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11-01-2009, 16:47
So wanting to give my dwarfs another try I brought them down to Edmonton for a night of gaming. Walking in I had a record of 5-2, so they weren't exactly dominating but they were at least doing ok up until now.

All three games I got in were 2K and this was my list:

Runelord w/ anvil of doomw/ shield
Thane BSB w/ master rune of challenge, rune of stone
Thane w/ rune of resistance, rune of stone, shield

24 warriors w/ shields, banner musician
24 warriors w/ shields, banner musician
10 quarrellers
10 quarrellers
10 thunderers

10 miners w/ banner
10 miners w/ banner
Bolt thrower w/ rune of penetrating

organ gun
organ gun

Game 1:

My first opponent was a dark elve player with:

Dreadlord on barded horse w/ lance, inverse ward save, regen
Noble on dark pegasus w/ lance book of miscast, some other stuff
Lvl 2 mage on horse w/ extra powerdice

5 dark riders w/ repeater crossbows
5 dark riders w/ repeater crossbows
5 dark riders w/ repeater crossbows
9 dark riders w/ shields
Assassin w/ killing blow, D3 extra attacks

6 shades w/ great weapons
5 shades w/ 2 hand weapons

So a very mobile list but I knew darkblade would be a HUGE problem. I started off by trying to psych him out (he had hardly used him before) by saying how tough my runelord was and that my thane could easily defend the anvil and the organ guns nearby.

I had deployed my warriors in two long ranks to cover the warmachines and planned to reform them and blast him with organ guns on turn 1.

Well he got first turn, shadowblade appeared in my anvil, and everything moved up. Other then balck horror killing 2 warriors he really didn't do much damage. Even my runelord survived.

On my first turn however everything fell apart... cannon? misfire! organ gun 1? misfire! organ gun 2? misfire! boltthrower? Hit a unit of fast cav in the flank! but I roll a 1 to wound... missile troops under-preform and the runelord is killing blowed...

His second turn both organ guns are wiped out as is my quarrellers on the right flank. Miner come on but with out the anvil they have no chance against fast cav.

Basically things fell apart from here and it looked like a total massacre until I got one bit of luck. My warriors get mutilcharged by his lord, the peg, and the dark riders, and get smashed... I roll double 6 for the break and reroll to double 1!!! This allows my to counter with my other block and a unit of miners and turn the tide to that all three of his units are gone (each flee off the board or killed).

I actually thought I might tie until Shadowblade hit their flank, dark riders hit their flank, and shades with great weapons hit their other flank. I got thrashed...

So that first game was a loss but at least had a little bit of glory.

Game 2:

The second game was against vampires:

Lord w/ fly, sword of battle, 2+ save, 5 power dice, raise skeletons
Vampire w/ dark acolyte, raise skeletons
Vampire w/ fly, sword of striking
Wight king BSB

15ish skeletons
15ish skeletons
10 ghouls

5 black knights
5 black knights
19 grave guard

Well I gave him first turn and he moved up and raised some skeletons and made a couple units of zombies.

On my turn the cannon over-shoots, both organ guns misfire, and the bolt thrower misses. Missile units kill 1 ghoul. and I wraith and ruin one unit of black knights.

His second turn his flying vampire charges my cannon and the other unit of black knights charge the right quarrellers which flee and get away. Cannon holds.

On my second turn a unit of miners comes on and is all set to flank a unit of black knights. The organ gun that can shoot is blocked by zombies and kills 7, and the bolt thrower misses. The anvil misfires and explodes! (Remember, I only ever try the regular power on a 2+)

His turn 3 his lord charges an organ gun, one unit of black knights charge the quarellers that rallied, and the other black knights charge the right thunderers. They flee and get caught which panics my warriors with both thane up towards his line. His vanhels his skeletons towards them and they flee into a unit of zombies which kills them and panics the other warriors which also run into a uit of zombies and dies.

Basically from this point I'm slaughtered. The only thing that goes my way is the quarrellers on the right eventually beat the black knights, only to be charged by zombies on the last turn, and only 1 quarreller makes it out alive.

So just when I thought I couldn't have a game worse than the last one, I have a game that is a complete joke. I didn't really even have time to get upset because in a blink of an eye my entire army was gone. All I could do is sit back and laugh.

Game 3:

Now sitting at 5-4 I was determined to get a won and I wasn't leaving until I got one.

My last opponent had warriors of chaos:

Lvl 4 nurgle deamon prince
Exalted w/ great weapon and ASF
Exalted BSB w/ -1 LD banner on barded steed
Lvl 2 slaneesh mage on barded steed

15 warriors w/ shields and halberds
15 warriors w/ shields and halberds
5 marauder horsemen w/ throwing axes and flails
5 marauder horsemen w/ throwing axes and flails
5 marauder horsemen w/ throwing axes and flails


As I rolled a 1 for deployment and for first turn I thought "here we go again.."

He moves up and his deamon prince flies up to my right flank and infront of my cannon.

On my turn the cannon over shoots, but both my warrior units moves back to give both organ guns LOS to the deamon prince, and the first one gets 10 shots and kills him (hurray!). Then I turn my attention to his warrior unit with both shooty units and kill half of them. Anvil slows down some horsemen about to hit my right flank.

From here it was a good game. I had some misfires, and he had some irresistable forces, but other all things wents very well and I just kept shooting him up and sending his horsemen running when miners would pop up and charge with the anvil.

It even looked to be a slaughter unit my warrior unit (which had forced his BSB to charge) got hit in the flank by a unit of horsemen, and the horsemen rolled amazingly well and I broke and got run down. This was a big kill for him, but thats to the biggest unit strength being on the flank they all ran across the board and sat there set up perfectly to be all shot down next turn.

At the end of the game he was completely wiped out and I had only lost that warrior unit with the thanes and a unit of quarrellers, ending the day at 6-4.

So it was a very weird night which REALLY tested my nerve, but I never gave up, I played out each game, and in the end I was rewarded with a big victory.

I really don't know how I could chance my 2K list, but I'm really having trouble with it. It seems just like my lizardmen where I can't find a 2K list I like but a 3K it just all comes together.

Anyway, thanks for reading these summaries, and I hope next time you are being slaughtered you'll remember this tale (especially the VC part), keep your chin up, and keep at it :)

11-01-2009, 19:09
Ouch, serious ouch.
Seems to me too much hinges on the Anvil (then again what do I know of dwarves and their short legged ways?), and vs Shadowblade, well that might become a problem ;)

11-01-2009, 20:29
Some rough games there man, pretty shocking to see you lose 2 on the bounce. It happens though when your luck is bad and you were facing some decent lists.

I think your list is fine though, just a case of coming across more powerful armies and having some bad luck.

I have always wondered what your records are with each of your armies [This edition] as you seem to keep track with all the batreps. Lizards, Dwarfs, Brets, Vamps, Orcs and Ogres right? Which army holds your worst record? I have never used Ogres but always thought that they may be weaker than Orcs.

11-01-2009, 20:49
I have always wondered what your records are with each of your armies [This edition] as you seem to keep track with all the batreps. Lizards, Dwarfs, Brets, Vamps, Orcs and Ogres right? Which army holds your worst record? I have never used Ogres but always thought that they may be weaker than Orcs.

These are my current records (listed in order I started them):

Bretonnians 29-4-4
Ogre kingdoms 13-4-1
Woodelves 15-4-6
Lizardmen 21-6-5
Dwarfs 6-4-0
Vampire counts 25-3-2
Orcs 10-4-5

Total: 119W-29L-23T

All are with the current rule book (lizardmen will be the first one to be updated). I've also borrowed a friends chaos once (before the split) and won with a MSU warrior setup.

I like to think I'm a fairly good player, so when a series of games come up like this it can come as a real blow, but you just have to sit back and realize there is only so much you can do when the dice turn against you (plus some times you just come across that are plain better than you) and just take it with a smile (and quietly plan your revenge in the back of you mind :evilgrin:).

11-01-2009, 21:37
Thanks man, interesting to see the Brets doing better than the Vamps and the Ogres doing better than the Orcs and Gobs.

Im sure the Dwarf record will pick up, still finalising your list and getting used to it and with Warmachines and the anvil there is always that chance of a few bad rolls really ruining your gameplan.

11-01-2009, 21:50
Thanks man, interesting to see the Brets doing better than the Vamps and the Ogres doing better than the Orcs and Gobs.

Go brets those guys are amazing.

12-01-2009, 13:01
Thanks malorian for the battlereports, I think my opinion of you has changed totally from when you used to post VC reports :)

Some quick Malorian Win/loss TM stats ! (I've ignored draws and tier grading just relates to how well malorian has done with that army comparatively speaking)

Top tier
Vampire counts 25-3 89.28% Win
Bretonnians 29-4 87.87% Win

I'd say malorian has got pretty much the same record with these both, all he has to do is win 4 games with losing 1 and he's got the same record which isn't that hard to do based on his previous succeses. It can be expected that a good general leading a strong army will get results these good with VC heartening to see Brett's doing well also.

Middle tier
Woodelves 15-4 78.94%
Lizardmen 21-6 77.77%
Ogre kingdoms 13-4 76.47%

Nothing really suprising here although malorian's win/los with Ogre's is again heartening.

Lower tier
Orcs 10-4 71.42 %
Dwarfs 6-4-0 60 %

Probably not enough games with dwarf's to get a fair sample? I'll exclude them until we have more malorian battle reports TM

Win percentage by race
Vampire Counts 89.28% Win
Bretonnians 87.87% Win
Woodelves 78.94% Win
Lizardmen 77.77% Win
Ogre Kingdoms 76.47% Win
Orcs 71.42 % Win

Nothing really suprising here as its roughly about what you'd expect if we were using Malorian's stats as comparison with tournaments (which I appreciate is very unscientific- sue me), VC at top Orcs at bottom (its debatable who is worse OK or Orc's). It would be interesting to see how malorian does with DoC don't you think folks ;) Common belief would put them at 1 or 2.

12-01-2009, 13:44
Well, I'm sorry, but I had to laugh when your anvil was slaughtered by Shadowblade, but that's because I always loose against the anvil (Thorek...)

Those games were just made of bad luck. Good job to shut down your anger because, if there is something you shouldn't do, it is become enraged.

Better luck with your upcoming battle-reports Malorian!

12-01-2009, 18:51
Bad luck man.

I run a supplier DE light cavalry set up, but instead of shadowblade I run 5 x 5 harpies that bock LOS to lists like yours.

Why did you give the VC player first turn, its seems all the advantages go to you having first turn.

12-01-2009, 21:44
How many misfires in the first game :eek: I know the feeling. Probably why I haven't used Empire and Dwarfs for ages ( 'Misfire' is in fact my middle name )

But you took it all in your pace. Good man.

As for the list itself, at 2,000pts I can't see anything fundementally wrong with it for an Anvil army build. Win big lose big I suppose some would say.

And thanks to "STATMAN SELONE" for pointing out the depressingly obvious... Yes, Malorian Wins. A lot. :D

12-01-2009, 23:24
Why did you give the VC player first turn, its seems all the advantages go to you having first turn.

Because my thunderers and organ guns would be out of range if I took first turn, so I'd lose a turn of shooting.

14-01-2009, 00:02
Hmm statman selone has a nice superhero ring to it, anyways malorian will you be playing more games with your dwarfs before presumably you go Lizardman crazy? I'm sure everyone here would like to hear/read about your games :)

14-01-2009, 00:18
I don't know if I'll go lizardmen crazy...

I actually like my dwarfs more than my lizardmen, but I just can't seem to get in the groove with them.

Tomorrow I have a 3K game though. Still have to decide what I'm going to use...

14-01-2009, 09:17
Ah resisting the 7th edition lizardmen new army syndrome :) Who are you playing against tomorrow?

14-01-2009, 12:17
It will either be empire or WoC.

I'll make the report once I'm home.

14-01-2009, 13:39
{Grumbles} Stupid Dwarves, always picking on the poor innocent Chaos Warriors!

Mal, you had a bad day, and make no mistakes about it. I can tell you I can sympathise with you over having a bad dice day, but never will I do aught but rejoice when a dwarf is defeated. Way to bounce back though.

15-01-2009, 09:51
Which is surprising really, I find Dwarves don't bounce!

I can't believe I just said that...

Anyway...Props for sticking to it, although, tut-tut, 2 Organ guns?

15-01-2009, 20:51
Because my thunderers and organ guns would be out of range if I took first turn, so I'd lose a turn of shooting.

yeah, but that puts his B.knights a charge positions and/or he can re-adjust his lines, it lets him nehek, gaze etc, etc.

You could have adjusted your lines, shot canon, B.throwers, X.bows and anvil on a single unit to decrease size and fight ability, making him push dice into neheking in his magi phase.

Take all this with a pinch of salt off course.

15-01-2009, 22:35
Another great set of reports, I truly enjoyed them! (even moreso since they feature Dwarves!)

On the results, it's really a matter of luck and how the list you bring may be affected by it:
Your list is based on the effective use of the organ guns and other warmachines to whittle down the enemy and the anvil to propel your units into favorable combats. Both of these elements heavily rely on luck, as opposed to -say- your VC army list. Thus, in a good day, your plan will work and you'll win (in no small part thanks to your universaly acknowledged tactical prowess).

However, if dice screw you on these few crucial moments, you'll have a hard time.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm just brainstorming on what may be the cause of you not getting the hang of the army (as you've said before).

Question: what do you arm your quarellers with? If you haven't tried great weapons, I strongly suggest them; combined with the anvil they are game-winning detachments. (even on their own they can beat flyers and fast cavalry)

Anyway, thanks for taking the effort of writing all these brilliant reports and definitely looking forward to the next one!

16-01-2009, 12:47
Just plain. I'd like to have shields on them and the thunderers but I can't free the points...

16-01-2009, 22:43
I tend to take Strollaz Rune, a Dragon Slayer and a 5 man (55 point) unit of slayers to help my maneuverability and ... encourage particular combats throughout the game. I actually stopped taking miners because sometimes they just don't get into combat. And taking a Runelord/Anvil with the hopes that you can cause a little grief to my opponent with a small unit of miners hasn't outweighed what I lose to trade points for that.

It's like you say with your O&G army; I follow the same rules for my dwarves. Three or four units of warriors and maybe a unit of longbeard, along with warmachines and quarrelers seems to do the trick for me.

But yeah, slayers with strollaz rune is a consistent for me and always seems to work. People will either avoid it because they don't want to get stuck, or charge in and "get it over with." Either case I usually try to set them up strategically.

Anyway, point being. I think 2 large blocks of stubby warriors is so easy to out-maneuver that it will be difficult to take a victory with that list against anything remotely fast. Imagine that list against your 2000 point O&G army.


17-01-2009, 05:31
This is something that I ahve thought of, and I do have the warriors to do it, but I still have to put them together.

17-01-2009, 15:26
I'm certainly no expert, but this is my personal strategy to win with Dwarves as an 'all comer' list.

I use Warriors predominantly as the 9 point (shield) T4/Ld9 can hold up fairly well.

I take a single unit of Longbeards to protect my relatively inexpensive Thane, and I give them Rune of Courage on the banner. (30 points) - Immune to Fear and Terror. I will also give them Ancestor Rune (10 Points). You have no idea how many times that 4+ Stubborn has saved them. Depending on your play-style you can combine that with an Oath Stone and that unit should be pretty tough to break. You can also pull this off for about the same price with Hammerers, although hammerers are a LITTLE bit more expensive point wise, they are very costly in metal.

Next, I use a bolt thrower with an engineer and Valliant Rune on my furthest left artillery flank. I love it when the hobgoblins or anything else wind up in combat and the cheap little bolt thrower is unbreakable. This is a protection wall for the rest of the artillery. The Slayers or the Gyro can protect the rear and the opposite side. This gives you your best bet to protect artillery for at least 1...maybe 2 more turns. You can also give another bolt thrower the "blow up" rune, but its a little expensive and fairly random as far as luck.

The Gyro is great because in certain situations, it can get close enough to prevent units from marching. It can also do some decent damage depending.

From there, I try to get my guys into combat near the middle, as you will not win as a dwarf player if your entire side is contested. Too many dwarf players sit back and wait which is a mistake.

In the games I've played, my opponent always says to me "That is a lot more dwarves fielded than I'm used to." They can take a lot of crap. Use cheap units and cheap heroes and you will be surprised how far they will take you.

good luck :)