View Full Version : Tourney 2500 All comers DE army

Hydra Dominatus
11-01-2009, 10:44
For a tourny coming up, featuring multiple scenarios with claiming objectives and table quarters.

Dreadlord; Ring of Darkness, Armour of Eternal Servitude,
Cold One, Shield, Sea Dragon cloak, Repeater Crossbow, Great Weapon 260

Sorceress: Lvl 2, Staff of Sorcery 170
Sorceress: Lvl 2, Seal of 165Ghrond

Master: Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon cloak, Shield, Dagger of Hotek, Pair of Handbows 134

Corsairs x 20, Full command, Sea Serpent Standard 253
Crossbowmen x 10 100

Crossbowmen x 10 100

Harpies x 5 55

Harpies x 5 55

Black Guard x19, Full command, Banner of Hag Graef. Tower Master carries the Ring of Hotek 323
Executioners x 10, Full Command, Warbanner 175
Cold One Knights x 5, Full 175Command,

Hydra 175 Reaper Bolt Thrower x 2 200

Assassin, Additional Hand Weapon, Repeater Crossbow, Cloak of Twilight, Rune Of Khaine, Manbane 160

2500 exact.

The general plan was to put the Dreadlord with the blackguard, the master with the corsairs and run the assassin from the Execs. This means the black guard have some magic protection and anyone shooting/hitting them is also half WS and BS.. The corsairs have the master for some added ASF CC punch and the assassin will either hit a wizard with his fly move or clear a front rank so the Execs survive to use their GW's.

The two big infantry units would advance with the Execs and CoN to act as flankers, and the Hydra to act as a firefighter and go wherever he is needed. Obviously Im keeping the mages a good distance from the BG and their ring of miscast.
I imagine a refused flank with the firebase on a hill or some such and the infantry advancing from there. The Harpys will hide and objective snatch or go after any warmachines left open.