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Major Defense
29-04-2005, 00:00
I'm playing against my Lizardmen friend on Saturday and he won't likely take a Slann-Jabba priest but I've never seen him go fully "south side skirmish" on anyone either. I'm guessing 3 Skink priests and a Old One. Some skirmishers but not more than a third of his entire army.

So I just got the rules and model to play blind Eltharion. I'm putting questions about him in the rules forum so please check that out if you have ever played with/against him or have good knowledge of how to interpret his special rules.

I'd also like any last-minute advice you might have about this list...

Eltharion - 255
Mage (level 2) w/Ring of Corin, Jewel of the Dusk - 180
Mage (level 2) w/Ring of Fury, dispel scroll - 180
Mage (level 2) w/dispel scroll, dispel scroll - 170

10 Archers - 120
10 Archers - 120
20 Spearmen w/full command - 250

2 Tiranoc Chariots - 170
20 Swordmasters w/full command, Banner of Sorcery, Amulet of the Purifying Flame - 355

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers - 200

So 9+D3 power dice with 2 bound items might let me dominate the magic phase and 5 dispel dice with 3 dispel scrolls should keep me from losing anything essential. Heavens magic all around to target his lone Skinks and bolster close combat with 2nd Sign of Amul. The chariots can play a triple role of supporting the two block units, engaging Skink units and keeping any Tyradons off of my RBTs.

29-04-2005, 01:06
keep in mind that eltharion must be fielded with the swordmasters and he must always charge if within range, and always pursues.

Major Defense
29-04-2005, 02:45
keep in mind that eltharion must be fielded with the swordmasters and he must always charge if within range, and always pursues.

No, yes and yes. Alarielle, the Everqueen of Avelorn, must stay with her handmaidens *if* you buy some. Korhil must be deployed with the obligatorily purchased White Lions and can only use his bodyguard rule if he and the protected character stay with the White Lions, but they don't have to.

Eltharion doesn't have any rules about deployment or staying with a unit. In fact, you don't have to buy Swordmasters at all when you take him as a character. I'd post the rest of his rules but I believe I am already teetering close to copyright infringement with what little I've already quoted.

To answer your point about Eltharion's burning hatred, I plan on using the spearmen and chariots to pick off potential opponents before my opponent has the opportunity to compel my Swordmasters into charging. I could also have Eltharion stand behind the unit until I find a good turn to open them up to the mandatory charge.

Major Defense
02-05-2005, 00:09
So I ended up facing 2 units of 20+ Skinks, 2 units of 3-4 Kroxigors, one unit of 3 Salamanders, 2 units of 5 Cold Ones led by heroes and 2 Skink priests. The melee portion of the battle started out bad for me when a unit of Cold One riders plowed through my Spearmen and Swordmasters but Eltharion escaped that situation unschathed and cleaned up on a couple of minor skirmishes at the end. The rest of the battle was me shooting and casting! His Skink units didn't get to shoot much and his mages were there just to deter magic with the single magic item he bought...that box that acts as a dispel scroll and ends the magic phase on a 4+. I wasted points on the Ring of Corin and all of those dispel scrolls. The mage with the Ring of Fury got caught up in an overrun charge before he was too effective.

The units I found most effective in this army were the chariots and the RBTs. The chariots killed 20 Skinks and one of the units of Cold Ones before that unit's hero cut them both down. The RBTs got a couple of great shots down the flank of Kroxigor and Cold One units so I opted for the single bolt and killed both of his heroes without the 1+ armor saves.