View Full Version : 2000 point of fair Savage Orcs?

13-01-2009, 02:53
Alright, so I am playing a savage orc army at the upcoming local tourney. My goal is to have an army that should be fun to play with and against. So far I have been toying around with different lists and here is the one I feel like I am set on. The only problem is that it is a fairly dice dependant list. If I roll roll more ones than sixes, I am likely to lose. In contrast, the flipside is also true, only slightly less so. Some of the guys at my club are calling it a "hard" army and are happy to see it with low comp scores. As I am one of those guys who likes going in with decent soft scores and having fun, this bothers me. Do you think this list is by any stretch overpowered?

Savage orc Great Shaman Lv 4, Skull wand of kaloth, ead kickin boots, waaagh paint and a boar

savage orc shaman lv 2, staff of badum

savage orc big boss w/ sword of might and the horn of urgok, riding a chariot

savage roc big boss w/ great weapon, BSB w/ warbanner, riding a chariot

24 savage orcs w/shields and full command

24 savage orcs w/spears and full command

10 savage orcs w/ 2hw and a musician

10 savage orcs w/ 2hw and a musician

6 savage orc boar boy Big Unz w/ spears, shields, musician, standard and


So thats it. Keep in mind that I want to play a savage orc army and so my options are pretty limited. The chariots are the one thing I can see being offensive, but with no shooting and not being offensively magic heavy I am not sure why they are complaining so much. Espcially since I think I am about 3-6-0 with this list( I miscast and fail alot of animosity rolls). So do I earn this cheese helmet I have been given?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

13-01-2009, 03:45
Overpowered? No, I wouldn't say so. I can see exploitable problems with animosity, frenzy, and even magic is nicely balanced between not quite enough and way too much.

It does seem like a good, solid army, but its far and away from real cheese lists. Given all the special choices that you could be exploiting, I think they should appreciate your restraint.

Frankly, I like it. I'd enjoy playing against it, I'd expect it to be a challenge, and its got a solid look and feel to it.