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11-01-2009, 06:38
was up late last night and came up with this one, questions and comments always welcome:

Vampire Lord, LvL 3, Master of the Dark arts, Dark acolyte, Lord of the Dead, Nightshroud, Sword of might, Book of arkan, Helm of commandment

Vampire, Dread knight, Infinite hatred, Blood drinker

Vampire, Battle standard bearer, Avatar of death, Walking death

15 skeletons, Full command

15 skeletons, Full command

15crypt ghouls, ghast

20 Grave Guard, Full Command, Banner of borrows


8 Black Knights, Full command, 8 Barding, Banner of the Dead Legion

so basically lord sits around at the back bunkered in with the ghouls raising and what not while the rest of the army does it's thing

11-01-2009, 11:37
My most common list is something similar, just with no bunker, a more combat orientated lord, and i have a Wight Lord BSB. Overall its an average army, you wont lose horribly unless you play badly, but then you will not be all powerful.
The Varghulf is a lot of fun, just keep him supported - add some Dire wolves basically.
I like this list, but thats probably becasue i use something similar :)
Of course, if you get repeatedly trashed, just go PD heavy, its a fun change, but i quickly get bored!

11-01-2009, 13:25
Nice balanced armylist. Just a few questions;

Any reason to take a vargulf over other combat choices?

Where are running your Dread knight?

How do you want your magic phase to play?

12-01-2009, 06:17
@Frankly: the reason for the Vargulf is simple in my mind, I've used him before and he brutalised everything i threw him at, okay so war machines and lonely wizards but still. dread knight is in with the only other cavalry unit.....the black knights.

the magic phase go as such. pick a spot/unit, pick up a handful if dice and scream insanely "NOW SPAMMING RAISE DEAD AND INVOCATION" till i bleed out my eyes.

see for a second there i was going to be serious then i realized that'd seriously be what id be doing

12-01-2009, 17:31
see for a second there i was going to be serious then i realized that'd seriously be what id be doing

he he :D ...ya made me laugh. :)

The reason why I asked is that your list actually runs just as well on offense and if your take Forbidden lore over Dark acolyte, you can be more aggressive with your magic phase; Vanses + G.Guard and/or B.knight = winner for example. Your lord becomes more of a jack of all trades.

Also B.Periapt works well in both in defense and offensive pools.

Both options gives your flexibility in how you play your magic phase.

The reason why I asked about your steaded vampire was that out a player put him in a skellie unit and use a steed for its armour value.

Try this ... rinse its almost the same model count...

Hero Vampire, Red fury, nightmare, The Balefire spike in a unit of 5 B.knights, CF + R.S.o.Strigos. Red fury + hatred will usually bag you 5 wounds on T5 or lower and with str7 on the charge your -5 to armour saves, Balefire negates both Regen. and Ethereal. Meaning its a good character + unit to target small enemy Elite choices that can give your list some real problems.

I used to run the character with staff of damnation, using the staff AFTER the book of Arkhan which people would always save and use their last dispel dice on ... nice little trick, but its better running him with a enchanted shield and a ward save.

If you split your B.knights, the last 5 should not take barding and combo with your Vargulf for flank charges, these 2 units work REALLY well together, B.knights ability to move through terrain mean that the units can find it easy to get to the flanks of your opponent, the vargulf lets the B.Knight march out of the flanks and adds a stupid amount of attacks in combat. Its a really nice combo that can also feed off your rank and file units stagnating enemy rank and file and setting up good targets.

Anyway, just a few ideas for you.

13-01-2009, 06:01
dude those are some hot ideas, some i might just try.....

13-01-2009, 21:34
No problems ... good luck.