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Supreme Archon Orlok
12-01-2009, 17:52
Hey guys this is my first bat rep post in this thread (obviously), this is my first attempt at a bat rep so go easy on me, my army is a daemon army for a school league that I'm hopefully going to participate in, it's a nurgle and tzeentch army (waits for flames to rise) but anyway here goes:

Game 1: Daemons Vs. Vampire Counts-500pts

My list is as follows

Oelln'noetlil Sixth Proctor of Pestilence
Herald of Nurgle-Noxious Vapours, Slime trail

10 Plaguebearers

10 Horrors

3 Flamers (awaits more flames and various insults)

Vampire list

Vampire-various things to make him more ghoulified, no armour or ward saves.

12 Ghouls

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves


Pre game thoughts:
I've played this army many times before and beaten it a couple of times, mainly by killing his vampire.
But I knew I shouldn't get complacent, that Varghulf could easily tear through my horrors, and get some fairly easy points.
Terrain wise there was a hill in the right hand middle, a rocky outcrop in the middle, and a rocky outcrop on the left hand side.

He won the roll for deployment and let me go first, I would of preffered him to go first, but anyway I placed my flamers on the right of my deployment area, my horrors just to the left of them and my plaguebeares and herald to the left of them, he placed a unit of dire wolves opposite my flamers and the rest of his army opposite my plaguebearers.
For magic he got raise undead horde and van hels danse macabre as well as invocation of nehek.

I won the roll to see who goes first and decided to let him go first

Turn 1
The vampire army advanced straight forward with a unit of dire wolves hiding behind the rocky outcrop in the middle, magic was just raising on his ghouls, thankfully all attempts either failed or were dispelled.
For my turn 1 I just moved straight forward and that's about it.

Turn 2
Once again the vampires moved forwards with the second unit of dire wolves threatening my plaguebearers flank, and the varghulf and ghouls in front of my plaguebearers, the vampire moved out of the ghoul unit to cower behind the other unit of dire wolves, his magic was once again stopped.
I opted not to charge his ghouls or varghulf with the plaguebearers and instead swivelled them to stop the dire wolves charging my flank, (stupidly forgetting I had slime trail), I moved my flamers and horrors so they could see the dire wolves and vampire, planning to magic the wolves into oblivion, and flame the vampire to death, my magic was dispelled, but the flamers shooting managed to kill the wolves leaving the vampire unscathed.

Turn 3
He only moved his vampire slightly around the rocks so my flamers and horrors couldn't see him, then he managed to raise 8 ghouls.
I moved my flamers so they could see the vampire, and then proceeded to shoot it, 3d6 shots resulted in five shots, hitting on fives, two hits (not bad)
wounding on 4's only 1 wound average but not what I needed.

Unfortunatley I can't remeber a lot after that but my plaguebearers were wiped out he healed his vampire and then he hid for the last turn, resulting in:

Victory Points:
Daemons 40pts
Vampire counts-270pts.

Win to the vampires.

After game thoughts: I think I would of been better trying refused flank deployment and not done any movement and just shot him to bits when he got in range.

So my first battle report, what did you think?

13-01-2009, 01:48
Vampire list

Vampire-various things to make him more ghoulified, no armour or ward saves.

BIG mistake on his part. You have to protect your general and a 2+ save is so cheap and easy to get that he had no excuse taking such a chance.

Luck for him your first golden oppertunity failed.

And you list is not cheesy or anything so don't worry.

Will this league be staying at 500 points or will it be going higher?

Anyway, other than not remembering the last half of the battle, I like your format. So keep it :)

13-01-2009, 12:43
Damn Mal, is there any batrep you don't respond to first?:D

Any way, Nothing wrong with your list, so I say go with it, but believe it or not, at lower points, you stand a strong chance of losing with a list like that against certain armies (Orcs and Skaven come to mind.) Its a good start on the report, too bad you forgot the rest as I would have liked to see what happened.

13-01-2009, 13:12
I would definately consider putting that Herald on a Palanquin, it effects more enemies with Vapours, adds a few more attacks and fills up ranks so you get cheaper SCR.

I like the report, although Daemons don't really seem designed for low point games.

Supreme Archon Orlok
13-01-2009, 16:08
Thanks for responding guy's.
In answer to your questions, the league will stay at 500pts, and heroes can only be a maximum of 150pts so I wouldn't be able to use a palanquin unfortunatley.

My next batrep will be against Brettonians, I'm not sure what the guy's list is but I think he has pegasus knights in it.

My plan will probably be to let him come to me.

Oh and I've also got a 2000pts game on the same day so if I can remember what happens I'll write that up as well.

13-01-2009, 19:16
neat, as said the second half would have been nice ;)
just jot some notes during the battle then, your rep-form is nice so keep it up

13-01-2009, 23:38
Looking forward to your 2,000 point battle :)

Supreme Archon Orlok
14-01-2009, 16:25
My 2000pts battle will be tommorow guys and I'm playing Vampire Counts, not sure what his list will be but mine will be something like this:

Great Unclean One-Lvl.4 wizard, Trappings of Nurgle, Nurgle’s Rot, Slime trail-655pts

Herald of Tzeentch- Flames of Tzeentch-140pts
Herald of Nurgle-Noxious Vapours, Slime trail-150pts

15 Plaguebearers-180pts
15 Horrors-180pts
15 Horrors-180pts

5 Screamers-150pts
5 Screamers-150pts

3 Bloodcrushers-210pts


Power Dice: 10
Dispel Dice: 7

Supreme Archon Orlok
17-01-2009, 10:54
Sorry about the wait guys, unfortunatley the 2000pts game didn't take place.

But here's a bat rep of a game I had against the empire yesterday (500pts):

His army list was something like this:

Captain, Plate armour, shield, magic item of not fleeing when outnumbered by fear causers.

20 Swordsmen, full command.

5 handgunners, detachment

8 halberdiers, detachment

5 Pistoliers

10 Crossbowmen

Pre game thoughts:
Once again I have played this army before, as usual shooting was a big problem, so I decided to not do a lot of movement like I usually do, but be a bit more reserved.

I deployed my army in my right hand table quarter with my flamers on the left, near a rocky outcrop my horrors on the right and my plaguebearers and herald in between them, he deployed his crossbowmen across in the middle of his deployment zone in a rocky outcrop his swordmen were deployedto the right of them (his right my left), his halberdiers in front of them, his hand gunners to the right of the swordsmen and his pistoliers set to go down my left flank.

He wo the roll to see who go's first and let me go first.

Turn 1
Not a very eventful turn for me, I moved my flamers into the rocky outcrop, and that was about it.

His movement saw his Pistoliers moving forward right in front of my rocky out crop he then reformed to make sure he could go around the outcrop next turn, the rest of the army moved forwards apart from his crossbowmen who shot at the plaguebearers with 3 in range, they all hit, but failed to wound.

Turn 2
I moved my flamers to the other side of the rocky outcrop to shoot at the pistoliers, I shuffled my plaguebearers forward bit, and my horrors moved a couple of inches, my horrors were just in range for magic cast flickering fire at the pistoliers on a 4 and it was dispelled, shooting I managed to kill 2 pistoliers.

He moved his army straight forward once again except his crossbowmen, his pistoliers moved around the outcrop so he was out of range of my horror's magic, the crossbowmen shot at the horrors this time with 4 in range, 2 hit, 1 wounded which I then saved.

Turn 3
Once again I moved my flamers so I could shoot the pistoliers, my horrors didn't move, my plaguebearers moved forward slightly and turned to face the oncoming swordsmen, shooting saw me killing the final three pistoliers.

His turn saw him move his army forward once again including his crossbowmen.

Turn 4
I moved my flamers to shoot at his handgunners, and I moved my horrors to magic his swordsmen, in magic I managed to kill two swordsmen, shooting I killed two hand gunners.

He reformed his halberdiers to shield his handgunners, and that was it for movement, his crossbowmen shot at my horrors with six in range and failed to hit.

Turn 5
In my last turn I shot the halberdiers killing them all, and had my magic dispelled, and moved my plaguebearers into charge range of his swordsmen.

In his turn he elected not to charge and decided just to shoot at my horror again, failing to hit again.

at the end of the game it was:

Victory points:
Daemons: 143pts
Empire: 0pts

Win to the daemons

17-01-2009, 14:07
Hmm, he should probobly have lined up all his range guys and shoot back at the flamers instead of your other units...