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captain malachi
11-01-2009, 13:40
Hello warseer, this is my little 1000 points gobbo list, I've been posting on Da Waaagh and they helped me to refine my list a little bit, unfortunately I'm primarily a 40k player and my previous fantasy army was an all mounted bret army, so gobbos are all new to me.

Night goblin big boss w/ Martogs best basha, warboss umm’s best boss ‘at, light armour and shield. 79 points.
Goblin big boss w/ wolf, light armour, shield, amulet of protectyness and the sneaky skewerer. 86 points.

34x night goblins w/ spears, nets and musician. 175 points. (Night goblin boss goes in here)
20x goblins w/ shields and musician. 84 points.
20x goblins w/ shields and musician. 84 points.
5x spider riders w/ musician. 71 points.
5x spider riders w/ musician. 71 points.

2x spear chukkas. 70 points.
Goblin wolf chariot. 60 points.

3x stone trolls. 180 points. (Goblin boss goes in here)

Total: 960 points.

This is what I plan to use as the core for further list advancements, but I'd like your opinion on improving it. Only rules are 1) no orcs of any kind. 2) no giants yet, I'll add that later. Also, my only opponent for now will be dwarfs, so bear that in mind, it's also why there's no shaman, my original draft had it, but it seemed a little pointless what with dwarfs having such good magic defense. I also have 40 points to spend, thoughts?

12-01-2009, 04:27
I'd diversify a bit- replace one unit of spiders with wolves, and make one of the goblin units NG archers (they eat up slayers pretty well, and can knock down a rank most of the time). For close combat punch, some kind of squigs would be nice. At the very least your block of 34 needs a standard, maybe even a BSB to up the static res as much as possible.

You might be better served by downgrading the stone trolls to reg and getting another goblin chariot, or another boss. I personally have had crappy luck with NG heros of any sort, and always use standard goblins instead for the Ld and wolf.