View Full Version : 1500 points of High Elves VS Wood Elves

Desert Rain
11-01-2009, 10:56
This army is made out of everything that I have painted for my HE, and will be used against a friends Wood Elves by the end of the month.
My comments for each unit in red

Mage: Level 2: Silver Wand, Ring of Fury. 185 pts.
Ordinary spellcaster, rof helps drawing out DD or gets me a free spell of each turn.

Mage: Level 2: Jewl of the Dusk, Sacred Incense. 180 pts.
This guy will join the swordmasters to protect them from incoming fire.

20 Spearmen: Full Command. 205 pts.
Big combat unit.

10 Archers: 110 pts.
Ranged support.

12 Swordmasters: Blademaster, The Amulet of Light: 207 pts.
These will be joined by mage no 2. With the amulet of light they will be hunting forest spirits.

5 Dragon Princes: Full Command, Banner of Ellyrion: 215 pts.
Maing killer unit. With the abillity to march through any terrain they will be able to sneak up to hs units wherever they are hiding.

Tiranoc Chariot: 85 pts.
With this I will try to kill his lighter archer units and to support the other combat units.

6 Shadow Warriors: 96 pts.
Scouts to harass him from turn 1, or to counter his scouts.

2 Repeater Boltthrowers: 200 pts.
Heavy ranged support.