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09-01-2009, 16:04
1000pts Army

Sorceress, General @ 185 (joins the Warriors)
Lv. 2
Darkstar Cloak
Sacrificial Dagger

Master @ 109 (joins the Black Guards)
Great Weapon
Armour of Darkness

5 Dark Riders @ 110
Repeater Crossbows

24 Dark Elf Warriors @ 177
Shields, Standard Bearer, Musician

13 Black Guard of Naggarond @ 244
Banner of Haq Graef, Full Command, Soulrender

War Hydra @ 175

Army @ 1000

Power Dices: 5
Dispel Dices: 3

Sorceress tactic: Multiple castings of Power of Darkness using a single die, using the Dagger when failing to get another die should result in at least, a doubling of my Power dices. Well, say I sacrifice 3 Warriors to get off 5 castings and thus gain 5d3+5 power dices, if I avoid any miscasts, which shouldn't be much of a problem. So around 16 Power dices now.

Seems like a very strong magic phase. Am I missing something in the rules?
If the other player doesn't have any scrolls, he'll be able to dispel two castings max. Which still would result in 3d3+3 power dices. And this can be repeated casting with 2 dices, since Power of Darkness grants at least 2 dices back. The danger being a double '1'.

Then some Chillwinds or other Dark Magic nastiness.

Warriors sacrifice themselves for the sorceress and hopefully can take a charge.

Black Guard and Hydra goes out and kill stuff, the Dark Riders can perhaps set up flank charges or redirect opponents units.

Could it work? I should be starting on this army soon, but have little play experience under 6 and 7th edition of Warhammer.

09-01-2009, 19:09
Don't forget a Level 2 Soreceress can only cast 2 spells per turn so there'll be no potential 5D3+5PD per turn but 1D3+5 per turn for that 2nd spell (if you get PoD off) and 4PD if it doesn't come off. You're likely to come up against a low amount of Dispel Dice at 1k as people don't tend to take scroll caddies so 5 PD should suit you fine.

This may sound crazy but I'd drop the Hydra and get either an RBT and Harpies, or Chariot and Harpies. The extra shooting would be good and help provide the basis for higher point lists and Harpies are useful in most situations you'll come across. Likewise with Chariot, it's like a tank and it'll mow down enemy troops and provide great flank charges for your Black Guard/Warriors.

Otherwise, I think it's a solid list.

09-01-2009, 20:04
Oh.. should have read that rulebook... :)

I have no chariots, but I'd like to use some, so they'll have to wait. What about some Shades and Harpies?

20pts short as of now.

Master, General @ 109 (goes with Black Guards)
Great Weapon
Armour of Darkness

5 Dark Riders @ 117
Repeater Crossbows, Musician

25 Dark Elf Warriors @ 190
Full command

5 Harpies @ 55

13 Black Guard of Naggarond @ 244
Banner of Haq Graef, Full Command, Soulrender

5 Shades @ 90
Great Weapons

War Hydra @ 175

Army @ 980

09-01-2009, 20:20
With your spare 20pts you could get an extra Harpy? That's 1 less to panic the unit and makes use of the fact they come in blisters of 2.

Then you may as well spend the remaining 9 pts on 5 Shields for the Dark Riders

Leaving you at 996

NB: Just thought, you could get another Black Guard model and the 5 shields for DR's inside 20pts too.

10-01-2009, 01:43
Don't bother with shields on DR's. Light armor+shield removes their fast cav rule

If you want an extremely hard to kill general (for 1k), take a master on dark steed, SDC, heavy armor, pendant of khaeleth, enchanted shield, lance. Or, for slightly more offensive (and a magic wep) go with sword of might instead of enchanted shield/lance. Strength 5 and a 2+ save instead of s4/6 and a 1+ mundane.