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29-11-2005, 10:49
Aside from my nebulous project of making a lizardmen army, I am thinking about finding a mini for Konrad von Carstein for my VC army...

The problem is that I absolutely do not know what mini to use. I've been through all the ranges possible (Von Carstein, classic vampires, Mordheim vampires, Mordhiem Marienburgers, Empire nobles, Tilean nobles), and I cannot decide one precise.

Has anyone of you ever tried to make a mini for Konrad, and if yes, which mini have you used? Or which mini would you use?

29-11-2005, 10:55
From what I remember, although Konrad was a Von Carstein, he seems to be more of a Blood Dragon at heart in terms of the way he fights. I think with that in mind, any cool looking armored character will do.

30-11-2005, 07:34
That's true: in his rules in a distant WD (around the release of the Warhammer Armies: VC), he had one of the bloodline powers of the Blood Dragons. But in the same article, he was supposed not to wear any armour...

I've just thought of one mini: the new vampire lord for Bloodbowl (http://fr.games-workshop.com/storefront/store.fr?do=Individual&code=9947099908801&orignav=300808). I had already used the old one (Count Luthor von Drakenburg) to represent another of my Von Carstein vampires, so it would be a kind of continuity...

30-11-2005, 07:51
You might also consider this

It's a Mordheim elf mage. I always thought with slight conversions, it'd make a fitting Von Carstein vampire. Unfortunately, you'll probably have to mail order it.. paying $10 and shipping.

30-11-2005, 08:29
The VC's i'm using are the DOW mercenary general on horseback, and the mordhiem elf mage, as gorenut said.

30-11-2005, 17:03
Do you mean this one :

I think he could be a pretty good vampire, but I think that he doesn't look brutal enough for Konrad. To my mind, Konrad is a big bully, not very bright, but always ready to start a fight.

jedi152: I totally agree with you about the mercenary general, he is very vampire-like, but unfortunately he is on horseback, and I think that vampire generals should always be on foot in order to be safe... I am a great adept of the maxim "put your undead general on foot at the head of a big skeletton unit", as Jervis Johnson said in the old Warhammer Armies: Undead...

30-11-2005, 17:22
What about this one? One of my favourite Vampire miniatures (even if it's not really a Vampire, just an Anti-Paladin). :)

(Reaper Miniatures. Painted by Marike Reimer.)

Product code:
02745: Ulern, Anti-Paladin

Would that work? Or is it too Carsteinish?

30-11-2005, 17:23
Well, this one would look quite cool indeed... I like it quite much...

30-11-2005, 18:22
Well, if you really don't mind using other minis.. I quite like this vampire model also by reaper.

I think him having a shaved him makes him look brutal/bullyish and not very well-cultured (compared to other Von Carsteins).

01-12-2005, 08:19
If were talking reaper mini's, then Judas Bloodspire (http://reapermini.com/gallery/necropolisu/14016_G) is excellent, but i'm not into using non-GW mini's unfortunatly...

01-12-2005, 09:00
Getting him to rank up with a unit is the problem.

01-12-2005, 09:39