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Lord Asuryan
09-01-2009, 17:23
Okay, here's my contribution to rules creation.

The fluff is that, as per asrai, the Keepers were seperated from the High Elves during the daemonic invasion, and surrounded by the demonic legions. they managed to break out, and escape into the mountains, where they found sanctuary in a valley, in the centre of which was a stone which purified magical energy (much like the high elf thinigies) but also, in releasing it, hyperaccelerated evolution, creating many divergent subraces. The elves fell into a tribalistic state, worshipping the elemental powers and through their worship, gaining the attributes of their gods. they have only recently began to make contact with the outside world.

okay, it's shaky, but I've mainly been foccussing on the rules. fluff is secondary, it's all in my head.

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09-01-2009, 20:35
link doesnt work...
like where youre fluffs going tho.. is there anymore of it in the army book??

09-01-2009, 21:00
Not unless you can hack his computer.

Lord Asuryan
09-01-2009, 21:08
copy and paste it. I think that works.
there's not much more fluff in the document itself... but I'll give a cursory overview of their gods here:

D'seiran: the overall lord of the gods, it is his power that ensures the continued strength of the race. he is generally worshipped by all, but has few actual devotees, the sentinels being the exception.

Cyl'Fyran: D'seiran's mate and the goddess of magic, specifically the 'pure' magic the keepers use. she is the creator of the aetherwings, and it is by her power that the Nodestone remains uncorrupted

Sy'thyla: God of Fire, forges and warfare. his priests tend to be warriors as well as priests, specializaing in dual-weapon fighting. his devotees include the flmae-sworn, and the firesprites, elemental spirits of fire. his consort is the wind Goddess Tar'Nara, and their cooperation has bred the dragonhawk.

Tar'Nara: the windlady, also goddess of felines. her priestesses ride to battle almost invariably mounted upon Changelions, and strike with the fury and swiftness of the wind itself. her devotees are the windriders and the sky-

Ursa: lord of bears, earth, and healing his devotees fight in a berserker fury, shaking off even the gravest of wounds. his devotees include the frenzied bear-sworn, and ursa chariots. his occasional cooperation with his brother sekmet has bred the battle serpents.

Sekmet: lord of water, reptiles, and farming, Sekmet's followers generally sport scaled hides, and are nigh-immovable in battle. occasionally, his priests ride to battle mounted on giant lizards or Wyrms. his followers include the serpent sworn, and the serpent swarms.


Lord Asuryan
09-01-2009, 21:14
okay, new plan. anyone who wants it, I'll email it to you.

unless someone can tell me how to get an excel file online.

09-01-2009, 21:27
Ok, the link you gave us is a link to your own C drive on your own computer, so it wont work.

There are many websites where you can upload your files, and you will receive a URL address so people can go and download from that address.

Personally I find http://www.mediafire.com to be the best, but there are others like www.yousendit.com www.megaupload.com ect

hope that helps. Fluff sounds interesting, hope you will spend a good amount of time on it after you've done the rules. Sounds like a cool project.

Lord Asuryan
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Lord Asuryan
12-01-2009, 05:24
some feedback would be appreciated...