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13-01-2009, 19:52
Hi all

Is it possible to make Forest Goblin Spider Riders Themed army (at least not totally stupid and witch can win sometimes)
I have 40 spider riders and Boss on Spider - can someone give some tips on fielding Forest Goblin Spider Riders - I never used them.
I can add Specials and Rares but as core I want Forest Goblin Spider Riders

13-01-2009, 19:57
I saw som nice convertions of spear chuckas dragd on a chart by wolves, might be an idee. You need some stuff that can take out heavy armour and elite troops, some "wolf chariots maby", and some fast stuff that can support the spiders, trolls maby, and orc charatters

13-01-2009, 19:58
You can but it wouldn't be easy...

It basically would work like a cheap wood elve army and would be much less effective given the Ld issues and the fast than with so many units you could be getting in each others way all over the board.

13-01-2009, 20:12
maybe convert get some forest goblin models or something which would give some rnf troops. plus all you need to do is to convert and any unit can fit in a forest goblin army.

13-01-2009, 20:35
very giant spiders = chariots :)

spider web shooters = stone thrower :p


13-01-2009, 20:44
What is the size of regiment for Riders is best in this case? Do I need some command in them?

13-01-2009, 20:45
you will want lots of terrain...

they are fast cav. taking more than 5 (perhaps 6?) in a unit doesn t usually make sense. musicians are a good idea, rest of command is not.

O&G armies struggle in a competitive environment, when choosing from their full list. restricting yourself to a single unit will basically guarantee your loss of all games.

so you should check your playing environment first: if you love to do conversions, your regular opponents are not ultra competitive and accept proxies, you might try it.

you need infantry (old forest gobbo models, at least some for front ranks?) and netters sound good for your gobbos.

a Skarsnik variant would fit perfectly and boost your Ld to an acceptable level.
warmachines could be easily converted (spider chariots sound funny..) and trolls or giants (painted the right way) may fit in.

don t expect to win battles, unless you decide to bring orcs though.

PS: you could ask your group to allow you to use many special rules from other gobbos with yours. for example a ranked unit of spiders might make sense, like wolfs have. (surely not too strong. perhaps they should not move free through terrain)

13-01-2009, 20:51
What is the size of regiment for Riders is best in this case? Do I need some command in them?

5 is the best size. they don t suffer from animosity, when they lose one model.

the problem is, that you will want 1 or 2 units of spiders, to make use of difficult terrain. 3 units is still ok. but more?

best use of 40 would be, when your opponent allows you to use the squighopper rules for them...

your main problem is fear. apart from not being very good in combat, those units will simply deny to charge anything that causes fear. (and for a goblin, that is the majority of units in the game..)

13-01-2009, 21:04
Buy some flying bases and extra 20mm bases and make spider-hoppers out of the spiders.

14-01-2009, 02:04
Buy some flying bases and extra 20mm bases and make spider-hoppers out of the spiders.

That's not a bad idea! Speaking as someone who circumstantially has amassed 32+ of them, this would be a useful conversion. But the riders will need a lot of work to look good - well, since the spiders should be leaping, the gobbos have to look like they're barely hanging on. Also, ideally have to lose spear+shield...

However, I advocate drilling metal wire into the spiders' rump for leaping, and cutting between back body and front body then re-attaching front at a downwards angle:

. ___....<-spider front body
/.........<-spider back body
*** ....<-20mm base
wire here

14-01-2009, 06:57
Oh in my FB community conversions are fine but I really don't think that anyone would allow use of anything not mentioned in the army book. So spider hoopers maybe not bad Idea but I'l ask and at least make some for my army to be fun.

14-01-2009, 13:51
If you check the stats on your units, you'll find that the stats of the forest goblins on the spiders are exactly identical to those of the normal goblins (both the ones on foot and those on wolves). You can easily convert forest gobbo's on foot and just use common gobbo rules.

I don't think any kind of chariot would be suitable for this army, as their rules do not allow much movement through forest and this sounds like an army that will be based around forests...

If you go with many spider units, I would say: 2 units of 10 with full command as medium cavalry, and 2-4 units of 5 with only musicians as small fast cav units. Maybe only units of 5 would be better tactically, but this sounds more fun to me gameplay-wise.

As rares, you could convert forest trolls. Then either use the common troll rules, or come up with houserules for forest trolls.

You could make a gargantuan spider, using the giant rules.

Warmachines could easily be outfitted with forest goblins, as their stats are identical to the common gobbo's, as pointed out above.

14-01-2009, 18:52
"You could make a gargantuan spider, using the giant rules."

Yes!!!!! Most. Brilliant. Idea. Ever.

14-01-2009, 20:51
Yes!!!!! Most. Brilliant. Idea. Ever.

If you need more of those, I'm your guy. :p

Dead Man Walking
15-01-2009, 14:07
If you want a GIANT spider, take a canifex chest, back, head with 6 eyes and some extra scything claws and assemble them like a spider (you wont need the lower half and the legs), then take one of those things they use to suck snot out of a newborns nose (teardrop shaped rubber ball with long thin tube on end) and cut the neck off, primer it and then add some green stuff to the back to look like a skull mark, paint and apply on the back. Place it on a chariot sized base and walla, you now have a Giant to field. Warning, draws lots of fire away from spider riders! :eyebrows:

King Vyper
15-01-2009, 14:12
Just Imagine if you had archnopobia and had to play this army, yesssh

15-01-2009, 14:30
Try this for a giant spider


15-01-2009, 14:35
Fast cav don't get ranks. Spiders have no rules for removing fast cav.

I suggest converting/painting some riders differently so they ride 'wolf spiders' instead. These spiders should be larger/non poison spiders. The riders should have extra armour or protective talismanic war paint. Use the rules for wolf riders with light armour/shields and call these special spider riders 'ard boyz' or similar.

The reason for these is so you can include some cav which can get a rank bonus, which will vastly improve your tactical options.

Ensure to paint/model them differently and point out to your enemy they are a 'counts as' unit.

15-01-2009, 16:16
Check also the LOTR range for some big spider models. They've got Shelob for use as a big spider, and also some other spiders which might be used as spider swarms (with snotling swarm rules maybe?).

15-01-2009, 16:37
Make a big unit of 20.
3 small units of 5
Use the rest for chariot conversions
Nice and themed (& pretty fast) army

16-01-2009, 20:31
How about a wolf chariot exept lose the wolfs and replace them with spiders.
And what do you think of a spider herd, use the rules of a squig herd but with the stats of the spiders.


16-01-2009, 20:57
A chariot is not a really usefull thing in a forest is it... Same reason wood elves don't have any.
But it will look cool, that's for sure, though maybe it would be better when based on another chariot (on made completely of wood, like the beastmen one maybe) instead of the gobbo chariot.

16-01-2009, 20:57
squig hoppers = jumping spiders? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumping_spider)

Edit: they might live in a forest, but they are still goblins! I bet some forest goblins have chariots to race around glades/forest paths!

17-01-2009, 19:14
A horde of spiderlings would make wonderful counts-as snotlings.

You could use boar boys rules for more heavily armed and armored spider riders. In the same vein, a warboss on the ironback boar modeled as a mechanical spider would look great.

17-01-2009, 20:43
That Spider is Sick! Yup if you want to do this then you will need a lot of converting if you wanna do it right.

17-01-2009, 22:04
A chariot is not a really usefull thing in a forest is it...

I dont see that logic bothering forest goblins!

Ive had the idea to make forest goblin squig/spider hunters using my old skool spiders, shouldnt be hard to do, modelling wise this army should have alot of scope, but i dont see you winning many games without at least some savage orcs to back up the little uns.

18-01-2009, 08:21
I dont see that logic bothering forest goblins!


I was thinking in another topic... Why aren't we allowed to put hero level characters on normal spiders, instead of wolves? Would have been nice... Maybe a good idea for conversion?

23-01-2009, 05:35
Does anyone have any thoughts on grom?

06-03-2010, 19:50
if i was going to run a forest goblin themed army for in house fun against friends i would try to go heavy magic for a start convert a forest goblin spider riding lvl 4 shaman for your leader i no they cant ride gigantic spiders but what the heck you want a themed army for fun go for it put all your chars on gigantic spiders i have an awsome gigantic spider made out of green stuff its really easy to do, for your orcy side of things and you wuill need orcs just take savage orcs they fit in with the theme jst say there a tribe from the same forest and you have teamed up to fight a common enemy, as for chariots i wouldnt include them at all as they wont fit in with the theme forest goblins live in dence foretsts where chariots just wont go.
i would also and this is pushing it but as long as the people your playing against agree you can do it make some spider swarms and use the rule from the lizardman rules for serpant swarms, poison attacks, small, and unbreakable take enough of these and you have your tarpits for holding enemy units in place for charges in the flanks by your spider riders, stick a giant or 2 in the army with river trolls coz again they fit the theme theres always a big river runnng threw a forest, for aertillary just take spear chukkas
i cant see forest goblins finding the space in there thick dence forests for rock lobbers and doom divers, for your block units of goblins its really easy just use common goblins and make them up to look like there from the forest.

06-03-2010, 20:00
I once used a unit of 8 including Big Boss on giant spider in a 1000 point games against Bretts and they were pretty effective. I reckon the only way to make a large unit of them viable is to include a character.

06-03-2010, 20:07
The only way I could see a pure (no count as) spider rider army maybe hope to get a win is to -1 take as many 5 strong units as you can and give them bows and -2 pray for a lot of luck during shooting, while avoiding at all cost every fight you cannot win (most of them really). You run around, you jump in difficult terrains, run through trees, and try and to harass the enemy while avoiding any direct contact.
Large units of spider riders will achieve exactly nothing, no matter how much you try, really.
Bigbywolf, I assume you meant gigantic spider, giant spiders are (unfortunately) not available as character mounts. I suppose it was decided goblin characters on giant spiders would be overpowered (lol).

Deff Mekz
06-03-2010, 20:50
For trolls why not use Gaint Spiders. And if you want wolf chariots, Spiderswith goblin goaders perhaps. I could even see squig hoppers as goblins on GIANT spiders.

07-03-2010, 21:49
I'm kind of bored (the joys of the newly unemployed) and have been thinking of making a spider swarm army for ages. I can see it kind of working as lots x5 spider riders(muso, bows), 8x spear chukkas and either 2 giants or four pump wagons. Characters to taste (say a warboss on wolf(fast spider), 2x mages on spider drawn chariots, 1 boss on spider chariot).

It's not going to be the best army (sub in/out chariots/chukkas as necessary) but my god would it look cool. You should get 3 chariots, four pumps, 8 chuckkas, 80 or so s.bow spiders all running around and shooting manically. A really wierd version of an attrition war, where charge distance/arcs would be an almost non issue. Deployment would be simple as well.

I'll take a piccy of a spider mounted chukka today, although I'm sure there's a fair few piccies of them in the Painting, Modelling and Terrain forum on here.

Here's a little show off thingo of how easy it is to make some pretty custom spiders out of BfSP spiders (cheap, and you get a gobbo and dwarf army as well if you get bored of spiders alone). Check the jumping spider (I've got a couple now, they're easy to make). So you could easily go the squig hopper route if you can balance them on 20mm bases......


^^^^^ Yep, damn easy conversions. Even has a gigantic spider. BfSP is just too damn cool. Cant wait for 8th to come out, so I can get them cheap as chips.

07-03-2010, 22:18
giant - big spider
spider riders - GW models
snotlings - lil spiders
rock lobas - spiders shooting webs
ballistas - ???
goblin launcher- platform for jumping spiders?
chariots - chariots drawn by spiders

09-09-2010, 13:22
Link below to my Forest Goblin blog on heelan hammer, may give some ideas.