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09-01-2009, 15:43
Hi guys. I was thinking up a list for those times you encounter WAAC players. I personally don't mind playing them THAT much, as long as I have a competitive list myself and both of us are good sports about the game. This is NOT a casual list, and I'll probably only try it out a couple times against "that guy". Anyway, here was a list I was thinking up. I'm sure you've seen it before, but I thought I'd get your opinions. Specifically, what kind of lists would kill this list? It's going to be Dragon + 2 Treemen + BSB basically.

Highborn on Forest Dragon - Helm of hunt, Dawnspear, Ench Shield, Stone of Crystal Mere, Light Armor (565)
BSB - Steed, BSB, Asyendi's Bane, HoD Arrow, Light Armor (159)
Spellweaver - 2 Scrolls (140)

Glade Guard x10 (120)
Glade Rider x5 - Muso (129)
Dryad x8 (96)
Dryad x8 (96)
Dryad x8 (96)

Wild Rider x5 (130)
War Dancer x8 (144)

Treeman (285)
Treeman (285)

I will generally try to place terrain (forest hopefully) as close to the middle of the table as possible, to try and block LoS as units advance. Same with the free Forest.

This list is mainly meant for close combat oriented armies, as the Treemen's Stubborn + BSB + LD 10 from Highborn means they won't be breaking from combat very often. The skirmishers will largely be there to assist in wound output and hold up units while the dragon and fast cav get in position to flank if possible. The Highborn will generally try to get a flank charge if possible, usually giving that unit a -1 to attacks in the subsequent combat phases because of dawnspear. If the Highborn survives, the unit will basically be negated rank, flanked, and will not do much damage in general.

The biggest problem I see is against ultra-shooty gunlines like Empire and Dwarves. I think Skirmisher will help a bit, as will HoD arrow on war machine crews and the like. Otherwise, I'll probably be moving forward 10" a turn, which is going to hurt while getting shot.

Magic is also a big concern, as 2 scrolls and 3 DD are really not going to do much against magic heavy armies.

I'm considering switching some units around to get some warhawk riders, to deal with magic-users and war machines. Unfortunately, I don't have the models yet, but I can if I need to.

Another option I was considering was ditching the scroll caddy altogether, using a Standard Alter Noble, and rekitting the BSB and highborn. The Alter Noble can basically go mage-hunting with his great-weapon, targeting the Lvl 4 casters first with 18' charge. I'm not really sure how reliable that would be though...

What do you guys think? Does this list have some glaring holes?

09-01-2009, 16:51
The list looks fine to me. Shoud give most WAAC players a run for their money.

09-01-2009, 19:07
The only problem I see with this list is more the lack of mage hunting capability. With limited dd you need units that can eliminate mages early: as you mentioned the alter would be useful as would scouts and/or warhawk riders to tag team with the dragon. However I cant really see how you could fit any of these in without majorly changing the list, removign a dryad unit would be the only way I could see it being possible.
One thing I noticed; is it possible to have the enchanted shield and the helm of the hunt as both are classed as magical armour?
Other than that looks like yor typical competitive Welves list.

09-01-2009, 21:43
You're right about the shield and helmet.

I'm also not sure about what to do against magic. Replacing the spellsinger with an alternob could help, not to mention how useful an standard alter is, but having no scrolls or extra DD just feels very risky to me.

Maybe it's just a weakness of the list that I'll have to live with unless I balance it out more evenly?

09-01-2009, 21:46
I run my 2000 list with ZERO magic defense and I do just fine. I also run a dragon and if my waywatchers and arrows can't take care of the mages, you can bet my warhawks and dragon will.

09-01-2009, 22:07
Just curious, how do you configure your waywatchers? I always cringe at using a rare slot for them, even though they can really screw up some armies.

10-01-2009, 02:47
Add the free musican to wild riders