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29-11-2005, 07:00
I'm thinking of starting another force. Currently I'm playing various undead (AoS, Strigoi, Army of Cairns in progress) and Dark Elves. I'm thinking of starting another 1k-1.5k force. My choices are:

Beastmen Nurgle host.

Nurgle Daemonic Legion

Orc 'Ard Boyz list (it's just too bad they don't have wolf ridres)

Tomb Kings

or Ogre Kingdom

I'm kind of hesitant on Daemonic legion and to some extent Tomb Kings due to them being immune to psychology. Might be too similar to my current standing undead armies. Tomb Kings however, were the first undead army I was thinking of starting, I like the aesthetics and it seems like I can easily use some of my current skeletons for Tomb Kings. Although beastmen nurgle would allow me to field ogres and giants (especially when the new one comes out) which I suppose would give me something vastly different than my current standing armies. Orcs have always appealed to me since I played Orks in 40k. Ogres, like orcs, but bigger and more reliable - just not as versatile.

Thanks in advance for any input.

29-11-2005, 07:39
Nurgle Demon Legion doesn't play very similarly to Undead in my opinion. It's a fun army to use that is solid and competetive. In 1000-1500 points a Nurgle Demon Legion can be a dangerous opponent if configured correctly, it is difficult to deal with a Terror causing puking Exalted Demon for many at that level.

Plus, it'll tempt you to start up other Demon Legions . . .

Nurgle Beastmen would be cool and you could include Demons in them (get the best of both worlds there and eventually build up two seperate armies). Nice army for conversions too.

If you already have undead armies Tomb Kings could be rather cheap to throw together depending on how many skeletons you have currently. You could get them knocked out rather quick and then start another army on your list, or purchase things here and there for them while building up another army. I hear that Tomb Kings can be rather hard to use under 2000 points though.

Ogres play completely different from your current two armies and require relatively few models, which is a plus.

The Ard Boy'z list is pretty hard to use due to its complete lack of goblins. If you anticipate facing alot of maneuverable armies, be prepared for a string of losses until you get the hang of things. Definately a challenging Orc army (although usually agreed upon as inferior to the basic list in terms of raw power, but it is a cool army nonetheless).

I'd recommend the Nurgle Beastmen. It allows you to take beastmen, demons, and ogres, all of which are on your list.

29-11-2005, 09:17
Thanks for the info. The main thing stopping me from starting anything Chaos right now is that my main opponent is a Khorne mortal player with beastmen and marauders backing him up. Tomb Kings is becoming more tempting since it at this point seems the easiest on the wallet.

Crazy Harborc
29-11-2005, 21:38
Tomb Kings, do TKs. Use at least two 10 skele units of TK minies archers. You will then have shields and other goodies to convert some VC skelies. Standards can actually be glued onto bases with regular "troopers". As in behind the shield hand.......Only the army standard bearer can't have a shield.

01-12-2005, 04:46
I would go with Beastman. They should be a different then your other armies and would be fun to play.

01-12-2005, 05:31
'Ard Boys can make for a great MSU type army. They still have access to very cheap infantry. They also have access to hard hitting, high leadership infantry and relatively cheap, core, medium cavalry. Throw in a couple chariots and a giant, and you have an army that can wreak havok on another army.

01-12-2005, 05:33
Da LADZ!!!!!!

Erm, :D.

Seriously, while a bit less flexible, finishing my 'Ard Boyz list is my next Fantasy project.:D Love da Ladz.

01-12-2005, 07:43
Beastmen seem to be the best choice there - flexible and relatively affordable.

el rey
02-12-2005, 00:39
I would take Nugle DL.