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11-01-2009, 16:09
Hello I'm Tves and I'm a lazy painter.

Not the best way to start but its the truth. I've been meaning to start a log again after my IG log (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=111132) sort of withered and died during last summer.

I like so many others have multiple projects on my desk, and I need the enticing whip of the Warseer taskmasters to keep me at it.

The point of this log, is to motivate myself and hopefully others. Right, enough babble. Lets see what projects I'm currently "working" on.

My IG company (the one from the above mentioned log) with some auxillaries.
-Light infantry made from woodelfs.
-Rough Riders, of the Doctor Thunder type
-Combat Servitors + techpriest
-High Command HQ
-Need to repaint my Baneblade

1500 point Necron army (pictures below)
-Dipped and "true scaled"

Imperial Fist Successor Chapter
-Yellow and white.

Chaos Fleet for BFG

Imperial Navy Squadron for Aeronautica

Chaos Squadron for Aeronautica

Then there are the "conceived projects" which include a gaming table, a blood bowl team, more IG variants and so much more.

Now for some visuals. But first a disclaimer, I'm a lazy painter, and tend to go for the table top quality. I get all enthusiastic about it, but a few models in, I go "ahh to hell with it" and just finish the models.

True Scaled Necron Warriors


WIP of the SM Land Raider (repainted old model, so its not in the best of shapes.

I know its not alot, but I'm at work and those are the ones I've already uploaded. I'll take a few more when I get home and get this thing properly started.

11-01-2009, 22:30
Right time for a few more photos to give a clear idea on the status of the projects. ((Edit: Sadly the camera ran out of batteries shortly after I started so its not a complete listing)). Also appologies for the lighting. Apparantly my lamp does turn everything a shade of yellowy. Mill repeat the photo shoot in daylight, given that I can find any up here near the artic.

Rough Rider ala Dr Thunder.

Bit more Marine inaction. Only base coated and primary yellow painted.

---continued due to 4 pic max---

11-01-2009, 22:32
Couple of Gothic ships. The lighting sort of ruins the look, so I'll try to get those done as soon as I can in proper lighting.


And finally a behemoth from Aeronautica, only primed so far. Not sure on what I'm going to paint it up as. Khorne followers or chaos undivided most likely. Any suggestions.


12-01-2009, 05:04
Been a while since I saw anything with the Ostrich riders looking good I like the choice of heads

12-01-2009, 05:54

Well mate... personally i think you should keep your promise and do your necrons so we can have a dipped battle sometimes soon.

Good to see that you finally decided to use the motivator that is Warseer to help you finish you project, keep it up.


12-01-2009, 07:31
Dont worry guys, me and Aurynator will keep him at it with glowing hot pokers! :D

12-01-2009, 07:33
Hehe, that's a very cool rough rider.

13-01-2009, 15:34
T_55 : It was custom sculpted as a part of a project by DrThunder and others. Managed to get into it in april last year, took ages due to sculptor problems and then the casting of the lances (hurricane Ike didnt help either).

Right not been particularly lazy the last few days but since the camera is nearly completely out of juice I only have one pic for you guys today.


Its a soft tone dipped marine test model. I'll do a proper marine and dip him as well to see how that turns out.

Well on my way with the Necrons, just need to figure out a way to get my hands on 3 Tomb Spyders for the list.

HQ: Lord (1#, 200 Pts) Modeling.
1 Lord @ 200 Pts
Staff of Light; Resurrection Orb; Veil of Darkness
1 Resurrection Orb @ [40] Pts
1 Veil Of Darkness @ [60] Pts

HQ: Lord (1#, 195 Pts) - Modelled, primed and started painting.
1 Lord @ 185 Pts
WarScythe; Gaze of Flame; Destroyer Body; Phase Shifter; Chronometron
1 Gaze of Flame @ [15] Pts
1 Destroyer Body @ [30] Pts
1 Phase Shifter @ [30] Pts
1 Chronometron @ [10] pts

Troops: Warriors (17#, 306 Pts) Ready.
17 Warriors @ 306 Pts
Gauss Flayer

Troops: Warriors (17#, 306 Pts) Modeling
17 Warriors @ 306 Pts
Gauss Flayer

Fast Attack: Scarab Swarms (8#, 128 Pts) 2 ready, 4 modeled.
8 Scarab Swarms @ 128 Pts
Disruption Field

Fast Attack: Destroyers (4#, 200 Pts) Modelled, primed and currently painting.
4 Destroyers @ 200 Pts
Gauss Cannon

Heavy Support: Tomb Spyder (3#, 165 Pts) Not yet aquired
3 Tomb Spyder @ 165 Pts
Particle Projector

Total Roster Cost: 1500

19-04-2009, 23:26
I give lazy a new name.

Well its not that I'm just being lazy, its mainly that I just forget to take pictures and post here.

Right current status on the projects

1500 point Necron army -Dipped and "true scaled". Only the 3 Tomb Spiders remain to be painted, they are assembled and primed and awaiting the first lick of paint.

Imperial Fist Successor Chapter - Project scrapped, my version of Yellow looked good at an arms length but once you got any closer the yellow just lacks detail friendlyness.
-Dont despair (as if you would). I've switched from a DIY chapter to painting Son's of Orar (pictures below).

Chaos Fleet for BFG (99% done), only a trio of ships that need to be finished but since they are bumping the fleet up to the 2500 mark I hardly ever will need them.

Imperial Navy Squadron for Aeronautica -DONE, but since I'm also a glutton for punishment, I've ordered the next batch of Thunderbolts from FW

Chaos Squadron for Aeronautica -DONE, like with their imperial foes, I more than doubles the size of my chaos aircraft, currently 8 aircraft await painting (and opening of packaging).

Now for the proof.

Chaos Hellblade
Hell Talon

Son's of Orar space marine
Its not the best of photo's, but as you can clearly see he's in the middle of highlighting and I've yet to paint his greenstuffed head.

Thinking I should do more for this guy, If my GS/plasticards skills werent on par with a 6 year old I'd carve up a logo on the door. Gun turret will be black, whilst the rest is pretty much the color it is supposed to be in. Will get more painting done once I ship the missus overseas next wednesday.

20-04-2009, 03:51
Looks great man, I really like the necrons, how you paint them? On and what u mean by true scaled necrons?