guard (mostly at 1500 pts) but they are expanding and with the new codex and all the superheavies which will appear I'm planning to reach 6000 pts 'till the end of year (min. 200 models=cadians, SL and Valhallans+tanks+2 flyers)
Slowly I'm rising an DH force (until august I want to have 30 PAGK, 6-9 GK Termies, at least 2 full squads of ST-old models) to begin play from September.
And for 2009 Christmas I will buy me :D smth like WH.

09-01-2009, 17:21
I have IG, SM, and Tyranid armies. I go through phases and play an army for about a month before I change and play another one. That said, I can fill a force org for both the nids and marines, so I change the components of my army all the time.

09-01-2009, 17:32
Deathguard and Nurgle daemons.

09-01-2009, 18:05
In 40k I play:
--Chaos Space Marines (mostly Iron Warriors but with some Death Guard and Emperor's Children thrown in for good measure)
--Chaos Daemons (all Gods)
--Orks (Deathskullz)

In Fantasy I play:
--Skaven (mostly Clan Skryre, I normally use a Grey Seer too)
--Daemons (same models as my 40k army, haha)
--slowly, slowly, slowly working on Ogres. I love the models

09-01-2009, 18:52
I have 6 armies(including my work in progress warlord titan:evilgrin:). Now how many I have that are painted and playable is another story.:cries:

09-01-2009, 19:02
Just nids at the moment

commander of the marines
09-01-2009, 19:23
I play with 2 armys

guard 2500-3000 points
marines 4500-5000 points

09-01-2009, 22:06
Have quite a few overall. But mainly one just now.

09-01-2009, 22:29
right now? 1. soon? 12 :D

in the future I plan on having:
40k- SM, tau, orks, IG, eldar, CSM
fantasy- gobbos, dwarves, empire, VC, Beastmen, Empire.
lol my wallet is F#$% SCREWED!!

09-01-2009, 22:32
Just the one, Space Wolves. I thought of playing Relictors because of their rules they seemed to be an on the edge list. However I canned that idea as GW does not support the CA lists with rules any more, so my SW's just had a large recruitment drive.

09-01-2009, 22:32
2 at the minute:
Orks - about 5k's worth
Space Marines - about the same

When IG are released, they'll be my 3rd - again

10-01-2009, 00:50
As my sig says, I play Dark Eldar, Guard and Marines (in that order of preference).

I also have a Emperor's Children army that I haven't used since the new codex came out, and I am working on my Blood Axe Orks (nearly painted) and my Word Bearers (just started painting).

I do like to have a few projects on the go at the same time, and I reckon Sisters will be next.

10-01-2009, 02:35
I have temporarily complete armies for Necrons, Blood Angels, and my first love Space Wolves. I am nearly done with a large Ork army, and I have started work on Guard and Dark Eldar. So four that I could field today at 1500 points, and three at 2000 points.

Though with nobody to play my gaming experience is limited with all of them to between 1 and 5 games each. :cries:

10-01-2009, 02:42
Do you feel your in-depth knowledge of your armies suffers because you spread yourself too thin, not delving into the intricacies of your main army?

Actually, I found it was the opposite. For my first 2 years I never played a game with anything but IG, but when the new Black Templar book came out I had to get it, as I'm a huge sucker for the religious zealot look to 40k armies. Playing Templars (I sold them for more Guardsmen...) was very interesting as I'd never played with troops that actually want to get in CC or don't die to a light breeze so it showed me a lot of what I was doing wrong with my Guard against such armies.

10-01-2009, 04:18
I have:

DIY chapter of marines
White Scars
Daemon Hunters
Steel Legion

I can also make a complete mechanized grenadier list out of the last 2, that that might disapear with the new IG codex.

10-01-2009, 04:34
Death Guard and World Eaters

10-01-2009, 08:06
Ultramarines ~ 6000
DIY marines ~ 3000
CC only 'nids ~ 3000
Infantry only Guard ~ 3000
Mechanized Guard army ~ 3000
Dark Eldar ~ 2500
Tau ~ 3000
Kroot mercenaries ~ 1000
WIP Orks
um, do 2 warhound titans count as an army?

I can't say the 'ooh shiny' new codex thing gets me going. Mostly, I just get tired of the same tactics, so I try different armies. I generally play whatever army I feel like, though Guard always holds a special place in my heart. I've noticed once I got more involved, I moved away from my marines, and focused more on armies that I found more of a challenge. Playing as different armies certainly gives me a different perspective on strategies.
I do 'neglect' some of my armies. Mostly, it comes down to my two marine armies. Then again, I always have an army for a friend to play as. As a matter of fact, I think I've gotten a lot of my friends hooked that way. Too bad GW doesn't give commissions...

10-01-2009, 08:23
drop guard-2000
steel legion-2500
tank company-1500
rt ig=2500
space wolves-2000
13th co-2000
white scars-2000
daemon hunters-2000
whitch hunters-2000
rt marines-2000

Yes I am a servnet of the Emporer.

10-01-2009, 08:26
I only play Eldar nowadays. Every once in a while I borrow someone else's army and play with those, but all my own armies (except my Eldar of course...) are condemned to the shelf.

Colonial Rifle
10-01-2009, 09:53
Actually, I found it was the opposite. For my first 2 years I never played a game with anything but IG, but when the new Black Templar book came out I had to get it, as I'm a huge sucker for the religious zealot look to 40k armies. Playing Templars (I sold them for more Guardsmen...) was very interesting as I'd never played with troops that actually want to get in CC or don't die to a light breeze so it showed me a lot of what I was doing wrong with my Guard against such armies.

I agree - getting to understand the strengths and limitations of different armies really gives you a broader understanding of the game. I play loads of different armies and it's certainly helps me.

I have...
Tau - 3000pts (bad paintjob & haven't played for a while, might sell)
IG - 2500pts (Will get a massive expansion this year - think I will use this army for most of the year)
Flesh Tearer marines (BA codex) - 5000pts? (gets loads of action)
SOB + Inquisition - 2500pts (use to play this a lot, but it's heavy to transport. Comes out for special big games)
Orks - 2500pts (too many people playing orks so will wait until the heat dies down)
Tyranids - nearly 2000pts (new army, not ready yet!)
Necrons - 3000pts (impulse e-bay purchase! Will paint up and wait for a new codex)

I also have 3000pts of Orks and goblins who have never seen the field!

Too many armies....:cries:

10-01-2009, 10:31
I've currently got:

Space Marines 10000pts
IG 12000pts (over 40 tanks, 8 super heavies, and 4 aircraft, as well as 100+ DKoK and about 50 Cadians with FW respirators plus 50 Kasrkin)
Chaos marines 4000pts (including a Warhound)
Eldar 6500pts (including a Vampire Hunter and 2 Phoenix)
Daemonhunters 3000pts (50+ grey knights, plenty of assassins and inqs, and 50+ inq stormtroopers)

I don't get to play much, but when I do they tend to be large games :)

ankara halla
10-01-2009, 10:38
Well, I own:

Genestealer heavy Tyranids (used to be Genestealer Cult)
Marines (Mentor Legion and Blood Angels/generic Angels)
Tau (which I "inherited" from a friend of mine who quit GW)

Of these, I only play with my marines. Squats and Genestealer Cult are dead and I've never been a fan of the Tau, though I do intend to paint the models I have someday.

10-01-2009, 10:49
(roughly after throwing out old school tanks and forgeworld droppods)

Please tell me you didn't actually throw them out...? :eek::cries:

10-01-2009, 10:57
Right now I have:

2k points of IG
2k points of OnG
750pts of wood elfs
400pts easterlings

The Orcs and Goblins are mostly assorted stuff that I can bash together to 2k points, the army is still in the build.

Death Korp
10-01-2009, 13:08
The Armies I have are:

*Black Templars
*Blood Angels
*Chaos Space Marines

(I have some Daemonhunter, Imperial Guard and some SM bits too. Will make these into armies later)

The only army I really play at the moment is my Chaos Space Marines, as they are the only guys with enough painted models, and models in general!

Project this year is to get most of my armies playable.


10-01-2009, 14:01
The armies I have are Imperial Guard, Orks, Dark Eldar and Dark Angels (plus Bretonnians, Orcs and Goblins, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves, Van Saar, Cawdors, Ratskins...). I play whatever I have mood for playing at the moment and don't really feel any ofmy armies suffering from his. Playing one army too much bores me, and I had few years pause with each of them (except DA who are new); most often pulling it from mothballs when I have fresh idea how to play it.

During last Christmas vacation I played third ever game with my fresh Dark Angels and broke years long pause with both my Orks and Imperial Guard, trying out Guard list from 3rd edition rulebook (definietly best Guard ruleset playable with 5th edition), new IA Chimera rules (love them) and trying my traditionaly footsloging Orks as fully mechanized force. I didn't touch my DE since 5th edition came, when I'm ready I'll come back for them.

Some of my armies (Orks, DE) are way behind when it comes to painting them but I don't think other armies should be blamed that I'm bored with painting Orks - were I not collecting these extra armies, I would be bored anyway, probably working on some WFB / specialist minis. This way I only sit to painting a unit when I have good idea how to paint it, good enough to excite me. It takes longer, but makes armies look better.

10-01-2009, 14:07
I have 2 armies:

Necrons (probably around 5k)
Space Marines (probably around 4K)

I keep thinking that I'd like to sell my marines, but every time that I get them out to sell, I look at all the work I've done painting them and can't bring up the nerve to part with them. At this point, I've decided that I'm giving them to my son to play when he gets old enough.

10-01-2009, 14:24
Well i'm not a regular player but i usually use tyranids or imperial guard. but i have the following rather rough point estimates:

Tyranids: 9k
Eldar: 7k
Imperial guard: 20k
Tau: 5k
Chaos Marines: 9k
Dark Angels: 4k
Ultramarines: 6k
Black Templar: 6k
Chaos Daemons: 4k
Inquisition: 4k
Orks: 6k
Dark Eldar: 2k
Necrons: 6k

Wood Elves: 6k
High Elves: 6k
Dark Elves: 6k
Ogre Kingdoms: 4k
Dwarfs: 5k
Orks & Goblins: 7K
Lizardmen: 2.5k
Tomb Kings: 2.5k
The Empire: 7k
Bretonnians: 4k
Vampire Counts: 6k
Warriors of Chaos: 3k
Beasts of Chaos: 3k

This amounts to about 4,000 models :D. Most are painted i have about 4 armies in the building stage. I will get around to them at some point!

10-01-2009, 15:00
Well DalekSek, I shall try to match thee.

6,000 points of Orks (down due to new dex but my main army)
5,000 points of Chaos Marines.
3,000 points of IG.
4,000 points of Dark Eldar.
3,000 points of Eldar.
3,000 points of Space Marines.
2,000 points of Khorne Daemons.
1,500 points of the Old Legion of the Damned.
3,000 points of Necrons*
2,000 points of Tau*
1,500 points of Night Lords*
1,500 points of Thousand Sons*

*These are armies i helped purchase for my brother who now doesn't play.

6,000 points of Dark Elves
6,000 points of Vampire Counts
1,500 points of Beasts
4,000 points of Warriors of Chaos
3,000 points of Ogres
2,250 points of Empire
2,250 points of High elves
3,000 points of Skaven
3,000 points of Orcs and Goblins
2,000 points of Lizards

Nope, couldn't catch you DalekSek

On topic, i find i play some army's more than others. 40k is easier for me to rotate armies as we play 2-3 times a week. However, the once bustling fantasy crowd has pretty much died the last year and i'm thinking of ebaying all but the Empire, High Elves, Warriors and Dark elves as those are my favorite armies.

matt schuur

10-01-2009, 15:21
Damn Matt, i thought i was the only one with the problem! i'm glad to see my american brethren are as obsessive as me! :-) oh i should point out that it works out at around 111,000 points!

10-01-2009, 15:41
Space Marines/Space Wolves/13th Company: 5,000 or so.
Tau: 3,500ish
'Nids: 1,500
Eldar: Soon 1,500

10-01-2009, 15:47
Battle sisters 6.5k
Necrons 3k
Orks 2.5k
Imperial Guard 4k
Space marines 2k
Daemon hunters 1.5k
Tyranids 13k

I generally play with what I feel like at the time. It has to be said though that the Necrons and Orks have taken a back seat. Playing with so many armies gives me a jack of all trades, master of none proficiency with them, but keeps the hobby fresh.

10-01-2009, 21:24
Well, I've between 4000 and 5000 points of Orks and I'm also working on a small Witch Hunters force as well.