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11-01-2009, 23:15
This is a battle i had earlier today. 4,000 points Orcs and Goblins (me) v's Tomb Kings. These were my pre-game thoughts;

I wasn't sure whether to take a wyvern for this game. I decided to go for lots of shamans instead. The Wyvern and rider would have been great at killing his Giants, but i've seen him take Khalida with a big army before, and take down two high elf dragon riders with poisonous arrows. I'm expecting him to try it again. I also normally take 2 or 3 giants v's TKs, but i dropped these for the same reason.
I was going to take alot of bolt throwers, but i'm planning on casting the Waagh spell (if i get it) with those two level 4 Shamans. The wolf riders are just to charge into archers and stop them firing. I'm either going to risk 4d6 or 5d6 for the Waagh, i need two 6s because i'm guessing he'll take alot of dispel scrolls.
I've used a risky tactic taking so many goblin chariots, the idea is to charge with the Waaagh spell so they don't need to take fear/terror tests. Aim them at Bone Giants

The battle took place on an 8ft by 4ft table.

I'll put both lists up, and finish writting the battle report tomorrow.

My list;
4,000 point O&G army:

Grishnak Paddywack; Black Orc War boss (general)
hvy arm, sh, Battleaxe Last Waaagh
Muntarr Da Wise; Orc Gr Shaman level4
power stone, staff baduum, dispel scroll, boar
Grakscar Spooktalker; Orc Gr Shaman level4
power stone, nibblas ring, dispel scroll, waaagh paint
Morlakk Beardburner; Black Orc BSB
hvy arm, Morks Spirit-Totem
Grebbi Bigteef; Orc Shaman level 2
staff of sorcery
Noglar Janglystick; Orc Shaman level 2
dispel scroll
Klepto Whooshbang; Orc Shaman level 2
dispel scroll
Grotty Dogbreff; Night Goblin Shaman level 2
two magic mushrooms

5 Wolf Riders (spears, lgt arm, std bearer)
5 Wolf Riders (spears, lgt arm, std bearer)
36 Orc Boyz (sh, choppa, lgt arm) full cmd
35 Orc Boyz (2 choppas, lgt arm) full cmd
32 Orc Boyz (2 choppas, lgt arm) full cmd
20 Night Goblins (short bows) x3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins (sh, hnd wpn) x3 Fanatics
20 Night Goblins (sh, hnd wpn) x3 Fanatics
24 Savage Orcs (2 choppas, warpaint) full cmd
24 Savage Orcs (2 choppas, warpaint) full cmd
6 Goblin Wolf Chariots
6 Snotling Pump Wagons

Points = 4,000
Models = 241
Deployment = 23
Power dice = 18 plus 2 stones, 2 mushrooms, 1 bound item
Dispel dice = 13 and +1 to dispels, 4 dispel scrolls

I rolled my spells for the game;
Grotty (the NG Shaman) got Foot of Gork and Gaze of Gork
Klepto got Gaze of Mork and Bash 'em Ladz
Noglar got eadbutt and gorks warpath
Grebbi got gaze of mork and eadbutt
Grakscar got gaze of mork, eadbutt, fists of gork and waaagh
Muntarr got eadbutt, bash em ladz, gorks warpath and waaagh

The good news for me is i got waaagh for both my level 4 shamans. That made my day

My opponent;
4,000 point Tomb King army;

High Queen Khalida Neferher
Tomb King with Destroyer of Eternities, Collar of Shapesh, lgt armour
High Liche Priest, Neferra’s Plaques of Mighty Incantations, Cloak of Dunes, dis scroll
Liche Priest, dis scroll, Hieratic Jar
Liche Priest, dis scroll, dis scroll
Liche Priest, dis scoll, dis scroll on skeletal steed
Icon Bearer, lgt arm, Banner of the Hidden Dead

40 Skeleton Warriors (lgt arm, shield, hnd wpn, full cmd) Banner of the Undying Legion
20 Skeleton Warriors, shields, sh, hand wpn, full cmd
10 Skeleton archers, all with poison arrows
10 Skeleton archers, all with poison arrows
10 Skeleton archers, all with poison arrows
16 Skeleton light horsemen, bow, std, all with poison arrows
5 Tomb swarms
3 chariots, the warriors have spear, bow with poison arrows
3 chariots, the warriors have spear, bow with poison arrows
3 chariots, the warriors have spear, bow with poison arrows
4 Carrion
20 Tomb Guard (hnd wpn, lgt arm, sh, full cmd)
2 Tomb Scorpions
1 Screaming skull catapult (skulls of the foe)
1 Bone Giant

He gave me his list, and i've copied it out as he wrote it.

I had time to spare, so i decided to give a reason for the battle. This is the background.......

A month ago a nameless human thief from Tilea was hired to steal an ancient relic from Zandri, a large necropolis in the northernmost region of the “Land of the Dead.” This relic is known as “The Hidden Strength of Amenemhetum,” it’s a large shallow golden bowl with ancient runes around the rim. Legend says that he who drinks from the golden bowl shall be bestowed with longevity and great strength.

Setting sail across the Great Ocean the thief arrives without hindrance. His team skillfully manage to infiltrate Zandri, and they steal the relic. On their return trip across the Great Ocean most of the crew suffer from a terrible disease, many die as it reaches epidemic proportions. The next day the skies darken and a ferocious storm drives the ship into the Black Gulf. Hurricanes and lightning threaten to rip the ship apart. The wind and rain is relentless, lashing the decks for ten days until the ship smashes against the coast just north of the Dragonback Mountains.

The thief and two of his companions are the only survivors of the shipwreck. They quickly gather as many supplies as they can carry, recover the relic from the wreckage and set off around the coast. Their journey is slow, all three men have injuries and show signs of the disease. They hope to find a ship along the coast to take them back to Tilea.

On the second day of their journey they are spotted by a scouting force consisting of ten goblin wolf riders. Shouting with glee the goblins immediately charge and run down the men. After looting the bodies the goblins return to their tribe, bragging that they had charged an army of fifty men and slaughtered all of them. Upon seeing the golden bowl a night goblin shaman called Grotty snatches it away. He hits it a few times, tries to bite it, then decides to wear it as a hat.

Unknown to the orc and goblin tribe an undead army from Zandri has been magically tracking the progress of their highly valued relic for the past month. They are now only one days march from the orc huts. The tomb king demands retribution for the theft of his magic relic. There will be no diplomacy, no ground will be given, no prisoners will be taken. The carrion crows have gathered, the blood red sky speaks of bad omens. War is imminent.

Terrain: The TK side had the only hill, positioned in his deployment zone slightly left of centre. Diagonally left in front of the hill is a large wood. The top left hand corner has a few orc huts and a nearby lake. On the other side of the board, hugging the edge is an old ruined building. This is is roughly in line with another woodland, that sits 3" in front of the O&G deployment zone.

The Tomb Kings win the first turn


The Orcs http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/battlereport001.jpg

The Tomb Kings http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/battlereport007.jpg
TK right flank http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/battlereport004.jpg
TK left flank http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/battlereport006.jpg

The edge of the Orc village http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/orcshuts.jpg

12-01-2009, 16:08
To make it easier to understand which area of the battlefield I’m describing in this battle report I’ve called the different areas either;
1) Centre, which is anywhere in between the two clusters of trees
2) Ruins side, which is the TK players right flank
3) Orc village side, the TK players left flank

Tomb King Turn 1

The carrion move up behind the woods nearest to them, they have a 360 degree LoS to the pump wagons/chariots
The archers in the centre wheel and advance to try to get within bow range
Everything shuffles forward

The Tomb King moves the swarm forward 4”
A Liche Priest on the far right allows the fast cav to shoot, they knock 1 wound off a goblin chariot
The High Liche Priest moves the archers forward (to get within 24” for bow fire)
Khalida allows the Screaming Skull to fire (no dispel possible) The guess is good, but he’s unlucky with the scatter and it doesn’t hit anyone (phew!!)

The Screaming Skull misfires, and cannot fire this turn or the next (a roll of 3 on the misfire chart)
The TK chariots (near the ruins) fire at a pump wagon and wound it
10 Archers in the middle (that the Heirophant moved) fire at a goblin chariot, and wound it twice
6 chariots and 4 TK fast cav fire at a pump wagon and kill it


this is the orc village side (his left flank);
This is the centre;
This is the ruins side (his right flank);

Orcs Turn 1

The middle unit of NG’s squabble
The orc unit with the Black Orc BSB and Grebbi the shaman move forward 2”

The pump wagons are unlucky, the best roll is 7
All other units move up (apart from squabbling NG’s)

Most of the magic is dispelled, via scrolls or not cast with poor rolling from me.
I ‘Eadbutt the Tomb King, but he transfers the wound onto a skeleton with the Collar of Shapesh.
I try to cast the Waaagh! using 4d6 with both level 4 shamans, for the first shaman I roll 6,5,3,2 (dispel scroll), the second is 6,6,2,1 and is cast with irresistible force.
My whole army moves 2d6” (no fear/terror tests to charge into combat) and this happens;
-A pump wagon (on the ruins side)charges into the carrion.
-5 wolf riders with std and a goblin chariot charge the Tomb Scorpion. (wolf riders flank)
-The orc unit with the BSB and Grebbi charge the swarm

2d6 impact hits from a pump wagon causes 5 wounds on the carrion, this causes the rest to crumble and I overrun into the Bone Giant.
The wolf riders and a goblin chariot that have charged Tomb Scorpion kill it and overrun. The chariot overrun into his archers. The wolf riders need to roll above 5 with 3d6 to overrun into the swarm, but they fail.
My orc boyz with BSB unit charge the swarm. I inflict cause 4 wnds, he has 10 attacks v’s my Orc boyz and does 2. Then the other 5 attacks are against my Shaman, he doesn’t do any. The swarm loses the Combat by 8 (reduced by 1 because of the Icon Bearer) and he removes a swarm base

Tomb Kings Turn 2

The TK chariot (near the ruins) charges a pump wagon (I can only hold)
On the orc village/ lake side of the board there’s 2 units of TK Chariots (3 in each). One charges a pump wagon and release 3 fanatics. One fanatic passes through the chariot unit causing 3 wounds, and bounces into the other unit killing another chariot. The other two roll a 7 and a 6 for fanatic movement, and I place them both in front of the pump wagon so he has to land on them when he completes his charge. This causes another 4d6 str5 hits and wipes out that chariot unit. (death throes)
I take a fear test for the goblin chariot, fail and flee out the way. These 3 chariots then smash into the pump wagon
A massive unit of skeletons with his Tomb King and Icon bearer charges my orc boyz (the unit containing the BSB and Grebbi)
The Icon Bearer summons skeletons with the Banner of the Hidden Dead. 10 skeleton archers burst out of the ground near a worried looking night goblin shaman. As soon as they appear 3 fanatics are released from a NG unit 3” away. The archers take 3d6 str5 hits, and only 5 are killed. Now I have archers about to shoot my shaman and fanatics where I don’t want them

Khalida uses her bound item (power lvl5) magic missile. I roll 2d6 (confident of a dispel with +1 modifier) but roll a “3”. She kills 1 orc from my generals unit, but now they can’t move in the movement phase. I assume they must be paralysed from the venom in her staff.
A liche priest lets the archers near the centre have an extra shot, they shoot the Orc Boyz in my generals unit, and kill 4 with poisonous arrows.
On the orc village side a Liche Priest tries to kill the remaining fanatic with magic missiles. The spell works, but he only rolls 1 missile, and that doesn’t wound!!! Great!!

The screaming skull crew are still repairing the catapult.
10 archers on the hill (behind the unit in combat with a chariot) shoot the wolf riders and wound one, but I make the armour save.
The TK fast cav shoot a goblin chariot, and it takes 1 wound.
The new skeleton archers that have appeared from underground all fire at my goblin shaman. Thankfully they are unlucky and only cause 1 wound

The pump wagon that overran into the Bone Giant takes 2 wounds off him. Then the Bone Giant smashes to pump wagon to tiny pieces.
The remaining Tomb Scorpion is tied up with goblin wolf riders. I don’t wound, he kills 1 goblin. The result is I win by 2 (flank,std, outnumber), the scorpion takes 1 wound.
The goblin chariot attacks the archers and kills 3, I win by 2, and another 2 archers die from combat res.
The 2 TK chariots (near the orc village) kill the pump wagon and overrun into the savage orc unit.
In the centre of the board the big skeleton unit with the Icon bearer and Tomb King has charged my orcs. The Icon bearer goes straight for my shaman with a killing blow, but fails. The Tomb King has 2 auto hits at str 7, he kills 2 orcs. My best bet is to go for the swarm (T2) to increase my combat res by as much as possible. I inflict a lot of wounds on the swarm and win the combat by 3 (-1 because of Icon bearer). Both his units take another 2 wounds.

Orcs Turn 2

Looking at the board if I can get the rest of my big orc units into combat I can almost guarantee victory.

I decide to declare the Waaagh. Any roll of a 3 or higher for my orc units will result in a “We’ll Show ‘em” and move them forward towards the nearest enemy in LoS.
The generals unit automatically gets a “We’ll Show ‘em” result, and they move 3” forward.
No units rolled a 3 or higher. The night goblins, the savage orcs with Klepto, and the orc boyz with Noglar all rolled 1’s. When you roll a 1 during a waaagh it’s always a squabble, and the unit takes d6 wounds with no armour saves allowed. This kills 1 sav orc, 3 orc boyz, and 5 night goblins. The NG’s had taken 25% casualties, in the O&G book it says “distribute as for shooting”, so we decided I needed a panic test (not sure if we were correct) I used the generals Ld and rolled an 8, the NG’s were ok. Also, Klepto and Noglar can’t cast spells in the magic phase.

I now have 4 goblin units (3 chariots and 1 wolf rider) that need to pass fear tests to be able to charge. If these fail my back up is the Waaagh spell. Unfortunately all of them fail their Ld tests and rooted to the spot, and can’t fire their bows.
A fanatic behind my own lines crashes into another fanatic, killing both of them. The remaining fanatic moves towards my own table edge.
The generals unit can’t move this turn because of Khalida’s Venom Staff. The fleeing goblin chariot and the pump wagon fail to rally. The pump wagon is off the board.
The single fanatic near the TK fast cav smashes through the unit and kills 3.
My remaining NG unit still with its fanatics moves up behind the orc boyz in combat with the swarm. Three fanatics are released and go through the back of my orc unit.
The 1st fanatic goes through the orc boyz, the swarm and skeleton warriors
The 2nd fanatics go through the orc boyz, the skeleton warriors and the tomb guard.
The 3rd fanatic goes through the orc boyz, the skeleton warriors, the tomb guard and the high liche priest.
Overall this kills 6 orc boyz, 10 skeleton warriors, 7 tomb guard, 5 wounds to the swarm, and 4 wounds to the high liche priest. This kills the Hierophant.
Take into account that this photo is taken after two ranks of skeletons warriors have been removed

In the magic phase I have 3 dice in the pool because of orcs in combat. Although two orc shamans can’t cast this round.
Grebbi ‘Eadbutts the Icon bearer.
Grakscar pummels the Tomb King/Icon bearer unit with Fists of Gork, and kills 10. Then he gambles casting the Waaagh with a power stone using 4d6. But it’s dispelled with a scroll.
Muntarr tries the same trick, 4d6 attempting to cast the Waaagh. It’s also dispelled with a scroll. He uses his power stone to cast Gorks Warpath. Gork stomps on the Bone Giant, inflicting 2 wounds, then he wanders off.

The Tomb King kills my Black Orc BSB (I’ve lost 3 dispel dice), and the Icon bearer tries to strike down Grebbi with a killing blow, but fails.
The goblin chariot kills one skeleton archer, and it’s a draw.
The Tomb scorpion kills the remaining wolf riders
Two TK chariots cause 1 wound to my savage orcs. I do 5 in return, which kills one chariot and leaves the other on 1 wound. He loses the combat by about 9 which kills the last chariot.

Tomb King Turn 3

The death of the Heirophant
When he read the rules for this, it says you should take a Ld test to avoid crumbling at the end of the phase in which it happens, and also at the start of every TK turn. So he should have taken Ld tests at the end of my movement phase, we decide he should now take 2 Ld tests.
After rolling for Ld tests not much of his army crumbles to dust, he passes most of the Ld 3 tests. The summoned from underground skeletons all crumble. The bone giant (with Ld 8) dies, and 10 TK fast cav crumble

In the centre of the table the tomb scorpion and a skeleton warrior unit charge my savage orc unit. The skelton warrior unit is half an inch short and fails the charge.
Three TK fast cav charge my goblin chariot, I pass the fear test so don’t have to flee

Khalida uses Incantation of Righteous Smiting on the screaming skull catapult. This cannot be dispelled. The catapult kills 7 orcs from my generals unit, and they pass the Ld test with a roll of 7
The Tomb King summons back 5 skeleton warriors in his unit.

The screaming skull over shoots and only kills 1 orc from the generals unit. Again they pass the Ld 8 panic test
5 archers shoot the goblin chariot and kill it

The Tomb Scorpion kills 2 savage orcs, my only possible reply is from Klepto the shaman but he misses. I win the combat by 3, the scorpion takes 2 wounds

Orcs Turn 3

The generals unit rolls a 6 and moves about 4” forward, not quite into combat
A NG unit squabbles
The orc unit with Noblar squabbles again

The fanatics move towards his table edge, not hitting anything
The generals unit charges, passing the fear test
The goblin chariot on the hill fails his fear test and remains where he is
All the other goblin chariots fail their fear tests
The fleeing chariot (near the orc village) fails to rally, but remains on the board
My savage orc champion moves within his unit, so he’s in base contact with the Tomb Scorpion
The pump wagon (near the ruins) charges the TK chariots
Over on the other side;
1) The NG unit with short bows change formation so 10 archers can shoot at a liche priest on a skeletal steed
2) The savage turn around to get stuck into the middle
3) The pump wagon moves up next to the NG’s

3 dice in the pool, Noblar can’t cast
Klepto casts Bash ‘em Ladz on his savage orc unit
Grebbi ‘Eadbutts the Icon Bearer (on 1 wnd), 3+ kills him, but I roll a 2
Grakscar ‘Eabutts Khalida, she doesn’t regenerate the wound
Muntarr kills a liche priest standing on his own with Gorks Warpath, but them I roll a 1 and the spell rebounds on me. My opponent chooses Muntarr as the target and takes a wound off Muntarr

10 NG archers shoot at a liche priest. I need 6s to hit (long range, and moved). I miss them all

With 8 attacks, re-rolls and ASF my savage orcs fail to hit the tomb scorpion. He wounds the shaman Klepto, but loses the combat by 4 and dies.
The pump wagon inflicts 4 wounds on a chariot, there’s no attacks back, and the other crumbles into dust. Go pump wagons!!!
The Icon bearer finally gets a killing blow against my shaman. I still win the combat by 2. I now have 2 big orc units in this combat. On my next movement phase I’ll move my general into combat (he has 7 strength 8 attacks) and hopefully wipe them out

With his army crumbling, his flanks destroyed, my magic phase much stronger, and my other orc units about to charge into the centre of the board……. He decides to concede
This is only the third game I’ve used the Waaagh! Spell, it’s impressive every time I use it. I was hoping for Mork Wants Ya! With the NG shaman (Initiative test or take d6 str10 hits, very good against bone giants)
The fanatics performed very well, they’re another unit I don’t take very often. I bluff with NG units most of the time, which is probably why he didn’t summon the skeleton archers in between my 2 NG units (he said afterwards he was trying to shoot down my NG shaman, and almost did)
I was surprised how well the pump wagons performed, despite only having 2 left at the end of the game.

W/ D /L
37/ 1 /2

12-01-2009, 16:49
That was massive! I must say those fanatics really performed for you, and as you said the pump wagons (and considering their cost)
All in all a good game, and a nice rep

12-01-2009, 16:58
Yeah, i think that's the best result i've had with fanatics.

Unfortunately i think he's spent about 200 points over 4,000. I've just checked through his list, but it doesn't make much difference (maybe he forgot to add on the point cost for poisoned arrows)

13-01-2009, 01:59
Well that was quite the beat down... Your first turn magical Waaagh! caught him off guard, and then even with a failed regular waaagh! you still kill his Heirophant on turn two. Yikes...

I wish I had your luck with fanatics ;)

W/ D /L
37/ 1 /2"

So what setup has won you the most games? Do you usually go magic heavy? Do you usually play 2K or higher games? (Very impressive by the way.)

13-01-2009, 14:47
So what setup has won you the most games? Do you usually go magic heavy? Do you usually play 2K or higher games?

Yeah, i usually go magic heavy now. I missed a few editions of WHFB, i sold all my old armies in 1999. When i started up again in 2006 i decided on O&G and in my first game i didn't take any shamans. I tried out Black Orcs in chariots etc., i lost heavily to the old version of the High Elves (not a great start) Since then i've gone magic heavy. Never as magic heavy as this though. I was going to have an Orc Warboss on a wyvern (love the figure), but i guessed he'd try out Khalida.

I usually play 4K games, which is a bit of hinderance for Orcy Leadership.

He only had 16 casting dice in the game. If I were using 4K of Tomb Kings i'd have used 3 high liche priest, 1 tomb prince and 4 liche priests which gives you 29 casting dice. And then taken 4 bone giants, chariots and scorpions as a special. Then lots of skele warriors as a core. I think that set up would have beaten my O&G army. Dunno what he was planning with 16 light skele horsemen

13-01-2009, 15:02
Well I think magic heavy is more viable at 3k+ so that you can have a great shaman and a warboss for leadership.

Anyway, thanks for the report and looking forward to more.

13-01-2009, 15:04
A very quick win, well played.

My problem with Orc magic is that it is so easily crippled by animosity for it to really be relied on. I suppose at least at 4K you can still afford a Ld 9 General too though.

So were those 2 losses both against High Elves then?

13-01-2009, 15:40
My problem with Orc magic is that it is so easily crippled by animosity for it to really be relied on. I suppose at least at 4K you can still afford a Ld 9 General too though.

Yeah i agree animosity cripples orc magic.

If you look at how i set up my army up it does avoid it slightly...... I put two of my orc shamans in units that also contain Black Orc characters. So if i roll a 1 they use quell animosity, and i can still cast spells. The downside is it's alot of points in one unit. For example one of my units with a Black Orc BSB (morks Spirit-Totem, level 2 shaman(50 points of magic items) and 36 orc boyz cost me 535 points

That's also the reason i had a few shamans on foot, or on a boar. So they can never squabble and not cast.

...yes both losses were against High Elves

13-01-2009, 15:49
Ah, yeah. I suppose that comes with 4,000 points and so many characters. I have a horrible time at 2,000 [as I go magic heavy] trying for a balance between vulnerability or animosity in my mages.

I had problems with the new High Elves at first, finally sorted that out and then ran into problems with the new Undead.

13-01-2009, 23:54
Thanks for the battle report and grats on the win, 4 k battles are probably a little too big for me but nevertheless grats ! Your W/L record is nothing short of spectacular :)
As an aside what is the point of TK fast cavalry they seem very expensive for basically a t3 6+ save model that gets no use out of the fast cavalry rule.

14-01-2009, 08:53
what is the point of TK fast cavalry they seem very expensive for basically a t3 6+ save model that gets no use out of the fast cavalry rule.

Yeah i couldn't understand the point of those either. Maybe a TK player will explain how to use them, but as far as i can see you pay lots of points for a few str3 bow shots.

They also aren't great at charging, because fast cav don't get a rank bonus, and they can't take spears :confused:

Maybe they are ok in units of 5

14-01-2009, 09:16
Indeed for a few points more you get a heavy horseman who has a 4+ save instead of 6+ a spear and can carry a magic standard as well as get a rank bonus if you so wanted.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
16-01-2009, 08:36
Nice report I really enjoyed reading it.


20-01-2009, 00:16
Yeah i couldn't understand the point of those either. Maybe a TK player will explain how to use them, but as far as i can see you pay lots of points for a few str3 bow shots.

They also aren't great at charging, because fast cav don't get a rank bonus, and they can't take spears :confused:

Maybe they are ok in units of 5

What I can tell you is that they are still good despite being bad. What I mean is that they are most of the time ignored in favor of other stuff, and being fast cavalry with bow, they are great to shoot at low thoughness/armor, war machine crew or lone wizard. With poison they can get a bit better (would be great against giant!). Sometime the extra wound or two they cause could mean a panic test for the enemy unit, wich is good :)

Versus Orcs, they are also a good unit to go ahead and release the fanatic early, it's our cheapest unit and they move 8 inch (it's fast for TK :p). And if they don't die there, you can then shoot at those fanatic that are in your way.

Of course I don't understand the 16-strong unit here, I personnaly go with 5-6 horsemen per unit usually.