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10-01-2009, 10:53
Vamp. lord 455p: Tomb balde, flayed hau. powerstone, helm of comm.
gifts: lord of the dead, master of the black.. , forbidden lore

Necro on CC 220p Sceptre de noir., dispel scroll
Spells:van ha. and raise.
w. balefire

Vamp 290p BSB Drakenhof banner
Gifts:Dreadknigt, lord of the dead

vamp 200p The cadava.., book of arkhan
Gifts: master of the black.

15 skeleton warriors, 155p w. spears and full command

15 skeleton warriors, 140p full command

10 ghouls, 88p w. ghast

20 GG, 295p full command and War banner

6 BG, 217pmusican and banner of the dead legion


All in all 2235.
12 PD and 7dd

the idea is to create a wall of dead, with the GG ind the middle, and the Skel. units on each side. the ghouls works as bunker for my 200p vamp and perhaps the CC with necro. My Lord will be placed in the spear skeleton unit, and with the possibylity to withdraw further back. My BSB will be in the GG to make that unit rather invinsible.. my BG and varghulf is going for the flanks, with the general idea to charge in the flank of whatever comes down the middle, and varghulf... Wizard hunting. My Lord and 200p vamp is going to boost the warriors with a lot of extras.. 12 PD should do it, and a singel powerstone.

Any ideas, corrections and so on is more than welcomed. I know ghouls might be better, but for fluff reasons and model reasons i prefer skeletons... Ghouls just don't match up:skull:
i was considering wraiths w. a banshee, but on the cost of what??

10-01-2009, 16:13
Pop a champ in your BK unit so it can accept challenges so your hero doesn't have too.

Vargulf ain't great mage hunters to be honest(not through a lack of trying), either flyers or wolves or a mix would be better utility for your list, to help keep light enemy elements off your flanks and out of your hair.

Good list I really like it.

11-01-2009, 03:03
It looks like you have an extra 15 pts left.. slap the Black Periapt on one of your Vamps. It may prove useful.