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09-01-2009, 10:43
Up until this summer I played a Slaanesh themed army with a warrior core, but including beastmen and some flying deamons. After a few months of painting 500 pts Imperial Guards (62 men!) I've decided to remake my chaos army for the Warriors of Chaos book. This will probably turn into a painting blog pretty soon, but first I need to know what to do!

What I need is a nice 2250 pt army to handle all comers built on the remnants of the old Sect of the Sacred Serpent. Preferably I'd like to keep as many models as possible as I like to paint each model to the best of my ability, which happens to take a lot of time! :)

My collection (all painted with snake banners and decent NMM weaponry) consist of:

Half a dosen or so characters. Covers most options.
2 x 12 Chaos Warriors (hw + shield)
1 x 25 Marauders (l.a, hw + shield)
2 x 20 Beastmen (hw + shield), count as Marauders w hw+shield
2 x 6 Chaos Knights (hw + shield)
4 x 6 Chaos Warhounds
3 Chaos Chariots
4 Chaos Spawn

This is more or less what I would have fielded in 2250 pts. Probably a bit less depending on characters. So far the results have been ok, but I feel some of the fun-factor has gone since the army has become a lot more static.

My main tactical concern from playing a few games is enemy flyers/skirmishers. These were handled by two small beatsherds and a few flying deamons before, but now they cause serious problems. Suggestions appreciated!

Any suggestions on characters to support (support mind you, not dominate! ;) ) my infantry "horde"?

I'm looking forward to some fresh input!

09-01-2009, 14:35
You will probably want to get some more chaos marauders.
perhaps some Marauder horsemen (these figures are beautiful, and a joy to paint), also the Chaos Chosen models are very nice if you like the chaos warriors I reckon you will love them.

any of these options could cover what you cant run from your old army, namely the beasts Otherwise what you have there would make 2250 pts up no sweat. I wouldn't run 4 spawn but hey, its not my army.

I don't think you'll have too much bother making up the difference. Chosen are a very expensive unit (if not good for that)

I use a Daemon prince which can fly, but the new WoC doesn't have any skirmishers.