View Full Version : 500 Points O&G

12-01-2009, 05:51
Just a quick list for a 500 point game I'll be playing sometime this week-

(147) Black orc big boss, boar, Heavy armor, Enchanted shield, akrit axe

(159) 24 Orc boys w/ shield, mus, std

(114) 20 NG archers (or maybe HW&S), mus, 2x fanatics

(80) Boar chariot

500 points is interesting- produces very lopsided lists. This is the best all comers 500pt I could think of, what do you think?

12-01-2009, 08:02
Wouldn't do too bad as far as I can see. One thing I would suggest is dropping a couple of orcs for an Orc Champion. This keeps your hero free from challenges and have him do what he does best: grind enemy infantry with 3 WS6 S5/6 (choppa) rerol to hit attacks.

Hell, even better: drop your hero's magic weapon. This allows him to use additional choppa and give you the spare points for a champion and some extra goblins. With the additional choppa, he should equal about the same amount of hits as with your expensive magic weapon (considering he hits most stuff on 3's).

When you increase the amount of points you play, try fielding your characters on mounts for increased saves and bolt thrower charges. It's going to be too expensive at this points value though