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Jack of Blades
11-01-2009, 23:05
This is a combat list, with which I plan to simply overwhelm one of my opponent's flanks and seek out a drool-inducingly juicy target with my lord's unit while my ghouls & dire wolves keep the other flank occupied and act as bait for frenzied units etc., basically a quite simple tactic. I'm kind of worried about getting FSOR off against stuff with a good amount of magic defense, but there shouldn't be much of a problem. I've got ways of dealing with magic defense through Varghulfs and my flying Vampire.

Lords & Heroes - 1130 Points

Vampire Lord - 430 Points

Red Fury
Forbidden Lore; Lore of Fire
Power Stone
Cursed Book
Crown of the Damned
Cadaverous Cuirass
Magic level 3

This chap is here to get into combat and carve a crater through what gets in his way with the help of FSOR while supported by the static CR of the skeletons. Killing him should be quite problematic, considering that you've got to go through hitting at WS1 for one round, a 4+ Ward Save, Regeneration and immunity to KB and Poison. The Power Stone helps me ensure that I get FSOR off. Could drop the Cuirass and some skeletons for a Dispel Scroll.

Vampire BSB - 295

Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Drakenhof Banner

He's here to give my lord and his unit Regeneration, which will replicate the Carstein Ring of 6th edition.

Vampire - 220 Points

Walking Death
Infinite Hatred
Balefire Spike
Wristbands of Black Gold

This guy hangs around and takes out isolated targets, units of knights that the Dire Wolves have tied up and the like. He's there to be a major stick in the cogwheel basically. And for people who like to leave their single scroll caddy somewhere, this guy will delight in taking it out, making it ever easier to get FSOR off...

Vampire - 185 Points

Dark Acolyte
Lord of the Dead
Biting Blade
Book of Arkhan

A supporting character, obviously. Light on protection, but there's not much I can do about that and I'll engage the major threats he faces with something else I hope. I'm considering swapping his bloodline powers for Lore of Heaven so that I can Portent of Far either the Black Knights or my lord (re-rolling all 1s when you're both hitting and wounding on 2+, eh? ;)).

Core Units - 553 Points

19 Skeleton Warriors - 172 Points

Full Command

20 Skeleton Warriors - 205 Points

Full Command
War Banner

The lord and BSB go into the first unit, while the third Vampire goes into the second. Raise them up a little and then push forward.

12 Ghouls - 96 Points

5 Dire Wolves - 40 Points

5 Dire Wolves - 40 Points

The ghouls are there to greet stuff that want to flank my lord's unit mostly, and also to keep unarmoured things occupied. With Danse cast onto them they should be able to do something as well. The wolves are there to flank, bait, redirect... that sort of stuff.

Special Units - 213 Points

6 Black Knights - 213 Points

Standard Bearer
Banner of the Barrows

Here are my Black Knights then, they'll be stomping face together with the Varghulfs on one flank.

Rare Units - 350 Points

Varghulf - 175 Points

Varghulf - 175 Points

Cheap, brutally effective rare choices, what more could you ask for? They'll tag up with the Black Knights and run amok on one flank while the centre pushes forward and the other flank is distracted by the ghouls and dire wolves.

Total - 2246 Points