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13-01-2009, 04:21
Vampire lord,master of the black arts,darkacolyte summon ghouls,skull staff. 365 PTS

Vampire,dark acolyte,summon ghouls.
145 PTS

Vampire,bsb,the drakenhof banner,dark acolyte summon ghouls.
270 PTS

15 crypt ghouls,crypt ghast 128 PTS
15 crypt ghouls,crypt ghast 128 PTS
15 crypt ghouls,crypt ghast 128 PTS
5 dire wolves,doom wolf 50 PTS
5 dire wolves,doom wolf 50 PTS
1 corpse cart,balefire 100 PTS
1 corpse cart,balefire 100 PTS

20 grave guard,musician,standard,seneschal,banner of the barrows 315 PTS
3 spirit hosts 195 PTS

5 cairn wraiths,tomb banshee 275 points


13-01-2009, 16:58
What do you plan to use as a bunker? With a bunch of weak vampires you need a spot to hide. Looking at your list you might be planning to keep all of them in the grave guard or you hope that champions will keep you safe, but let me tell you that they really aren't much protection and a place to hide behind you lines is always the best bet.

With an ethereal unit on each flank that is really all you need so maybe drop the wolves to get a bunker.

Also a vampire BSB is ok, but risky when all they have is the regen to protect them. I'd think about backing off the magic a little (you already have a super summoning lord) and giving him avatar of war (handweapon/shield) or dreadknight.

13-01-2009, 17:16
i would agree with malorian and reduce the ghoul units down and make a bunker for your vamps.
if youre using ghouls id find a way to sneak in ghoul kin for the march move at the start since thats going to be huge for this army.
also it could be worth while to replace one summon ghould for creatures of the night to make those wolves crazy big and outnumber things.

13-01-2009, 19:25
a bunker as in another unit the vampires go in?

13-01-2009, 19:30
An example would be my army where I have three units of 15 ghouls to be my front liners and a unit of 10 ghouls behind to be my bunker.

This is a place where your weaker summoning vampires can safely hide and raise to their heart content without hoping that their opponent figures out that they are just as easy to kill as the rank and file ghouls...

Here is an example:
You'll notice that unit of ghouls behind where my necromancer and two vampires are hiding.

It really doesn't cost much (80 points) yet it can completely put your mind to rest (unless a dragon comes your way, in which case you aren't safe anywhere), and it can always be beefed up to fill in any holes is part of your line falls apart (although usually if your opponent can bust through your front line you've usually lost anyway).

13-01-2009, 19:39
i see, but dont people have characters in units up front as well or is that not normal.

13-01-2009, 19:43
Some do, but they usually are built to stand up in combat.

For example you can easily have a vampire with dark acolyte and avatar of death. This vampire still is a lvl 2 wizard yet can hold his own in combat with a 3+ save.

You won't have room for summon ghouls but I've never had any problem with just healing up to starting size with the vampires and then going from there with the lord. And if all your units are already at starting size then you can have fun with other spells :)

Edit: Avatar of death, not war, sorry.

14-01-2009, 11:13
why doom wolf on the dire wolves? its not worth it.
and apart from adding ghoul-kin in somewhere- the free march makes your ghouls seem a lot faster! its a good all-round competitive list :)