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09-01-2009, 10:45
So i went ahead and bought a new daemons army. Will use it to play in a friendly environment (we play for fun, but of course to win as well). Is this list over the top or okay? I went ahead and got no magic in it apart from innate MR on most units.

Khornate Herald (BSB, +d3 cr banner, juggernaught, armor, fireblade)
6 Furies
15 Bloodletters (fc and banner of +d6 charge)
15 Bloodletters (fc and banner of +d6 charge)
5 Fleshhounds
5 Fleshhounds
5 Flamers

I know it contains most of the frowned upon units, but is it realy that bad? I have a feeling i will suffer from lack of anti magic, especially since my opponents likes to field wizards who boosts own units rather than nuke mine.

09-01-2009, 12:54
Doesn't look too bad, hardly OTT. I would make one unit of Bloodletters 12 or 18 strong and run both units 6 wide, that way you get the maximum number of attacks. SCR isn't all that hot when your units cost that much. The magic standards aren't all that great either, ok if you have points to spare, but I prefer the Skull Totem on important units. Basically, you'll want 1 unit of 14 with your BSB and 1 unit of 17 with Skulltaker.

Your BSB would do well with the Obsidian Armor. 0+ save, 5+ ward and magic weapons have no effect? Awesome. The Sundering Banner would also help a lot against magic, you don't need the +D3 combat res as much since you'll be doing plenty of killing.

Why are Flamers in there? They don't fit the Khorne theme and as the only Tzeentch unit they will draw some ire. You could swap them out for more Furies and a Jugger for Skulltaker, or 6 hounds per unit.

09-01-2009, 13:10
They're there because i had them since before when i ran a HoC army, and because they are good. With the possibility of getting flamed, i dont realy care if they arent khorne. Up to 2250 il be adding some other tzeentch elements anyhow.

Good thinking about the letter units, will be splitting those up for wider frontage. Maybe switching banners as well. Il most likely end up facing VC, O&G (horde) or Empire. Ive played many games with old HoC using a pretty much CC army and havent had much trouble with march blocking so far, also the others tend to empathise on cavalry, hence i wanted my own units to at least have a chance to get a charge off (16" possible range is nice!)